Age of Wulin PvP Skills Behaviour and Overlapping Guide

Age of Wulin PvP Skills Behaviour and Overlapping Guide by Panda

I am going to give you some basic information about PvP.

Why only basic? – Advanced tricks, combos, surprise tactics and other things like those, are what one must discover and master by himself to achieve true supremacy.

So let’s start.

Part 1: Type of skills

Let’s look at overall types of them:
1st – Real Moves, red border – main-function: dealing damage, sub-function: crowd control
2nd – Empty Moves (feints), blue border – main-function: breaking parry, sub-function: crowd control
3rd – Qi Moves, gray border – function: crowd control
4th – Blocking Moves, green border – function: additional effects triggered on succesful parry

Part 2: Details

I will use Beggars’ second skillset as example, because it’s one of few with Qi move.

IMPORTANT: Almost every skillset in game follows that pattern!

In order by buttons:
1 – 2sec CD Real Move, use only to damage (spammable and dangerous to use)
2 – Feint, use to break parry
3 – charging Real Move, important because of damage and overlapping (next section)
4 – CC Real Move, damage and crowd control
5 – Qi Move, crowd control
9 – Rage Real Move, extreme damage and overlapping (overalpping varies on skillset)
0 – Blocking Move, additional effects triggered on succesful parry

Part 3: Moves behaviour and overlapping

Now comes the most important part. Again, I will use Beggars’ second skillset as an example.

First of all, skill under number 1 is basic DPS ability which you shouldn’t use on players, because it leaves you open for CC.

Empty move… MASTER USING IT! It’s most important part of EVERY skillset in this game. Train your reaction time to break enemies’ parry as soon as they start to block. Learn effect applied by your empty move on parry break – for example, feint shown on image (up) knocks enemy down if it breaks his parry. But remember that empty moves which have long cast times (over 1 second) are unusable against good players who will immediately stop holding parry and charge you.

Charge… ABUSE IT! This is second most important type of skill! It’s more specialized Real Move. Now, here comes the hard part! ALL CHARGING SKILLS OVERLAP EVERYTHING EXCEPT RAGE SKILLS AND ANTI-CC STATES (white border around player’s model)! So for example: when enemy starts using feint, you can stop him (interrupt his move totally) by using charging skill.

CC Real Moves have very wide variation. This one knocks poisoned enemies down. BE SURE THAT YOUR ENEMY CAN’T CHARGE YOU WHEN YOU ARE CASTING THIS TYPE O MOVES!

Qi Moves are simillar to CC Real Moves, but they do less damage and ofter are preparation for something bigger. In this set – you apply poison which allows you to knock enemy down with CC Real Move, so you can land basic DPS + charge combo.

Rage Moves are EPICLY STRONG! Beside those like Blissfuls’ AoE blade dance during which caster enters Anti-CC stance (white border, can be stunned or damaged but nothing else), MOST OF RAGES OVERLAP TARGET CURRENT MOVE AND SUSPRESS IT TOTALLY! Use it wisely!

Parrying moves… Useful and handy. Just enable any one which fits your weapon (and which gives effect you like) and then you can use any style while still having that buff active. It turns off when yo udie/log out. That’s why I advice you to use best parry skill you have. no matter if it’s from your main skillset or not.

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