Age of Wulin Guild Construction Guide

Age of Wulin Guild Construction Guide by Tarvos

Alright guys time to put on your Bob The Builder outfits and get started working on some guild buildings

There are some things that have been confused about donating to the buildings and stuff so lets clear that up first!

The Difference between Blueprints and Buildings:

These are both two different things. The blueprints can be accessed through the guild menu(default key H) in the third tab titled “Construction Drawing” aka “Blueprints”.

construction 1

These are NEEDED to level up the actual buildings inside the base NOT THE BUILDINGS THEMSELVES!!! Blueprints don’t require a base to work on and they apply to any and all bases we may have. The best way to think of them is how Zule described them “They are like putting together a Skill Set. You get the Chapters 1-4(Blueprint levels) but you still need to cultivate them to get to that actual level(donating to the actual building).” These are important to work on first, mainly the Main Hall since that is the building that determines the level of all other buildings. That means that no buildings can be higher than the main hall, even if we have another building ready to build(all mats in it) in another building, if its the same level as the main hall, we can’t level it till the main hall goes up one more level. So at least till level 2 or 3(max of 5 levels) we will focus on the Main Hall.

Donating To The Actual Buildings:

This is pretty easy to do. Unlike the blueprints that can be donated to whenever and wherever you are by accessing the guild menu, to donate to the actual buildings, you have to journey to our base and donate to them directly. Here is how you do that!

First off, you need to go to our base. Once there, you go to the building you wish to donate to and look for that buildings Doorplate.

construction 2

Once you locate them, talk to them and click on Upgrade/Check Buildings and you get the donation window!

construction 3

Pretty easy from there. You can see what materials the building needs and can start donating to them. Never worry about the “Silver Coin” part. I can handle that. Once the building starts construction however, you can talk to the doorplate again and donate some Unbound Liang to speed up the construction. When a building is being constructed, try staying at the base and keep your eyes open. While a building is under construction, if an enemy guild decides to raid our base and burn it, it will cancel the upgrade and we have to start over for that level. Other than that, burning buildings does nothing much before the building raid time, which only affects us if we are going to have a fight soon. If you get any questions, ask away in guild chat.

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