Warframe Best Gear Per Level Guide

Warframe Best Gear Per Level Guide by takku


This is actually quite important stuff. The following weapons have, to my knowledge, no Mastery Rank requirement and can be used as soon as you can get your hands on them (no, most of them are not in the Market):

– Braton Prime (Orokin Void)
– Strun Wraith (Survival Weekend Event)
– Despair (Stalker drop)
– Twin Gremlins (Phobos boss drop)
– Bronco Prime (Orokin Void)
– Hate (Stalker drop)
– Reaper Prime (Orokin Void)
– Fang Prime (Orokin Void)
– Glaive (Alerts)

As for Warframes, you can go with whatever you want actually. I generally recommend to NOT use Loki or Volt, especially as your first or second frames.

About me
I’m 25 years old and live in Aachen, Germany. I play Warframe since (early) Update 7 and my current Mastery Rank is 8. I’m a Founder (Hunter tier) and also officer in my clan, Virtual Elysium.
I’ve been playing video games since before I could speak or walk on my own, and grew addicted to Warframe twice now (I took a break during most of Update 8 and quite a lot of Update 9).
If you wish to find out about the gear I own, sold or want to get, you may do so here.

Mastery 0 and 1

You should just focus on farming mods and levelling your beginner loadout. This will get you to Mastery 2 in no time, especially if someone can boost you on Kappa, Ceres.

Alternatively, you can use the following weapons too, but I wouldn’t recommend to do so:


– Akbolto (these are actually pretty good and can be kept until you get Despair or Acrid)
– Kraken (only if you can handle the kick between the 2 shots it fires!)
– Hikou (good dps, pitiful ammo economy)

– Dual Ether
– Dual Heat Swords
– Kogake

Mastery 2

This is where stuff gets interesting. You can get yourself a good loadout that will be viable for quite some time! I wouldn’t recommend supercharging most of this, though, except for the Kunai maybe if you got some really bad luck with Stalker’s droprate of Despair.

Primary: Boltor
Secondary: Kunai*
Melee: Orthos**


Primary: none (wouldn’t recommend Strun or Boar)
Secondary: Akbolto, Twin Gremlins
Melee: Scindo, Gram, Fragor

*Basically, Kunai are a weaker version of Despair.
**Orthos Prime, if you can get it, is the best melee weapon in the game right now!

Mastery 3

This is not too interesting, sadly. You may try the Gorgon if you’re looking for something that literally destroys crowds of mobs, but without supercharging it won’t hurt high level mobs at all, except for Infested maybe.

However, if you already got crit mods (Point Strike, Vital Sense and possibly Hammer Shot), theSoma is something you really ought to try, as it’s one of the strongest rifles in the game right now. Here’s a DPS calculation for an example build on a lvl 30 Soma (supercharged):

– 1253 base dps including RoF & Crit values with Point Strike, Vital Sense and Hammer Shot
— 15*(10*0.125+(10*9.4)*0.875)
– 3319 dps with Serration added
— 1252,5*2.65
– 7302 dps with Piercing Hit and Wildfire added
— 3319,125*2.2
– 13874 dps with Split Chamber added
— 7302,075*1.9

Mastery 4 and 5

Now you have access to a couple of more interesting weapons. If you want to try a shotgun, either go with Hek or Sobek which are only second to the Strun Wraith.

If you’d rather try a different rifle, the Dera is something to consider, but I strongly suggest you also consider this.

Assuming you play a Warframe with good crowd control (ideally Vauban), you might also want to try out the Torid.

Mastery 6

Nothing new that would be of interest except for these 2:

A rocket launcher. It makes stuff go boom. Use it against crowds of enemeis for ridiculously good ammo efficiency, but take care to not oneshot yourself (yes, that’s possible). This is one awesome gun!

Flux Rifle
A rifle with innate armor bypassing capabilities and triple damage to light infested, 200 base damage per second. However, it’s range is rather limited. This rifle is actually very, very good.

Mastery 7

Congratulations, you can now craft every weapon in the game. You may try the Supra as it’s more or less a straight upgrade from a Gorgon, but it’s not necessarily better than a heavily modded Braton Prime or Soma for example.

What you really should get ASAP is the Acrid which is, by far, the best pistol in the game right now.

Ideally, you’ll have all the primary weapons mentioned so far (no need for Hek or Sobek if you had the Strun Wraith, but as you’re reading this guide you probably don’t), but probably sold Boltor, Gorgon and possibly Dera as well.

For Secondaries, I’d recommend to keep Despair and maybe Twin Gremlins besides the godly Acrid. For Melee, you can keep using Orthos until you got your godly Orthos Prime.

Missing Weapons

These are items I have yet to try and/or make up my mind about:
– Miter
– Dakra Prime
– Dual Ichor
– Embolist
– Synapse

Further Reading

Feel free to browse my other guides, although there’s not much yet. I plan to do In-Depth guides for some Warframes (most likely Frost and Nekros first) and possibly other stuff too.

– If you want early access to the other guide I mentioned in the summary at the very beginning, before the introduction, add me as a friend on Steam. –

Other than that, the Warframe Wiki is a good place to get up to speed on everything Warframe, especially as I’m also a contributor there.

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    The guides in the site in general need updating, especially for Damage 2.0. The entry for Dera on here still states it does Laser damage (which is no longer present on player weapons)

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    You need to updat Warframe Best Gear Per Level Guide as the soma is nor a mastery 6 weapon now and you have try it at mastery 3

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