Neverwinter GWF Sentinel PvE Build

Neverwinter GWF Sentinel PvE Build by chocobofarmer

Link to powers and feats:…0u00:b0z51&h=1

Due to the lack of threat management in the class because of the incompetence at Cryptic, I had to create a build designed to use every means at its disposal to generate threat. The Heavy Drinker is a sentinel weapon fighter (wrongly called great weapon fighter) that relies heavily upon drinking potions to build aggro. Each time you drink a Potion of Major Healing, you build 8500 threat from enemies around you. This is like 2-4 Not So Goods or 2-3 Weeping Strikes in terms of threat generation. This build also relies upon lifesteal and regen to scrounge up every little bit of threat because your attempt to draw aggro as a weapon fighter will be a tenuous and very often pointless exercise in trying to make a broken class work. With enough potions and luck or begging teammates not to do so much damage, you may be able to tank a little bit more than your teammates.

Starting race roll: Human. Even though I don’t play a fantasy game just to be human, the mechanics of this game due to the incompetence at Cryptic has forced most people to go human if they want the best stats.
Starting attribute roll: 16 str, 16 constitution, 12 dexterity. +1 con and dex every 10 levels.
Feywild boons: +250 defense, +250 critical strike, +700 hitpoints, Elven Tranquility, Redcap Brew (powerful aggro generator, relative to the pathetic weapon fighter abilities anyway).

End game gear:
Equipment: Full Vigilant Warlord set, Ancient Castle sword and sword knot, Ancient Slavemaster’s Necklace, Ancient Priest’s Rings, Thickgristle’s Sturdy Belt, Gemmed shirt and pants.

Offense slots: Azure rank 5+.
Defense slots: Radiant rank 5+.
Weapon enchantment: Greater+ Bronzewood.
Armor enchantment: Lesser Briartwine.

Inventory items:
Ten stacks of Potion of Major Healing (replenish often).
Two stacks of Major Injury Kit (not for yourself, for your teammates that you fail to protect as a wannabe tank)
Hero’s Feast (stacks with caprese).
Major Flask of Protection.
Major Flask of Potency. (Might as well since you will have a surplus of some vitriol from the other flask).

Passives: Steel Blitz (Cowardice versus boss), feated Weapon Master.
Powers: Not So Good (Flounder versus boss), Restoring Strike, Indomitable Battle Strike.
At-Wills: Sure Strike, Weapon Master’s Strike.
Dailies: Crescendo, Slam.

End game companion: Acolyte of Kelemvor.
At rank 30, she will heal you for 1900 and give you a 1800 life steal buff that lasts 7 seconds every 8-10 seconds. She will occasionally toss a 2 second 10% damage reduction buff, but due to the incompetence of Cryptic the rank 30 benefit of increasing the duration doesn’t work, in effect making Cryptic troll people who actually paid money for this game they keep on ruining. Although others say to stack recovery and lifesteal, my testing is that there is minimal difference between 500 and 1000 recovery on the companion, although I can’t be absolutely certain since latency seems to play a great role in companion cast time. Lifesteal has a very steep softcap and each point of lifesteal on the companion gives a buff of one point to the companion’s owner, the end result being not too significant. Note that power increases the amount she heals you for with the rank 30 passive ability.

Acolyte of Kelemvor equipment:…panion-softcap
Due to the extreme companion softcaps I noticed around 500 stats, I will keep many stats low.
Offense slot: Arcane rank 5+
Offense slot: Profane rank 5+
Defense slot: Profane rank 5+
Icon of the Prophet Champion slotted with Radiant rank 5+
Minor/Grand/Ancient Slavemaster’s Ring slotted with Azure rank 5+
Greater Ring of Health slotted with Dark rank 5+

Tips on fighting:

1. Want more aggro? Pop a potion. I don’t care if you were just hit for 100 damage, pop the **** potion. My name is Cryptic and I broke your class so generate aggro like an alcoholic.

2. The higher your hitpoints, the greater the amount of heals you get from regeneration, the more aggro you get, you pathetic wannabe tank.

3. Deflection is avoided because it reduces determination gain, making you even more pathetic than you already are. Just absorb the damage, use a Major Potion of Healing every 12 seconds, and thank Cryptic for making you resort to such tactics just to be able to tank something.

4. Critical Strike is important because your class needs it to apply Student of the Sword debuff on enemies, and really that’s all you’re good for. If Weapon Fighters didn’t have it I would put all of you on ignore and never invite you to team, and that may yet happen given Cryptic’s penchant for killing the class. You also need it so your puny AP gain can have a teeny weeny boost so you can use your crescendo daily that does less damage than a cleric damage encounter like daunting light. Or use slam so you can be a portable enemy slowing machine for the next ten seconds, making you have a minimally useful role in Spellplague pulling enemies to the cw’s who do all the work since you have nothing else to offer to the team. Why don’t you just stop reading now and delete your **** weapon fighter. I am so sick and tired of seeing you people spamming the LFG channel. You want a group? Pick a class that actually does something FFS.

5. When your teammates die because you can’t draw aggro and you don’t do enough DPS to kill threats to teammates, you can pop unstoppable, run to them, and revive them. Then when they die again and can’t be revived because of the same reason, you will use unstoppable to run in circles waiting for your teammates to run back to the fight, or if not possible, you declare magnanimously to the team, Wipe, and type /killme . Then speak condescendingly to the team, reprimand them about what they need to do next time, and protect yourself from criticism even though you as a weapon fighter contribute less to the team than a pig companion.

6. Use Not So Good to slow down enemies in between singularities and other crowd control abilities from your teammates who actually have crowd control. They will think you are tanking for a few seconds until the enemies run fast again and slap them silly, but for those few seconds you can bask in self-delusion that you actually tanked.

7. Constantly tell teammates about how good they are and how much damage they do is so great. When complimenting them, they are less likely to be critical of you, at least publically. This is important, because as a weapon fighter, all you have is an image.

8. On the final strike of Sure Strike, press a directional key, and run key, then quickly let go and left click again. This will cause the animation of the attack sequence to repeat the final strike again. You will need to do this be able to do more damage than your team’s cleric, whose base attacks and aoe’s can easily dwarf yours.

9. Weapon Master’s Strike can also be sped up through repeating the animation. After the first half of the attack, press a directional key and run key and quickly let go and right click again, this will also make your pathetic damage seem a little less pathetic.

10. When you’re tired of struggling and sweating to be 3rd or 4th place in the scoreboard, you can be a sentinel regen and deflect troll in pvp. Respec and go for plate agility +5% deflection chance and wear full titan set.

11. When asking someone to invite you to a team, say that you are “highly exp’ed”. This always works the first time, before they put you on ignore for being a weapon fighter that barely does more damage than a cleric and is nearly last on the damage taken scoreboard.

12. Learn alchemy, make your own Major Flasks of Protection/Potency, use the title Master Alchemist. When people inspect you out of a morbid fascination with weapon fighters, they will see the title Master Alchemist instead of Ruiner or Hero of xxxx. This will confuse them. It is important to confuse your teammates, because the more confused they are, the less likely they are to think rationally and kick you out of the team.

Thank you and hopefully in the future Cryptic will give Weapon Fighters a respec token to become a different class and my build can be deleted.

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2 Responses

  1. LOL says:

    this is a complete BS, and a big joke unfortunately I played today with a GEF who claimed to have a tank build. Yep he did really suck and was really useless, as can be expected….

  2. u must be joking right? says:

    I played just now with a GWF who said he was playing like a tank, ok so I was confused how unuseful he was actually in battle, he could do no dmg to the boss, so what was his role. To make my statement clear, I am a GF so a tank in short. Now I just want u te remeber that a GWF is not a tank or a DPS it’s an HYBRID OF BOTH, that means that he can withstand a lot of dmg and give a lot of dmg. That his role and purpose he he rocks in that role. Please keep that in mind, before we begin to see DC who claims to be tank and who try to do that role in this game. This so called tank dude with who I played just ruined a boss fight but, anyways those things can happen… Good luck with ur build, Next build a TR build who want to be a heal ok…. XD

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