Marvel Heroes Wolverine Build

Marvel Heroes Wolverine Build by Dracoryn

Introduction and General Thoughts:

Here is my build. My Wolverine just hit 60 and I have over 5k crit damage from affixes and gear with over 52% crit chance self buffed. I have found that the current meta doesn’t call for lots of AOE damage, but it does help to cleave 2 or 3 targets really hard. I generally crit for 12-13k almost 4 times a second with HnS. If you place this on even two major hp targets, you will sustain more dps than anyone nearby spamming aoe since Wolverine is a dps monster right now.

Stat thoughts:

Since crit rating, haste %, dodge rating, and def rating all have diminishing returns, I tend to stack as much crit damage as possible and then crit afterwards. BF will put your haste heavily on DR. My haste would be 40.5% without DR’s, but with DR’s it is 28%.

I like to roll with Fearsome Fist of Farallah since its duration was buffed to 2 seconds and since our crit damage stat has scaled even harder. With nearly 40% dodge, the uptime on your crit is insane. Throughout much of my solo farming, I don’t see any non crits. Anytime you aren’t critting, you are missing out on your crit damage. However, I still spec into feral senses because they buffed the amount of crit it gives you and it is useful to have a high base crit for when nothing is shooting at you in group situations. Regeneration boost + medkits should allow you to stand through just about anything with how much our defense is buffed.

Honorable mentions (didn’t make the cut):

ITBTI: This ability just doesn’t function well yet. It is okay if your target wants to sit still, but many bosses with enough hp just don’t sit still long enough. It also requires a bleed to be on target to use. HnS spam does nearly the same dps as this in my tests. In a vacuum, this would be optimal assuming you could keep your BF up, keep bleed up, keep on moving target, etc.

Healing Factor: As previously mentioned, not as much sustain as Regeneration boost.

Unleash the Beast: HnS makes it ridiculously easy to keep BF up.

Slashing Leap + Blood-Hungry Sweep: Right now the meta usually has 1-2 high hp guys with a bunch of one-shottable guys around them. I don’t see it to be worth 21 points to kill them faster. In fact, I generally ignore them to dodge their weak damage. With FFoF, it is not worth killing them right away and with Regen Boost you can easily sustain them.

If you really want this for aoe, I recommend giving each only 1 point. With skill modifiers, you can still do some devastating aoe if you need. I rolled with 1 in each of these and they did all the dps I needed.

1 point wonders:

Adamantium Skeleton: Tenacity isn’t necessary as we can use Can’t Keep me Down every two seconds to stay immune to cc when we need to. Also, defense rating has ridiculous DR’s right now. The difference between 45% and 55% mitigation is thousands of defense. I place one point because it goes decently far with + point modifiers.

Can’t keep me down: Being immune to cc is amazing, but we aren’t taxed for spirit to require a long duration.

Furious Lunge: For moving quickly across the map or moving in and out of the fray, this is also a must.


Edit: Modified link to contain my item choices.

NOTE: The new content offers 6 more power points for doing certain missions in heroic and superheroic difficulties. I can’t show a spec with them as marvelbase does not update often enough, but make sure you go get these 6 points and place them where you want. You could place 1 point in each aoe talent, 1 point in feral growl, cap out adren rush, etc.

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