Marvel Heroes Quest Rewards List

Marvel Heroes Quest Rewards List by rnadratowski

This post is to essentially give you the list of quests and the rewards. Taking you through all the chapters.

The #’s are the starting of certain quest lines. For some quests you may enter them mid quest-line and still receive the reward.

/RNG/ = Random drop or find

Italicized = Quest Reward


  1. Travel to Queens (early version of Midtown Manhattan) explore it a little before taking quest from Lieutenant Higgans.
  2. Bank Robbery – enter blue door instance and defeat Black Cat.
  3. Speak with Seargent Acedillo. Travel to Avengers Tower.

Prologue — The Raft

  1. Speak with Jocosta, kill green goblin, talk to Maria Hill — NO REWARD / 200 Eternity Splinters (FIRST TIME THROUGH STORY)

Chapter 1

  1. Speak with Ben Urich -> Speak with She Hulk — ORBS -> Speak with Wonderman -> Speak with Dr. Strange-> Speak with Ben Urich– NO REWARD
  2. Go to Hells Kitchen -> Speak with Shield Agent Coulson -> Defeat Shocker -> Find Ben Urich (Sewer) -> Enter the Blood Rose -> Defeat Doctor Octopus -> Speak with Cloak — + 25 PERMANENT HEALTH
  3. Crumbling Brownstones -> Speak with Shield Agent Reynolds -> Find Hell’s Kitchen Police Station -> Save Police Officers -> Rescue Spencer Smythe — NO REWARD

Chapter 2

  1. Speak with Ben Urich -> Speak with Agent Schector (Jersey Docks) -> Defeat Q36 — CREDITS -> Defeat Hood — + 1 POWER POINT ->Speak with Maria Hill
  2. Speak with Jessica Jones -> Speak with Maria Hill — ORBS
  3. /RNG/ Old Videotape (drop off random mob) -> Speak with Brian Walsh (Jersey Docks) — RARITY DROP BOOST 2 HOURS -> Defeat Taskmaster

Chapter 3

  1. Speak with Wonderman -> Speak with Spider Woman -> Speak with Dr. Strange — ORBS
  2. Go to Madripoor -> Speak with Agent Leslie Small-> Enter Hydra Outpost (Buccaneer Beach) -> Speak with Agent Leslie Small– VENDOR SUMMON
  3. Speak with Yukio (Lowtown) -> Find Muramasa blade pieces — YUKIO’S CHARM ARTIFACT
  4. Enter Bamboo Forest -> Destroy snake statue -> Go to Poison Glade instance entrance -> Destroy Snake Boss and Snake Statue — + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT
  5. Enter the Hidden Cove -> Defeat “Flying Spy Insect” -> Find Brood Scout Cave instance entrance-> Destroy Sensor Aray ->Speak with Agent Wood (Barbershop entrance in Lowtown) SHIELD MOTION TRACKER ARTIFACT & CRAFTER SUMMON -> Find Sharon in Lowtown -> Go into Hand Tower instance -> Defeat Eelctra -> Speak with Ben Urich — ORBS & CREDITS

Chapter 4

  1. Speak with Multiple Man (Lower East Side) -> Find MGH Factory Instance -> Defeat Tombstone -> within same instance Find Briefcase -> Speak with Ben Urich (Crosstown Subway) -> Defeat Bullseye (instance in Police Station) — RETCON DEVICE ->Speak with Jean Dewolf -> Go to Fisk Tower Instance -> Defeat Bullseye, Elektra, Kingpin -> Get the Tablet of Life and Time -> Speak with Maria Hill —+ 1 POWER POINT

Chapter 5

  1. Speak with Professor X–> Enter Morlock Underground Instance in the Projects -> Find the Old Trainyard instance in the Underground -> Defeat Jugernaut -> Speak with Professor X — + 50 PERMANENT HEALTH
  2. Go to Mutant Town -> Speak with Multiple Man -> Enter Purifier Advance Base Instance -> Defeat Lady Deathstrike and Deacon — NO REWARD
  3. Speak with Dani Moonstar -> Speak with Psylocke -> Speak with Rouge (Obtain quest #3 simultaneously) -> Speak with Professor X -> Speak with Dani Moonstar — NO REWARD
  4. Speak with Magik — ORBS

Chapter 6

  1. Speak with Professor X -> Go to Fort Stryker -> Speak with Shield Agent Fleming -> Speak with Shield Infiltrator -> Enter the Deep Tunnels Instance -> Destroy Sentinel Fragment -> Exit Instance -> Go to Training Camp Area -> Find Cleansing Wrath instance -> Clear objectives (don’t forget to interface with holocomputer) -> Go to the Inner Compound –> Find Command Bunker Instance Entrance -> Defeat Pyro -> Defeat Magneto -> Speak with William Stryker -> Return to X-mansion -> Speak with Professor X — + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT
  2. Speak with Dani Moonstar -> Speak with Northstar -> Speak with Magik -> Speak with Psylocke -> Speak with Dani Moonstar — NO REWARD


  1. Go to Savage Land -> Speak with Shana (Fall Tribe area) -> Find Sauron’s Cave Entrance (Dinasaur Jungle area) -> Defeat Sauron -> Speak with Kazar — KAZAR’S PENDANT ARTIFACT -> Go to Evolution Facility in Mutate Marsh -> Defeat Miniboss & Destroy computer — + 50 PERMANENT HEALTH
  2. Speak with Maht the Bug Hunter (Fall Tribe area) -> In Sauron’s Cave destroy little bug and big bug -> Go to Thunder River and destroy flying bug -> go to Mutate Marsh and destroy Apollo Bug /RNG/ -> Speak with Maht again — MAHT’S ARROWHEAD ARTIFACT
  3. Find Beast at the Shield Science Station (Thunder River) -> enter Science Station -> get brood biomass and go to lab then place antidote into ventilation system — + 1 POWER POINT -> Find Sinister’s Lab in Mutate Marsh -> Destory Sinister — EXPERIENCE BOOST 2 HOUR POTION
  4. Speak with Beast Again -> Go to Brood Caverns (infested Jungle) -> Release prisoners -> Defeat Brood Warden — NO REWARD
  5. Speak with X-23 (outside x-mansion) -> Speak with Dani Moonstar — ORBS

Chapter 8

  1. Speak with Nick Fury -> Go to Aim Weapon Facility -> Speak with Aim Scientist Supreme -> destroy all starktech prototype devices -> Defeat Modok -> Interact with Terminal -> Go to Helicarrier -> Speak with Fury -> Go to Hydra Outpost -> Speak with Agent Meijess -> Destroy Hulkbusters & Defeat Madame Hydra — + 5 PERMANENT SPIRIT -> Speak with Fury -> Go to Latvaria -> Destroy Mystic Nodes -> Enter Castle Doom -> Defeat minibosses and Doom —NO REWARD / 200 Eternity Splinters (FIRST TIME THROUGH STORY) -> Speak with Fury -> Speak with Invisible Woman -> Go to Avengers Tower -> Speak with Field Agent Kestral -> Speak with Maria Hill -> Go to X-mansion -> Speak with Magik -> go to Helicarrier -> speak with Invisible Woman — ORBS

Thats It — if you are looking to only do the quests that give you +Power Points +Health and +Spirit you’re all set. Hopefully this makes it easier to skip the quests that don’t give your alts any benefit such as Orbs or +credits.

All in all from the story you recieve – 125 Health, 3 Power Points, 15 Spirit, 3 Potions (1 Rarity, 1 retcon, 1 experience), 1 vendor summon, 1 crafter summon, and 4 Artifacts.



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