Marvel Heroes New Player Tips

Marvel Heroes New Player Tips by HassanTheAssassin

New to the game? There are a few basics the tutorial does not tell you about!

1. Fast travel

* Up in the right hand corner is a small symbol. It allows you to “Bodyslide”. Like the town portal in Diablo, it teleports you to the nearest hub so you can sell off or stash your loot. Clicking on it again takes you back to the exact point where you left. Works in instances too!

* In a group? Want to catch up? Click on a player icon to bring up a small menu, and choose “Teleport”! If you are defeated in a boss fight, this can be used to get back in the fight quickly. Just release and port back in! Note: …but not in not if it looks like the boss is likely to go down soon. You will only get credit if you are in the same room when this happens.

* There is an extra area in Chapter one, accessible from the Teleport device in the Hubs. It has training dummies for checking out damage.

2. Gear

* “Special Item Find” will increase your chances of getting drops of stuff from the store, like Eternity Splinters, costumes and retcons. Many players considers this to be the most important stat in the game.

* “Rarity” will get you better chances of getting regular gear, like purple or cosmics.

* The “interesting” stats, like “get extra crit when you dodge”, extra skills or similar abilities comes from medals and artifacts. You will start getting artifacts at around level 10-12, when you reach Madripoor. “Cosmic” rarity gear can also have extra abilities.

* Donate everything you do not need to the crafter. This will be Pym in the Avengers Tower. This will, among many other important things, give you the chance to add stats to your costume, upgrade blue gear to purple and change any purple gear for other Heroes to purple gear for your Hero.

* Some loot has a special audio signal when it drops. Eternity Splinters are a ringing tone, and Fortune Cards sound like a bell.

3. Get a unique look

There are two ways to stand out from the crowds (a bit).

* New costumes. Buy in the store or get them as drops. The rarest costumes are called “chase costumes” and they can be bought once a month from the store. Just wait if you can’t see them at the moment.

* Add a visual artifact to your costume. Some artifacts have a visual effect. By equipping them or using crafting to add them to a costume you can alter your look a bit. If you see see some Heroes that seem larger than normal, this comes from such an artifact.

4. Alts

* You will get 100 splinters after you have defeated Green Goblin the first time, and another 100 after your first defeat of Doom. If you do not have a must have hero, spend it on a random hero box. At 175 splinters it’s the best value. You risk getting a duplicate, but when you only have one hero the risk is minimal, and you have a chance of getting a 600 splinter hero.

* Eternity Splinters are used to buy new Heroes. Splinters drop at a rate of one every 8 minutes, with a (low) chance of a double or a 10 pack drop. You can also buy heroes directly from the MH homepage or with G’s from the in game store.

* You can switch heroes at any time. This includes in the middle of boss fights. Very useful if you get stuck on soloing a boss.

* You can jump back and forward in any part of the story you have unlocked, and reset you quest progress at that point. There will be an NPC at each hub for this.

* There are a few quests which gives a special reward the first time a Hero completes them, like a free Retcon or a bonus skill point. You must reset the story, from the beginning or at the specific chapter, to get the extra reward for a new Hero.

5. Leftover Hints

* You can quick slot more powers! Right click on the powers for the left and right mouse buttons to bring up a menu. Hover over the power you want and press an F key. Note that some powers cancel when you switch them out.

* Splinters and costumes can drop anywhere, but Super Villains have to best chance for a costume drop. You also have a bonus the first time each day (20h, actually) you defeat a Villain.

* If you don’t want to auto group in instances, you can turn it off in options.

* High level crafting mats drop like candy later on. Don’t bother upgrading them unless you need something right away.

* If there is a patch that changes any Hero in any significant way, you will get a free retcon.

* Don’t want to do the story over again? Midtown Manhattan is available from the purple terminal in all Hubs. Patrol, stop crime and fight Super Villains! It’s in bands of 5 levels, so you can go there at any level you like. Just don’t forget to do the story missions with special rewards, like retcons and skill points. You’ll find a list of those missions in this forum, if you look around a bit.

* If you want to buy a Hero, check out the MH homepage as well, you can buy packs with extras that can turn out to be good value. There are also occasional sales, both in the in-game store and on Steam.

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