Marvel Heroes Eternity Splinter Finances Info

Marvel Heroes Eternity Splinter Finances Info by BigLabron

I’m not good at guides, this is just a quick information posting for people who may need guidance. I do not detail retcon devices or the randomized hero option. This is about time efficiency to get what you want. (Things have changed, currently playing and testing drop rates. This finance guide will be in revision.)


10 splinters a day 10×30 days= 300 a month Really should aim for 20 not 10. Estimated time: 1.5 hours

20 splinters a day 20×30 days= 500 a month Target area. Estimated time: 3.25 hours

30 splinters a day 30×30 days= 900 a month Target area. Estimated time: 4.75 hours

40 splinters a day 40×30 days= 1200 a month Tons of free time??? Estimated time: 6.25 hours

50 splinters a day 50×30 days= 1500 a month Live breath and eat MH??? Estimated time: 8 hours

heroes are:

200 Splinters (Soon to be increasing in pool size)

400 Splinters (Currently the biggest pool size)

600 Splinters (3 existing)

The bare minimum for farming splinters is 6 an hour. This consists of you doing whatever you want for 8 minutes and then going into your current level hood green terminal and running through it quickly killing any blue/yellow enemies and the boss. You are essentially watching tv etc while doing your 1 farm per ten minutes. Why Hood terminal you may ask? The map layout is always the same and speeds up your time.

If you throw on some Special Item Find gear and steadily play you should average around 8 Splinters an hour.

Anyone doing 10 a day can get a new 200 hero in a month with 100 left over.

Anyone doing 20 a day can get a new 400 hero in a month with 100 left over.

Anyone doing 30 a day can get a new 600 hero in a month with 300 left over. (can do 2x 400 heroes in a month as well)( as well as a 2x 200 heroes and a 400)

Currently the most effective farm per time expense to unlock content on a monthly basis is the 30 splinter a day plan. Unlocking your choice of a 400 splinter hero as well as the current months newly released hero. (Assuming Gaz targets a hero per month release)

The 20 splinters a day is a good fall back plan, you have to either choose choice 400 hero or the releasing month hero.

Personally I recommend 20 splinters a day plan or higher. 10 a day doesn’t even get you a 400 hero in a month.

Doomsaw has made a post regarding the addition of current heroes becoming starters. We will have to see if this affects their splinter value in the future.

If more heroes become available for 200 splinters bracket this opens up the 10 splinters per day/20 per day plans as quite viable options and turns more into players choice of how much content they wish to consume with their time. Hopefully we see the starter count end up doubling to 10 heroes within a year of the games launch. (This would be very good for beginners and bring the game much needed attention.)

For my busy playmates out there who can only squeeze in an hour a day aim for that 10 splinter a day mark. You can always target a specific day in your week and reach for the skies. I do highly suggest aiming for the 20 splinter a day mark though. (Even if you don’t hit the 20 a day all you need is to net 15 splinters a day and you will have 450 after 30 days.)

We are currently forced to wait and see what Gaz’s targeted price launch will be on a regular basis since Torch is 400 splinters at a 900G value. Time will tell if this will be the price trend.

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