Hearthstone Paladin One Shot Deck

Hearthstone Paladin Turn 3 One Shot Deck by Farkon

The potential to Win in turn 3.

– Young Dragon Hawk round 1

– x2 blessings of might. attack for 7 + 7 = 14 damage

– 2 elven archers 2 damage, Hawk attacks again + 14 = 30

(Obviously have to be extremely lucky -_- Replace Elven archers with Coldlight Oracles/Protectors for more realistic results.)

One Shot Paladin Deck


This deck can win in a single round because of the amazing synergy with Windfury and buffing attack damage. A cost 1 Dragonhawk on turn 2 can deal 14 damage if you have 2 blessings of might and it’s left alive for example. (Round 6, windfury harpy, keep it alive, then bless it once or twice with might, and then once with champion and boom 28-40 damage in Round 7.)

With all the attack damage buffs the paladin has available, the combinations are quite damaging coupled with all the defensive abilities a paladin has, can really keep that minion alive. (Especially since redemption is really the only way I can see a minion staying alive after a powerful nuke from a mage or shaman)


– One Shot : Can bring an opponent from 30hp to 0 if certain card combinations are played.

– Early Game : Has some early game due to the mana curve being low ended.

– Moderately aggressive : Again, low cost creatures

– Board Clearing Capability : Has board clearing with various paladin card combinations. (Such as the good old Equality to Consecration, Truesilver champion, buffing any creature out there already.)

– Card Draw : Has some card draw to make sure you get the cards you need for the combinations. (Again, Replace elven archer for Coldlight Oracle for more realistic results)

– Pressure : Massive amount of pressure due to the presence of even one windfury creature out. If you opponent doesn’t know the lethal combination, could easily ignore your creature and spell their doom next turn.

– Secrets : Easy to keep a minion you need alive because of the defensive secrets available to you.

– Flexible :You have a few other minions you can buff, just in case you can’t get a windfury to survive out there and still deal damage and create presence. The hero power can give you early minions if you’re unlucky.

-Weaknesses –

– No Charge: (No way to give your minions charge as I can see as well -_-)Due to this you have to have a windfury minion survive one round of being on the board before you can bless it.

– Enemy Early Board Clearing : Weak against players that have excellent board clearing capabilities, especially early on such as a rogue, druid, or mage.

– No Taunt : Lack of taunt makes it somewhat harder to defend your vital creatures on the board and you. Consider a healing spell or two for survivability.

– No Stompies : No big stompy creatures, making endgame terrible if the wrong cards are drawn.

– Gimicky/Curb Stomp : Waiting for the opportunity to strike with your creature may never come because you’ll have to end up trading them to survive or worse the opponent will know what you’re doing and go to great lengths to exterminate all your windfury cards.

– Survivablity : If you draw the wrong cards, you might not be able to withstand a enemy’s early or late game onslaught.

Alternative Builds

– Thoughts :  Healing spells might help with survival, but don’t add much to board presence…. Crazed alchemist/knife juggler is another thought since it’s pretty versatile… Molten giant can really help against early aggro decks piling on the damage onto you.

Alternative build One Shot Paladin

Coming Soon,

Just a thought, a shaman can buff a minion with windfury… and then combo that with creatures that give attack damage, or even rockbiter… Hmm… Druid can buff a windfury minion as well and might even be better at it -_-`

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