Hearthstone Paladin Control Masters Deck

Hearthstone Paladin Control Deck by RealStarke

Paladin Pubstomper


How do you win a Hearthstone game? You reduce your opponents life to zero, how do we avoid dying? Not getting our life reduced to zero, simple, this deck’s goal is not dying, maintaining control, and finally, hit the opponent very hard with a/the creature(s) that you boost.

How do we not die? Well, while this deck has a VERY steep mana curve, it relies on surviving to achieve that stage of the game, and then just absolutely overpower your opponent. It was also made to bring down some of the most played decks in the current meta that rely in specific cards/strategies, Edwin VanCleefQuesting Adventurer, etc. etc. so, below you can see an explanation of each card and how does it fit in the deck.


Blessing of Might – Pumping, one mana cost, that is all.

Hand of Protection – Makes trading much more easy, you’re trying to keep board control, if you can survive simple effects like taking one damage and then getting a damage minion destroyed, do it! Force the opponent to steal your creature, polymorph it, assassinate it, whatever, make him waste a very important card!

Eye for an Eye – So you’re in control, you’re smashing your opponent, he’s low, you have 30 HP, he suddenly steals your 15/10 divine shield, taunt creature, no problem, trade 15 damage, come out on top! Save this card, do not play it like an idiot, save it for when you’re sure you’re going to get hit with a devastating move. Fireballs or any other high burn spells work too, remember, when your hero takes damage, not when it’s attacked, as in, you can use a weapon to hit an enemy creature with tons of attack and still come out on top, this has won me games!

Humility – He’s pumping? No problem, Humility makes any lion purr like a kitten, I’m looking at you Edwin VanCleef. Understand thatPaladin is lacking in direct removal, a card like this for one mana cost is a very good deal.

Shieldbearer – Arguably the best chump blocker in the entire game? 0/4 for one mana? What more can you possibly want? Don’t hesitate to pump this guy.

Holy Light – Remember the premise of our deck? Exactly, staying alive, 90% of the times or 9 out of 10 times, as you prefer, you will use this in your hero instead of your minions unless you want to keep a game winning minion alive. Remember: you need to have a game winning plan, a winning strategy, you can’t just hope to control the game and eventually for no reason, win it, make it happen, take calculated risks, play smart, with this deck, you’re in control. Health on you has to be removed with damage, health on a minion can be removed in many different ways!

Shattered Sun Cleric 3/3 for that can be pumped and pumps something, which then are used as trade tools more often than not, easy as that, this however is one of the “weakest” cards in the deck unless you follow it up with a Blessed Champion, which in this case, you gave a minion +2/+1 technically and got a 3/3 for three mana. Another option is: turn one Shieldbearer, turn two hero power, turn three playing this buffing your 1/1 created minion, that’s a “solid” start. Don’t be afraid to trade all the way until late game, do not let him get a lot of cards in the board, ever.

Hammer of Wrath – This is a removal tool, or help remove something tool, with the addition of drawing a card, do not aim this at your opponent ever unless you did the math and it will help you win the game, this game is about control, you have a lot of damage from a lot other sources, use this to remove and draw a card!

Blessing of Kings – Create your game winning creatures out of nowhere, try to play this in a creature that is ready to attack, do not play it in a turn to pump a creature (unless it’s a taunter and you need it to block and kill another creature) and then just have that creature removed by cheap means as Assassinate or Polymorph.

Consecration – Another “eh” card but considering how bad is the Paladin’s direct removal, it’s one of the best options you have, will do wonders against aggro decks tho, specially two in a row! At your 7th turn (sixth if you have The Coin) two of these and a Hammer of Wrath do 4 AoE damage and 7 damage to a specific creature, plus you draw a card, might be the board wiping cards you need to steamroll into a win. Also, unlike Hammer of Wrath, this hits Stealth minions.

Silvermoon Guardian – Another “iffy” card but Divine Shield is just so good (there are decks built specifically around), specially when you pump it before attacking and force him to use removal. One of the first candidates to leave the deck tho, specially for Sen’jin Shieldmasta or Spellbreaker. I’m still deciding, but you can go ahead and change it now if you want, just saying that in my case, having this guy with Divine Shield helped me a good amount of times.

Truesilver Champion – Repeat after me, I shall not smack my opponent with this weapon, it’s a removal tool, always to be used as a removal tool, and nothing but a removal tool. Specially when your opponent has a creature that wouldn’t kill you but it would kill him, and you just so happen to play an Eye for an Eye *wink wink*, also, do not forget the fact that it gives you two health! More health, more life, 4 damage removal, too good, never let go of this card, smack cam!

Blessed Champion – Ever hit your opponent for 31 damage and instakill him? No? Well, click here. Enough said. How’s that for winning condition? I’ll also add (even tho I said enough said) you can create two for 200 arcane dust, (don’t know the gold card price but I estimate 400 each? No idea tho).

Guardian of Kings – Well, arguably there would be some cards for this role, like 5/6 Taunt, some biggie with charge, or taunt, or what not, but this guy is the one you want in this deck, there’s a reason you can keep such a steep mana curve, and the reason is, you can endure damage, we don’t try to prevent damage a lot, we try to maintain control of the board, and then heal the damage that we expect that will come to us, in fact, we love when our opponents hit us instead of our creatures, yes we do, we like that a lot, and then we walk it off with a dozen heals, these guys (two of them) heal you for 6 each and they’re a great body to use as a kill me fast magnet, or to hit your opponent in the face extremely hard. Do not take these guys out, healing is the key! Also, try to keep all heals and these guys in your hand for as long as you can and always try to heal for the maximum possible amount, remember: your life can’t go over 30!

Stormwind Champion – “Behold, the might of Stormwind!“, please, this guy freaking rocks and you know why he’s here. Enough said. Only a couple of cards I’d trade for this, and I’ll point them out soon.

Lay on Hands – *Jawdrop*, why is this a card..? I know why it has that name tho, because when you play it, your opponent lays his cards down and says: “good game, well played”.


Doomsayer – Paladins have some trouble with direct removal man.. Desperate times, desperate measures, pay three mana, play this guy and bestow him with Hand of Protection and sing a prayer. Do note, if he destroyed all minions but himself at the beginning of your turn, he would be the most broken Hearthstone card, ever!

Sword of Justice – Constantly taking this card out and bringing it back in the deck, I mean, the deck has three important components, one of them is pumping your creatures, this helps a lot, specially with the synergy it has with your hero power.

Aldor Peacekeeper – I don’t have it, but could combo immensely well with Humility, I can tell you, if you have two of these, try switching them in for the Silvermoon Guardian.

Crazed Alchemist – This + Humility = Removal. Again, I don’t have it, but if you do, consider it.

Equality – Do want, very hard. This + Consecration = Board wipe most of the times (See why Divine Shield is so good?), if you have this card do not hesitate adding it to the deck, I want this card, and I’ll find room for it that’s for sure. If you have this card, add it, without thinking twice!

Ancient Brewmaster – Another extremely valid substitute for Silvermoon Guardian, specially since you can put some cards with decent Battlecries back to your hand, there’s only two, both are good picks, not hard figuring out which ones is it.

Blessing of Wisdom – Ran it, you might want to run it too, pretty decent, and you can cast it in your opponent’s minions! (Yes, you’re still the one to draw the cards)

Ironbeak Owl/Spellbreaker – Both great cards, great alternatives for Silvermoon Guardian.

Sunwalker – Ran it, it was great don’t get me wrong, but then Guardian of Kings came along, peace out Sunwalker, might want to swap it in for Stormwind Champion tho!.

Tirion Fordring – Probably a safer alternative than Stormwind Champion that doesn’t have as much synergy with your hero power but sure does with the deck, and it gives you a nice removal tool when he dies, might want to put one of each, but I haven’t got this card yet.

Defender of Argus – This card would do pretty great in this deck, specially if you end up swapping Stormwind Champion out, does good early game to create chump blockers, does good late game to pump up your creatures and ensure you don’t take any more minion damage.


Divine Favor – No, you don’t ever, eveeer touch this card, even tho the card seems great, I can assure you, you will more often than not, have more cards than your opponent in your hand, heals, buffs that you don’t use because you know he’s removing your creatures back and forth, etc. etc. More often than not you will also have this card just sitting in your hand, useless, and we don’t want useless or iffy cards in our deck at any time. Consistency is key my friends.


Q: You keep talking about alternatives to Silvermoon Guardian, why not just take it out?

A: Believe it or not, that card has been, a lot of times, exactly the card I needed to get. That’s why I don’t get rid of it, he’s way more amazing than it seems like.

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