Firefall Recluse PvP Guide

Firefall Recluse PvP Guide by Zarkopafilis

This guide will help you become a better (and hopefully good) Recluse player. You will not need extra I-II-III-IV gear to be a good player , stock is good enough.


–Strategy: Recluse is not the type of frame that will jump into a fight and dodge every bullet while dealing damage.You need to keep as far as possible from the enemy team. Also , height will give you a significant advantage.In addition try to stay airbone as much as possible , aiming may be difficult but you will get used to it. Also consider staying away from walls and ground, there you are vulnerable to AoE weapons. Do not go Hacking or Scoring , keep away from the ball (if someone throws it at you and you accidentally pick it up , pass it to your team , or throw it forward)… When a fight takes too long and all the players keep staying at a specific area and you cant get a kill, go away and then try again (trust me , it helps). Do not “run without looking back”! You must try to dodge whatever you can but also do the biggest amount of damage during your lifetime in the battlefield, but remember , staying alive is the most important thing. Most times you will be the #1 damage dealer, more lifetime = more damage. Use the environment, nuke them fast , dont give them time to react and the most important , try to stay hidden , out of their sight , out of their teams SIN , out of the bulletstorm and trouble. Learning the maps is also something that will give you an advantage , I am not facing an ammo issue at the moment , but in order not to die a lot , I need to keep getting health pickups before other people do (sometimes I try to stay close to them as well). Always have a B and an Escape plan in mind.

How to use your equipment:

–Primary: Known as Bio Crossobow, it is capable of firing a single bolt at a time dealing heavy damage or a type of gas-grenade dealing less damage (but still a good amount on direct hit!). The single bolt will lose height as far as it travels , so you need to get used to it, dont worry if you cant get most of your shots landed correctly, I have accurracy lower than 60% !If you are behind someone while he is aiming ,shooting or he is AFK, AIM FOR THE HEAD! Use the grenade when the opponent is close to ground , wall (or any type of object), aim near them so you can do as much damage as possible. Grenades are also good in teamfights and in finishing players , while single shots are good in duels , and even sniping (or anti-camping). 2 Shots and … kill secured.

–Secondary: Known as Shotgun. Your secondary is not useless! The fact that bullets spread make it a weapon for close and close to middle range. It is good in finishing people with low life (that are not worth grenading or while you have no more ammo reloaded on your primary).

How to use your abilities:

–Kinetic Shot: The splash damage it does is near 0. It does more damage based on the distance. I have noted that it does some DoT as well. Also , the height that it loses is less than a standard single shot. I use it most while shooting single bolts . If I hit someone it feels good. Unfortunately you cant secure kills with these. Shoot and continue do do what you do.

–Creeping Death: Simple: Shoot . Wait half a second , and boom , a small cloud of a kind of chemical appears. People inside it take DoT. I use it mostly to secure kills, players die fast and also if someone tries to revive them will take heavy damage and in most times fail to revive and get downed. It comes in handy while fighting at a teamfight or for countering campers and destroying turrets. Shoot and GTFO!

–Evacuate: Upon activation leaves a cloud of poison at the area you are standing and then lauches you back and up. Useful to avoid being in the center of a teamfight . If you really need to excecute somebody , go forward and do it . Immediately pop that skill in order to GTFO! It can be used offensively too. Just look back and activate it , you will receive a gentle push forward. In addition , you can use it in small rooms to deal heavy damage, or near hacking terminals to block opponents access to it. You can even use it in combination with Creeping Death to cover a wider area . Unfortunately the damage is not enough to secure a kill.

–HKM Module: Necrosis: The “Ultimate Skill” of the battleframe. You can activate this one only when the bottom bar is GREEN. For an , I can say short amount of time surrounds the recluse in a cloud of poison (reduces visibility). Damages enemies (and I think also heals allies). This is the ONLY time you will want to rush inside a group of enemies and deal heavy damage (and most of times kill). While this is active I like to use grenades. If you survive till it is over , GTFO!

–Passive: Necrotic Poison: Whoever gets touched by a single shot will get DoT every second based on their HP.

Other usefull advice:

–Jumpjets: Using the sprint jets (Hold both Shift , Space , and W or S) will make you move a little faster the direction you are going. If you are out of fuel , dont wait till it is full again , just jump around and consume even the last drop if you are being chased. Evacuate can also help refilling safely.

Friends and Foes:


I prefer to be a lone wolf , and not mess around with others (because they dont have enough knowledge most times) , but except what you read next , after 2 minutes you should have understood who is a good player in both yours and opponents teams.

–Assault: Will probably rush inside a fight , drag everyones attention and let you do your business.

Every heal and distraction from a teammate comes in handy.


–Electron: Moves fast and is too god damn strong if its skills are used correctly. Avoid direct contact and duels , it is upon you if you assasinate or try to avoid.

–Bastion: This one is a headache. Turrets , Turrets everywhere. Play attention , his turrets have not god such a long cooldown , so he will keep deploying them again and again! If you dont play attention to them , they will deal damage. But with creeping death , Evacuate and a couple of grenades , you can take the AIs down easily. The player usually dies easily.

–Dragonfly: It simply has too many healing skills and is also capable of healing the team too. It usually takes a lot of time to take these guys out. If they approach you from behind , due to the fact that they have an automatic rifle , they will aim for the head and take you down at no time. Counter his escape skill with your Evacuate.

–Mammoth: You will not notice a serious threat most times , but a Mammoth player that has some experience , is capable of trapping (restricting movement to a small space) you and therefore , if his team is near , they will down you. Dreads are slow , so they still remain an easier target.

Use their weapons against them(e.g. Pick up the health and ammunition from accord engineers deployable station)

Each player has a different playstyle, so feel free to tweak this guide and adapt it to your needs.

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