Firefall Bastion Tips

Firefall Bastion Tips by Offski

So as the game seems to be without Syn atm, and last time i lost everything i grinded i thought I would do a thread with a few tips on what I have learnt gearing up a bastion, with only a little reference to thumping.

1. Don’t turn any resources into crystite, you need as many resources as possible (especially if you are planning to gear another bf). You need 18 bastion Diemetrics – thats 90,000 Regenics. So if you are going to thump thump this. You then need thousands of mats to level the frame – ONLY USE LOW LEVEL RESOURCES FOR BOTH IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE.

2. I went for the multi IV first and got 10 in CPU – sadly I had to drop gear as I did not have enough power (lvl 8) so I lowered my heavy turret to II and got rid of the grenade launcher. I then got power to 10 at about the same time my tesla IV was done, but due to mass constraints could hardly run/jump/jet faster than a snail on valium. So had to drop more gear to lower levels. Lesson learnt concentrate on levelling mass/cpu/power to level 10 prior to upgrading beyond III in items.

3. The level IV Tesla is amazing – I would go so far as to recommend going for this before the multi IV. When crafting I made damage with purple mats, recharge blue and the other to range and clip size green, to keep the constraints lower. Its more than powerful enough to help me solo stage 2 ares events without the need for a single turret (makes life harder admittedly – but shows how powerful this is).

4. I use Heavy turret simply because RED5 deemed that we cannot place all 7 multi’s at once, in fact we can only place 3 and I love using turrets to take agro, so wanted that extra turret. I spread them out everywhere, walls ceilings – never nest against chosen = one hit wipe if the sent pod goes down.

5. Repairing nanites – these a temperamental at best – use stock or low level one, servos keep em low. Anti personnel – go for chosen lvl 3, hits hard whilst using less constraints. Charged pulse generator is great for thumping, situational in Ares(though it can be great especially in bottle necks).

6. Priorities i would go for in hindsight – Tesla, multi, engineer plating and jumpjets. I then run no secondary, CPG, Heavy, anti personnel (mainly for thumping at 75% when the main badasses come out), low level nanites, low level servo.

7. When crafting level 4 gear you do not need high level resources the upgrade you get is often plenty enough. Difference between 6/7 turrets is minimal.

8. Concentrate on grinding ARES events/Tormado’s etc etc – DON’t get distarcted by thumping blues, purples. You need 75 accord merit points (AMPs) per diemetric. So you need a total of 1,350. You need to farm like crazy to get this amount – suggest doing it in prime time as well as you then usually get a little help, a squad would be better. Unless you need a specific resource you also resource farm alot quicker this way.

9. A downed thumper quest = easy quick 10k xp, tornado’s are alright let your turrets do the work and heal them, don’t waste time going into the tornado melding, you could of done the next ares quest int he area (also respawning in copa is sucha time waste. Farm up north much easier to get to missions.

10. Try not to die durability is a ……. So don’t rush use your turrets, cpg and retreat and pick them off – go slow it will save printer time, crystite, resources etc etc down the line.

11. If thumping in antartica use mosquito wings against bronts and tesla away. I wasted so much time trying to find nodes to thump in which i could be doing missions to max out my char = I dont recommend it.

12. Keep moving and jumping around and learn to shoot the tesla accurately – if you stop you will die.

Right thats it for now, I am sure some will not agree, please feel free to explain why.

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