Card Hunter Starting Multiplayer Guide

Card Hunter Starting Multiplayer Guide by pliers

So you’ve heard about CardHunter and want to get started bludgeoning other players in the face. Great! But let’s go over a few things before you begin striking fear into the hearts of your enemies.

This isn’t going to get into strategy or anything like that. It’s just a quick summary of how to get into Multiplayer for a new player, because a lot of people want to start as soon as they’ve created an account, which is a poor decision for most people. There’s a summary at the very bottom of this post.

It IS possible to load up the game, play the first two matches that Gary throws you into, and then jump straight into Multiplayer. But don’t confuse possible with wise. If you haven’t unlocked the Wizard and Priest yet, you can’t form a party. The only way to play multiplayer at this point would be to spend 50 pizza. The campaign will give you some pizza at various points, and unlock some multiplayer cards, but until then, the only way to get some is to pay $. $10 is the smallest increment, which gets you 330 pizza, more than enough to get started on multiplayer. Again, this is a route that only few will/should chose.

For those who want to try the game before paying for it, you’ll want to play the campaign a bit first. You’ll unlock all 3 characters, learn more about the mechanics, unlock all the gear slots, and have a better understanding of how the game works.

Around level 6 in the campaign, Gary will tell you to give Multiplayer a try. Multiplayer games set all characters to level 18, so there’s no imbalance there. You’ll open the Multiplayer screen, enter the Starter Shop, and pick a deck. You don’t *have* to, but it’s free, and you won’t be able to compete with the level 6 campaign gear you’ve collected. You’ll probably have empty gear slots, and won’t have any gear that uses blue or yellow orbs of power. Get one of the decks.

You can get any of the decks there and be okay (Gary will have given you some pizza by this point, so you can afford other decks), but I highly recommend the Adventurer’s Starter Party. Again, virtually everyone will want to be playing a warrior/priest/wizard team combo. Otherwise, any gear you find for a class you don’t play will be useless, while gear for the class you double/triple up on will be split multiple ways. For starting out, I’d stick with one of each.

You can go into the Multiplayer Keep to mess around with gear, but it’s unlikely that at level 6 in the campaign you’d have already found (m)any items worth using over the starter deck.

Click the castle in the center of the screen to queue up. Your first match will be against Gary, and you should be pretty evenly matched. After somewhere between 1-3 wins, you’ll likely start getting games against other players, and that’s where the multiplayer experience really begins.

You get higher quality chests after certain numbers of wins: 1, 3, 6, 11, and 20. The amount of loot in each gets better and better, the higher the number of wins. For a beginning player, make sure you get at least your first chest each day if you have the time. Ideally, you’ll be getting the chests for 3 or 6 wins, but not everyone has time to spare. I wouldn’t stress out about trying to win 11 or 20 games until you’re really comfortable with what you’re doing. Progressing through the campaign will help you more than spending a few hours trying to go from 10 wins to 20 just for one epic item.

One final note: You’ll be playing against real people. Act like it. Feel free to say a short greeting when the game starts. You’re a part of the community now, and having a good attitude will go a long way. Losing is upsetting, and some people will have far more experience or better gear. Keep your head up, congratulate them on a game well fought, and hope the next game goes your way.

Good luck, and have fun! Ask in chat if you have any questions.

1. Make your account.
2. Play the campaign until Gary sends you to Multiplayer at level 6. This will probably take about 2 hours, give or take, though I’ve done it in less than 45 minutes.
3. Once he does, pick the Starter Shop.
4. Buy the Adventurer’s Starter Party.
5. Hit the Castle in the center of the screen that says Play Ranked Match.
6. Have a good attitude, and have fun.

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