Neverwinter TR Perma Stealth Int Build Guide

Neverwinter TR Perma Stealth Int Build Guide by x3lade

INT Rogue@x3ladez

Build Type: 

  • The ultimate defense: Perma-Stealth
  • Executioner

Play Style:

  • Strategic Play
  • Relies on Cool Down management to remain in stealth 100% of the time
  • Kills from a distance
  • High Crit and Crit Severity
  • Massive Damage

PvP Role:

  • Can hold an enemy captured area to prevent the opposing team from getting points
  • Excels in 1v1, 1v2, 1v3 situations. If the fight becomes too dangerous (ie, fighting against multiple talented players or the whole enemy team, you can just walk away)


This build is meant for PvP only, it focuses on Recovery Stats and Intelliegences; INT being your primary Ability Score for CD reduction. With this combination you will have a high amount of Cool Down reduction for your skills “Shadow Strike” and “Bait and Switch” which means you can refill your stealth bar more frequently, ending up with a Perma-Stealth.

*Videos need be updated with improved build*

(Perma-Stealth Rotation, watch in 1080p)

(Perma-Stealth Damage, watch in 1080p)

(Video, random PuG PvP match #1, watch in 1080p)

(Requested PvE Gameplay, watch in 1080p)…&v=8j0wFKUjJMs

(PvP Montage #1, watch in 1080p)

*NEW*(Video, random PuG PvP match #2, watch in 1080p)

*NEW*Perma-Stealth: The Movie

(This is just a “Promo Teaser Video”) 
Goals and What I hope for in this project
– It’s going to be a 1 hour & 30min “movie” of PvP with the Perma-Stealth Build
– Hope to mix it with tips and Tricks, being informative
– People are asking to show off it’s “holding capture point” capabilities against multiple enemies, so I’ll try to get some clips of that.
– I’ll try to make it entertaining and fun. New at this…
– If you have a request of what you want to see, let me know and I’ll try to add it

Enjoy the videos~!


The build cost for Armor and Weapons is at a reasonable price. Armor is the Armor Set you purchase in Gauntlgrym so you don’t have to spend AD. Rings are about 20-60K each, Amulet was about 15K, and the Belt is a bit expensive which can cost about 300K. For the weapons you will want to use Thickgristle’s Jagged Dagger on your off-hand, the stat for Recovery on it is extremely nice. You’ll then want to use Battlefield Skulker’s Long Dagger for your main hand, this give you some nice Crit as well as some Health to increase Tenebrous Damage.


For your Head, Chest, Gloves, and Boots, you will want to use the Battlefield Skulker’s Set (Purchased with Gauntlgrym Coins). The main reason of using this set is for the 4th set bonus which will increase stealth duration by 25%. This is huge considering that you will want to stay in stealth at all times as it is your main form of defense. For your Neck, Ring, and Belt I recommend the items on the displayed picture below.


UtilityDark+MovementOut of all of the Utility Enchantments, Dark provides the best effect which increases your movement speed. This will slightly help you to catch up to fleeing enemies, avoiding and kitting targets.
DefenseRadiant+Maximum HealthThis will increase your Tenebrous damage which will hit for 832 damage.
OffenseSilvery & Tenebrous+RecoveryChance to deal 3% of current health as Necrotic Damage.Because of the Battlefield Skulker’s set, you only need 1.7K recovery with 20 INT to reach about 25% recharge speed. Because of this it frees up some Offensive Slots so you can put in Greater Tenebrous Enchantments for a burst of DPS.
WeaponVorpalIncreases your Critical Severity by 12/25/38/50%.With the new and improved changes to the Feats, I’ve went with Vorpal to increase the Rogues damage. The Rogue is now spec’d as an Executioner with high critical strike chance and critical severity
ArmorSoulforgeDamage immunity for seconds when health below 25%his is probably the best armor enchantment for this build. It’s pretty much your life saver giving you extra time to get skills off CD so you can get back into stealth. The 60 second CD is no problem considering that you can stay in stealth beyond that time and be ready for a next death emergency situation.

Ability Score

I actually had to re-roll because my main rogue couldn’t get enough CD reduction (My Half-Orc had 8 INT base, which I pumped up to the max only gave me 14 INT, which is +4% CD reduction). However this build is still playable if your Rogue didn’t have a high INT base upon character creation. You WILL have a time in which you will be visible to the enemy and to myself that’s a big problem as you can get CC’d or Stun locked ending up with a death.

If you are a perfectionist and want the perfect stats, I recommend rolling as a Human. As a Human you can put +2 into any stat so it’s best to put +2 into INT. The Base Stat you are looking for is 15 STR / 15 DEX / 12 INT (+2 INT)

As a Human you get 3 extra Heroic Feats, these Feats are placed in Scoundrel Training which increases your At-Will damage by 9%.

Each Ability Score above 10 provides the bonuses.

  • 1% Critical Strike
  • 1% Area of Effect damage resistance
  • .5% Deflection

This will help out your DPS as you’ll see a lot more critical hit’s.

Each Ability Score above 10 provides the bonuses.

  • 1% Recharge Speed

Intelligence is very crucial to this build’s play style. You need a good and high amount of Recharge Speed in order to achieve “Permanent Stealth” (Perma-Stealth).


Main Powers Setup:

Bait and SwitchJump backwards, dropping a decoy in your place. Any enemies can attack the decoy instead of you. Gain Action Points when the decoy is hit by an enemy.Stealth Effect: Refills your stealth bar.Tips & Tricks

  1. Use it as a gap closer (to get closer to target). When chasing an enemy you can quickly turn your camera around then user Bait and Switch which will roll you backwards towards your intended target.
  2. Vice versa, you can use it as a way to get away from the target. Some enemies skills have a really slow animation speed (Dazing Strike for example), instead of using your dodge roll you can use Bait and Switch instead which will put you in a safer position and grant you Action Points as the enemy hits the decoy instead.
  3. Use it as a shield! I swear this Bait and Switch is truly amazing when used correctly. For starters, you can drop it right in front of an enemy that is hitting your allies, by dropping it in front of the enemy or in front of the ally taking ranged hits, the decoy will soak up the damage instead, additionally granting you more Action Points.
  4. Take advantage of the terrain. If your above a ramp while the enemy is below it, it will make the enemies harder to hit you with the decoy in front of you because of it’s elevation. You can hug a wall or corner and position it in front to act as a shield, just think of the location.
Shadow StrikeStrike your target from a medium range and fill your Stealth bar.Stealth Effect: Dazes target for a short duration, and does not remove Stealth.Tips & Tricks

  1. There is about a second delay before refilling your stealth because the animation speed is slow. Take that to consideration and get the timing right to refill stealth right on time before it runs out, if you want to never be seen.
  2. Just before stealth runs out, you can use Impact Shot which will not use up a charge and stuns the target. Then use Shadow Strike to refill stealth and get back in stealth. However, I’ll only recommend doing this in a 1v1 situation, in a 1v2(or more) you will want to play more defensive, staying in stealth and never be seen.
  3. If you want to never be seen, use Shadow Strike just before stealth ends (with correct timing because the animation is slow). When doing so I recommend being prepared to attack in melee distance, you can get about two or three hits before having to dodge roll out to a safer distances and I highly recommend dodging because enemies can get a quick and slight glimpse of your whereabouts. Because of Shadow Strike’s daze effect, you should be safe during that time to get extra hits on the target, however I’d be most cautious of the Great Weapon Fighter because of can be immune to daze.
Impact ShotAttack your opponent from a medium range, Pushing them slightly. This skill has 3 encounter charges.Stealth Effect: Briefly Stuns the target, and cost no charges.Tips & Tricks

  1. Use it right before stealth ends for a stun and will not consume a charge. However I would only recommend doing this when the target is low on health, when you have Shadow Strike off Cool Down, and in a one on one situation. Only on those settings you should use Impact Shot while in stealth.
  2. If you must, you can use Impact Shot as a way to knock people off their mounts.
  3. With Lurker’s Assault (Daily Power), you’ll see some high damage from this, additionally you can chain stun a target by spamming Impact Shot.
Sly FlourishUse Sly Flourish because the attack speed is quick, timing is crucial for this build so you don’t want to be late on refilling your Stealth. Getting close to your opponent is dangerous however so I recommend only attacking in melee distance if the target is Stunned, Prone, CC’d, or Dazed. In combination of a Stealth attack of Lashing Blade, you can get about two or three hits on the target before having to dodge away.
Cloud of SteelCloud of Steel has a total of 12 charges, using Cloud of Steel one after another will increase it’s damage. A stealth attack and unleashing a barrage of Cloud of Steel deals a lot of damage, it’s what you would want to do to initiate onto the target, however depending on which enchantment you decide to chose will determine how you would want to use Cloud of Steel.Bilethorn: Use all Charges if using Bilethorn.
Flaming: Use three until stacks of Flaming is off the target.

Alternate Power Setup:
Switch it out to be most effective when dealing with Clerics or Guardian Fighters

Switch Impact Shot for Path of the Blade, this pretty much eats away on Clerics and Guardian Fighters. Use it and go back into stealth, the Path of Blade effects will still be active and what’s better is that they can’t see where you are, but still keep a distance from Crit focused/Stun locking Guardian Fighters. If your up against a Cleric, I wouldn’t worry too much.

Switch Sly Flourish for Duelist’s Flurry, this will help your DPS immensely. However pay a lot of attention on your stealth as Duelist’s Flurry does take quite sometime to wind up. When fighting against a Guardian Fighter, you’ll need to prime it at a relative distance of the target, don’t just run up and spam Duelist’s Flurry in hope to get the 3rd chain off, that’s way to dangerous. Instead, keep a distance safe enough that they can’t see you and close enough to get the 3rd chain on time. You can attack, run up a little then attack again, this will ready your 3rd attack and you’ll need to use it asap before the attack restarts to it’s first attack.

Daily Powers

Standard Dailies:
Lurker’s Assault – You will always on Lurker’s Assault on your skill bar, it’s viable in multiple situations… to hold an enemy capture point, to kill “squishy” targets (Control Wizard and Trickster Rogue). If your stealth is running low and your “Bait and Switch” and “Shadow Strike” is still on cool down and wont make it on time, you will want to use Lurker’s Assault.

Shocking Execution – This is a very nice finisher, able to hit for 18-30K. I recommend using this on “tanky” targets such as Clerics and Guardian Fighters. Keep in mind that using a daily will refill your stealth, so you can kill a target with 30K execution damage and remain in stealth.

Point Holding – Passive on Enemies captured area:
If your objective is to hold the enemies captured area as long as you can, I recommend switching Shocking Execution with Bloodbath. However you will be using Lurker’s Assault to maintain stealth if needed. Bloodbath is used as an “Oh Sh*t! button”, if your dealing with more then 3 enemies that are AoEing the area, you will get hit and eventually found, stunned, cc’d and killed. All you need to do is spam Bloodbath and hope that it actives in time; dashing around the area giving you time for CD’s to go off and additionally refilling your stealth.

Passive Powers

Invisible Infiltrator, it’s a no brainer why you need this. After using a daily it refills your Stealth meter and grants a 5% damage bonus for 5 seconds.

Skillful Infiltrator increase your Run Speed by 15%, Increase Deflection and Critical Strike chance by 3%.

*In competitive PvP, premade vs premade. Swap Skullful Infiltrator for Sneak Attack*
Sneak Attack increase your Run Speed by 30% while Stealthed. Since you will be in stealth 100% of the time, you’ll always get the bonus movement. This is huge because you need to able to avoid AoE and random attacks. Getting hit once will reduce your Stealth Meter and end up screwing your timing for CD’s.

This is for leveling in PvP

At low levels, you’ll want to use:

Sly Flourish
Cloud of Steel
Deft Strike
Lashing Blade
Dazing Strike

Lurker’s Assault

Sneak Attack
First Strike

Switch out Dazing Strike for Bait and Switch when you reach the level

Switch out First Strike for Tactics when you reach the level

(you’ll get a lot of action points from Bait and Switch combined with Tactics, meaning you’ll use your daily power for frequently)

You can switch out Sly Flourish for Duelist’s Flurry,
at lower levels other players don’t do as much damage to be considered much of a threat. If you do get focused on, you can use Bait and Switch to roll back, then dodge roll out to a safer distance.

Switch out Lashing Blade for Impact Shot when you reach the level

Switch out Deft Strike for Shadow Strike when you reach the level
Now you can somewhat create the Perma-Stealth, for the rotation you will want to start off like this:

  1. In Stealth
  2. Shadow Strike
  3. Bait and Switch
  4. Shadow Strike

After that, your Bait and Switch wont make it on time to continue the rotation (at higher level with 30% recharge, you’ll start with Bait and Switch instead of Shadow Strike)

Switch out Bloodbath for Shocking Execution when you reach the level

Switch out Tactics for Invisible Infiltrator when you reach the level
(Max out Shocking Execution first, but you’ll need at least one point into Invisible Infiltrator for the stealth refill)


Heroic Feats
Tier I
Tier II
Tier III
Tier IV
Increases your maximum health by 3/6/9%.*This will help push your health pool well over 27K additionally it will increase your Tenebrous Damage.Weapon Mastery
1/2/3% greater chance to land a critical hit.*Putting 3 Feat points in to Weapon Mastery is good, you’ll need some critical strike to help your DPS.
Swift Footwork
Your Stamina regenerates 2/4/6/8/10% faster*The more Stamina Regeneration means more Dodge Rolls which will help you avoid AoE and other forms of attacks.
Twilight Adept
Restores 2/4/6/8/10% of your Stealth Meter when you Dodge Roll.*This is must have, because you will have a high amount of Stamina Regeneration, you can preform more Dodge Rolls which will restore your Stealth Meter, keeping stealth up long enough for your Encounter skills to go off Cool Down to refill Stealth.
Improved Cunning Sneak
Your Stealth lasts 4/8/12/16/20% longer*In combination with the Battlefield set, you gain +45% longer Stealth! This is also a must have as to keep you in stealth as long as possible.Scoundrel Training (Bonus Human Feats)
Your At-Wills deal 3/6/9% more damage to foes not targeting you.*As a Human, you gain 3 extra Feat points. You will want to put them in Scoundrel Training considering that your main form of attacks is your At-Wills, and increasing it to 9% more damage to foes not targeting you, when in stealth their definitely not targeting you xD
Paragon Feats (Executioner)
Tier ITier IITier IIITier V
Dazzling Blades
Your At-Will powers have a 1/2/3/4/5% chance to reduce the cooldown on recharging Encounter powers by 1 second.*Because of you have enough recharge speed for your encounters, this is just a bonus so you can use your encounters sooner if you have to.
Devastating Shroud
Increase your critical strike chance and severity by 2/4/6/8/10% for 6 seconds after using Shocking Execution.*Mainly using this just to get to the next tier.
Brutal Backstab
While Stealthed you critical with 5/10/15/20/25% more severity.*Because you’ll always be in stealth, that means you’ll always have +25% Critical Secerity.Critical Teamwork
You and your nearby allies gain a 1/2/3/4/5% chance to crit.*This will help your team’s DPS but also push your Critical hit chance to a near 43%.
Overrun Critical
When you land a critical hit, one of your next attacks strikes with 30% of your crit severity.*This is a very good feat that will help out your DPS. I’ve seen Impact Shots deal well over 21K damage because of this.
Paragon Feats (Scoundrel)
Tier ITier II
Underhanded Tactics
Increase the effectiveness of Combat Advantage for you by 4/8/12/16/20%*Stealth provides Combat Advantage and because of this, you’ll always have 30% increased effectiveness of Combat Advantage which is an extra 3% damage.
Nimble Blade
35% chance to deal an additional 4/8/12/16/20% damage on a non critical strike.*This will help out your DPS.

What your Feats provide for your Damage

  • +3% Critical Strike Chance from Weapon Mastery
  • Increased Tenebrous Damage from Toughness
  • 35% Chance to deal 20% Damage
  • +9% More Damage with At-Wills
  • +5% Critical Strike Chance from Critical Teamwork
  • +25% Critical Severity from Brutal Backstab
  • +30% Critical Severity from Overrun Critical

Tips & Tricks

Cancel Stealth
Some players will run at you and as soon as you go into stealth they will turn and run away, waiting until your stealth is done and they’ll run at you again. If this ever happens you can just double tap #6 to mount and dismount, cancelling stealth so it doesn’t consume all your Stealth Meter.

Increase Field of View (FoV)
You can increase your FoV by typing /gfxSetDefaultFOV 100

100 is the distance of how far you want your camera. I use 80.

You can also Keybind different Field of Views to help you be more aware of the surroundings. Knowing if more enemies are coming or sneaking up behind etc. It also helps you can check corners to see enemies passing through.

Large Field of View – Keybind: Numpad 2
/bind numpad2 gfxSetDefaultFOV 120

Return back to preferred Field of View – Keybind: Numpad 1
/bind numpad1 gfxSetDefaultFOV 80


Use Impact Shot with Overrun Critical
Keep an eye on what buffs your rogue has on. If you want to see some high damage use one CoS to active Overrun Critical when you critical hit, then follow up with an Impact Shot. I only use this combination when you know you can finish off the target or when Lurker’s Assault is active to keep the rogue in stealth.

Here is an example:

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