Neverwinter DC PvP Itemization Advice

Neverwinter DC PvP Itemization Advice by sogronnwo


PvP itemization for me went like this:

– dinged 60, bought T1 off AH, got steamrolled in PvP
– endured steamroll and got glory PvP gear, still got steamrolled, since Life steal is a joke on healer (main role?) DC
– farmed max power T2 and T2,5 weapons (12,6k GS) to max hps and dmg output, got steamrolled
– farmed Miracle Healer set to max burst healing, still got steamrolled
– looked at GG PvP gear, saw it had life steal too, got fed up
I guess it’s pretty similar to everyone’s experience up to this point.

– so I rolled a GWF to see what the Sentinel craze was all about, dinged 60, bought 2*T1 and 2*T2 tank gear with regen accessories, and slotted rank 6 enchants (NO Tenebs) and ruled like the kings of old in PuG PvP, even held my ground against premades until 3+ members coordinated against me or someone with Tenebs showed up.

– had a feeling that regen had to do more with the survivability than deflect, since my DC has a lot of heals and damage reductions to fill the shoes of 50% deflect chance.

– went back to my cleric, bought blue regen gear, rerolled charisma to constitution and enchanted HP instead of defense. The result is a 29k HP, 2,2k defense, 1600 regen DC with crap crit and recovery but still somewhat of a nice power due to ancient weapon set with power enchants (no meaningful main and offhand with regen out there). NO Tenebs on this character either, but it does have rank 7 enchants instead of 6s.
NOW WE’RE TALKING! I mean it’s still not a Sent GWF but my God this is fun! I can actually survive stuff, I don’t get 1shotted by most Lashing Blades (I even saw some TRs baffled when they hit me with the usual 24k+ and I still walked, they went around a circle before they realised they have to engage me further, so much fun), and I can survive the CC train of the other classes, sometimes from even more than 1 of them. 2 coordinated guys or 1 top-geared PvE damage dealer still hands my Axx to me, but they at least do it over a longer period of time instead of the 2-3 seconds I was used to. I could actually 1v1 some people as a healer, WOOOO! That’s a first!

If only I knew from the beginning to skip PvP gear or 12,6k PvE gear, and go straight for 60 blue gear with regen!

I’d like to achieve 2 things with this post.
First thing is to warn other DCs. If you’re a fresh 60 DC, or a 60 DC with any gear that struggles in PuG PvP, never mind any purples other than weapon and shirts/pants, just go to the AH and buy the blue regen gear on any slot you can for 300-500 AD a piece. Nope, I didn’t miss the “k” from there, they are hundreds of AD, not hundreds of thousands. The best in slot PvP gear for a DC is buyable off the AH for pennies. Go and get it guys, it’s dirt cheap to try and it pays back in your first PvP match (provided it’s not against a premade) with some long overdue success!

Second thing is, if this reaches any developer, please change the lifesteal on the PvP sets to regen (or add a set that has it), and make accessories for PvP so we can have purple regen jewelry too.
It feels really silly that I have to equip these blues because they are better for PvP than any purple available for the DC in the game.
Well, either this, or balance damage on Dominion maps so regen and HP aren’t the only viable PvP stats…

Thanks for reading!

P.S.: Sry if this all have been mentioned before, sry for my english and sry for the wall of text, I’m just so pumped!

Here are some screenshots on how it looks like for me – keep in mind that it’s all low budget and I didn’t roll a fresh character to min-max this spec, so ability rolls and race isn’t the best.
Ability scores are with camp buff, and the gear and action bar is set to what I use in PvP:

Stats from Power to Regen:

Stats from Movement to AP Gain:

Defensive stats:


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