Neverwinter DC Healing Powers and Synergistic Feats Guide

Neverwinter DC Healing Powers and Synergistic Feats Guide by scozzers

I was messing around on the preview server a lot over the last week, trying different builds out before I commited to a new one on live. While I was doing this I made notes of which Healing Powers/Encounters proc which Feats/Passives.
Some things surprised me.
There might be a list like this elsewhere but I didn’t see one here. So, for easy reference and for people who are perhaps levelling their first cleric (and because I lose bits of paper, so bookmarks are easier XD), I thought I’d pop this one up.
If you see any errors or omissions, please feel free to point them out.

Sunburst – procs Foresight / Enduring Relief* / Invigorated Healing Cleanse** / Restoration Mastery* / Repurpose Soul* / Disciple of Divine Lore (on healing) / Divine Advantage / Cycle of Change (on healing)

Divine Sunburst – add Linked Spirit*** / Rising Hope (see Linked Spirit note)

Divine Astral Shield – procs Invigorated Healing (on the initial casting, not per tick) / Rising Hope

Divine Forgemasters Flame – procs Enduring Relief* / Rising Hope / Restoration Mastery* /Repurpose Soul* (on first tick) / Disciple of Divine Lore (on healing) / Rising Hope

Healing Word – procs Divine Advantage / Foresight / Enduring Relief* / Restoration Mastery* /Cleanse** / Repurpose Soul* (on first tick) / Disciple of Divine Lore / Cycle of Change / Healing Action*

Divine Healing Word – add Linked Spirit*** / Rising Hope

Astral Seal – the Heal from this procs Foresight Enduring Relief* / Restoration Mastery* / Cleanse** / Disciple of Divine Lore / Cycle of Change (and Linked Spirit***) / Divine Advantage / Healing Step(Seal has to crit)

Soothing Light – procs Divine Advantage / Linked Spirit*** / Enduring Relief* / Cleanse** /Restoration Mastery* / Repurpose Soul* / Disciple of Divine Lore / Cycle of Change / Foresight

Bastion of Health – procs Divine Advantage / Enduring Relief* / Invigorated Healing / Foresight /Restoration Mastery* / Cleanse** / Repurpose Soul* / Disciple of Divine Lore / Cycle of Change /Healing Action*

Divine Bastion of Health – add Linked Spirit*** / Rising Hope

* This Feat stacks with other skill’s procs of it, though I’ve yet to see more than two stacks.
NB. The tooltip for Enduring Relief is incorrect, it procs in non-divine mode too.

** My experience with Cleanse is that while it says 8 seconds cd, this cd only applies to the same target hence the wording “re-cleanse” in the tooltip. This makes just 1 point in it still very viable for PVE.

*** You can get the Linked Spirit buff to proc on some skills without actually casting in Divine mode. Including it seems, skills that don’t actually have a Divine mode. Cast as normal and then switch to Divine mode. Some skills need this to be done faster than others. So far tested, this works on Sunburst (you can also proc Rising Hope in this manner) and the heals from Astral Seal (ty punisouffle, I would not have thought to check that otherwise). If there are any others then please let me know. I will test a bit more though.

* Healing Action maxed out adds 5% of the action points you would get without it. So, for instance, if your Bastion of Health would normally add 13% ap, with Healing Action maxed it would give 13.65% ap. The one upside to this rubbishness is that the ap meter rounds up, so you would get 14% on the meter.
It seems to round up even if the % added is below 0.5 ie. Healing word gives you 7% without Healing Action, with it you would get 8% despite it actually being 7.35% (although this assumes that the original 7% wasn’t rounded off).

* Repurpose Soul‘s heal is affected by Healer’s Lore (although according to Kurahavi, this doesn’t extend to the % increase in the heal’s value). I know this because: Repurpose Soul‘s heal procs Disciple of Divine Lore.
The “target” as descibed in the tooltip does not benefit from the aoe heal. This includes the caster of a critical self heal.
It seems that Repurpose Soul can proc independently for each person in Bastion of Health‘s AoE since it seems each separate heal in that AoE can crit independently (I will check this further).

Also here is some more useful info about the feat Repurpose Soul courtesy of Landragoon:

1a. Ground-target AoE spells don’t target enemies or allies. These spells include Daunting Light and Flame strike. They do not proc Repurpose Soul at all.
1b. Funny enough, even though Divine Glow only targets ground, one target critically hit by Divine Glow will radiate the Repurpose Soul healing. If you crit more than one target, there’s still only one heal.
1c. Since they never gets a critical effect, Chains of Blazing Light and Astral Shield cannot proc Repurpose Soul.
1d. Since I don’t have Bastion of Health, I cannot categorize it. It might work similarly to Divine Glow
2. Point blank Area of Effect spells target everyone inside the AoE as a seperate spell. (This is the reason for Sun Burst’s huge AP generation – you get as much AP as you would for hitting every target inside the AoE with a single encounter.) Since they target everyone individually, Repurpose Soul procs for every target critically hit
3. Channeled Effects target for each tick – hence, every critical tick of Punishing or Soothing Light as well as Hammer of Fate procs Repurpose Soul.
4. DoT/HoT effects only target on spell cast. Hence, only the first tick for a critical Brand of the Sun, Forgemaster’s Flame, Break the Spirit and Healing Word procs Repurpose Soul.
5a. Single-target spells and powers, including Lance of Faith, Astral Seal damage, Sacred Flame and Guardian of Faith always proc Repurpose Soul on a critical hit.
5b. For all intents and purposes, Searing Light counts as a single-target spell. Hence, only the main target of Searing Light will radiate a Repurpose Soul heal if hit critically. Pass-through targets, or side targets from the Divinity effect, will not proc Repurpose Soul.
6. Critical Astral Seal heals do not proc Repurpose Soul.

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