Lunaria Story Manadance Gear 500 Stats and Other Tips Guide

Lunaria Story Manadance Gear 500 Stats and Other Tips Guide by Alwaho

500 Stats

Now, there are 4 option you will see (if you are not vip4) that will train your stats.

When I first started, I didn’t really want to spend gold on training my stats, but if you want your manadance gear, it is inevitable.

So, there are 4 options to choose from, how do you know which one?
Well, lets look at which the different options do.

1. Silver: Silver is the best way to get to 200 stats without spending gold. After 200, it gets really tough so I suggest not using silver after 200.
2. Advanced: This costs 10g, but is not really worth it in my opinion
3. Platinum: This costs 20g and will take you to 300 stats without spending as much as diamond training.
4. Diamond: This costs 50g, but it is your best bet for 300-500.

Now, if you happen to be a vip 4, you will get a 5th option. Premium training.

Premium training costs 150g and gives you +10 stats on all stats every time.
Is this worth it every time? No. Could it be useful in the future? Yes. But please don’t use premium training while getting to 500+ because its just a waste of gold.

How to obtain free gold for training

As you have probrably noticed if you have ever done a free gold offer, there are plenty of different sites to choose from. But which one is best?

Depending on what you want to do: Download, complete surveys, or enter emails, different sites offer those different things.
The site I found best to work happens to be MatoMoney.

MatomyMoney offers 99 gold if you just enter one valid email. Easy right? And it also tells you at the top of the page if your email has been successfully done

For Example:


As you can see, this is a way to get easy FREE gold for training stats, or doing whatever you want.


Leveling Tips
Leveling tip 1: Stacking and Rollovers

Have you guys noticed that goddess offering bubble near your map? Its not just there for show. When you make an offer to the exp you can get a very nice exp buff. These buffs go accordingly:

20g/Fruit = 1.5x exp buff


80g/Flowers = 2x exp buff


200g/Gems = 3x exp buff


Now, you may ask yourself… What is the point of spending 2 dollars on a stupid 3x exp when you can get 2x exp from lord dray? Well, you can stack these buffs. For example, stacking lord dray buff (2x) with 200g buff (3x) will yield you a 5x exp buff. But it doesnt stop there. You can also add a cash shop 2x (costs 65g) to make the total buffing 7x! But wait, theres more. If you stack these 30 minutes before server reset and run ALL your instances before the server resets, the exp buff will roll over to the next day! You know what that means? More 7x exp for 2 days!!! Now that 265g per day just got split in half!
WARNING: Using 7x exp in Tower of Trial will only yield so much exp! The tower has a max limit of exp that each monster will give you when killed, so dont stack JUST for ToT.

Level Tip 2: Using time to the best of your ability

So… you know when you are running that quiz spectactular for 15 minutes… Dont you feel like you are wasting precious time? Well, guess what. You dont have to be. While running quiz, you can sneak into Tower of Trial and afk train WHILE running quiz, but it doesnt stop here… no. You can do this while running lucky dice too! Now you wont be wasting all that precious time!

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