Lunaria Story Leveling Guide

Lunaria Story Leveling Guide by MemoryLane

Levels 1-10
Playing Lunaria Story, you’ll need to quickly level-up. Make this easier, and earn special perks, by clicking the Facebook ‘Like’ button. You can also recharge your account for as low as $4.99, earning great rewards such as a pair of Wings valued at 998 Gold.



Levels 10-20
Nothing tricky here. Follow the main quest line, learning the different systems and how to battle. Also, be sure to properly raise your Pet. They not only offer useful and funny quips, but also provide some amazing stat boosts while in Battle.


Levels 20-30
Reach level 20, and be rewarded with materials to upgrade Equipment to level 20. Is it possible to claim a whole set of level 20 Equipment? There’s only one way to find out…

Also, participate in the Blessing system. Makes friends, level-up, and pay some of those good vibes forward. If a friend levels up and earns EXP, you do too!


Levels 30-40
Continue on the main quest, keep leveling up, and follow these level-specific tips.

Level 30
● EXP Instance becomes available. You can do it twice per day.
● Play through, or AFK, in the Tower of Trials, for up to 12 hours every day.

Level 33
Click on “Goals” in the upper-right. Complete the Goals, and claim the rewards!


Level 34
The Money Vault becomes available. Participate up to twice per day, and earn large amounts of Silver. Also, try Training! It is an excellent way to enhance Might.

Level 36
● Claim Blessing Bottle EXP!
● Morph and upgrade Wings, to increase their stats. Every 10 levels players upgrade their wings, grants them a hot new look.
● Daily Reward Quests are a great way to level up quickly. Complete up to 20 per day, and earn EXP and Silver.
● New Costume Corner instance. It’s a great way to collect materials needed to exchange for a Costume. Get a temporary one now, and upgrade to a permanent Costume later.

Level 37
● Available at level 37 is the Goddess Offering. It provides awesome EXP boosts- claim up to 3x EXP for an hour after you’ve made an offering.
● Escort Quests also open up, and can be done up to three times per day. Get double Silver and Prestige between 15:00-1600 and 21:00-22:00. Awesome, eh?
● Equipment Enhancement is an optional quest here. Enhance all pieces of Equipment to level 10, and earn 3,000,000 EXP as a reward. Enhance to level 40, and really make them shine.


Level 38
Daily Treasure Quests are a great way to earn special items. Complete up to 20 per day, and earn some great rewards.

There is also an optional quest that requires players to Embed three Lvl. 3 Gems into their weapons. Complete this, and earn 4,000,000 EXP as a reward. It should be enough to level up a character to level 39!

Level 39
Here’s where it gets tough. Follow the main quest, and do as many optional quests as possible, to keep leveling up. Reach Lvl. 2 Astrology Apprentice for example, and earn 6,000,000 EXP as a reward. This should be enough to get to level 40.

Level 40
Weekly Task quests become available at Level 40. They enable players to gain large amounts of EXP and Silver up to 100 times a week.

Once a players reaches level 40, it’s time to shake off that newbie label. The number of main quests will be reduced, and leveling-up can become quite the challenge, but fret not! There are many ways to continue to grow, and get stronger.

Focus on the wonderful instances, Daily Reward quests, and Daily/Weekly Task quests, to continue to earn EXP and level-up quickly. Need a little help? VIPs have some great perks, such as “auto-complete,” that allow them to get through some of the more tricky bits. Also, joining Guilds is great! Make friends to fight by your side, earn Guild Contribution to use in the Exchange, and train and fight the Guild Beast to earn some pretty cool rewards.

Here’s one last trick to help quickly gain EXP (but don’t be afraid to experiment on your own!). Try stacking the Goddess Offering, Lord Dray 2x EXP, and a Double EXP Card. Once prepared with these buffs, take on high EXP instances that are full of monsters. Combo King, anyone? Earn tons of EXP this way, and really clean up! Good luck!


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