Lunaria Story Leveling Detailed Guide

Lunaria Story Leveling Detailed Guide by SpykeParker

Welcome to my guide to level up, i will explain everything that is necessary. I’m sorry if i have grammar mistakes.

1. If you are going to start on a new server, make sure you start the same minute the server open’s.Once you have hitted level 10, RECHARGE 10$, save the 1k gold till you get the wishing tree by following your main quest line, once the wishing tree opens, receive your vouchers. When you receive your vouchers, create a guild. By creating the guild you will receive rewards and one of them is the gem for goddess offering which gives 3x exp.You still have that 1000 gold, so buy the investment plan which is really usefull. You will receive a large bonus of Silver and a little bit of a gold bonus after the 3rd day.

2. Follow up your main quest line till you receive Gold bar, save the gold till level 40.Do not KILL the Heroic pets from the Pet Book, not yet.Don’t accept REGINA at the escort main quest line. DON’t CLICK REFRESH, JUST CLICK START! Save the refresh for 2x escort. Once you have hitted level 40 you will have 500 gold from the Gold Bar, use it to get random pet from the shop, which has 201+ might, usually its on 300 might once you open it..Claim your MENADANCE HELM too. Now, start doing daily quest’s, save the Magic Scrolls for round 10 and 20, since then you receive a large bonus of EXP and SILVER. at Level 10 and 20 use them to make the quest 10/10 then complete it. You should be around level 41 if not 41 already. If you are not level 41, see at the reward board if you have ORANGE or Purple quests, if not refresh till you have some, you should have refresh tokens in your inventory. If you still haven’t got such quests, complete Weekly till you hit 41.

3. Now here is where it get’s interesting, You are now level 41. Claim your Menadance weapon and make it +40, you should have enought silver. This will max your damage for the 1st WB. Complete MAZE. You should have Branch quest’s to take double exp from day, then the next one will give you 2x exp card, and the 3rd one is to complete an goddess offering, but dont get 1,5x which is for free, use the GEM which you received for creating a guild and get the 3x EXP it still will complete the quest. Now you have 2x, 2x ,3x .. First do Slasher king, and try to get atleast 45% bonus. It’s not that hard. Kill all the monsters and bosses from Slasher will give you around 15mil exp, Next do your EXP trial, you have 1 try. After that complete ICY normal, Oh btw, EXTEND your COMBO BUFF, cuz you will need it for heroic pet at the pet book. Once you have completed ICY, go to Pet Palace , then Star feather, Costume Corner , then start doing the HEROIC pet’s , they give a large amount of exp aswell. Now you should be already on level 42 on around 30-40%. Start doing all your weekly’s, board, demon,treasure quest’s. You should hit level 43 now. Maybe even near the half, if your lucky and get high number’s on weekly’s.If you’re still not level 43, you will hit it once the Double meditation begin’s. Now, you have complete every quest’s possible for today, exept guild quest’s, Do them too, not only they help the guild to level up but will help you aswell..

4. Now, tell your member’s to donate some gold, finish they’re GQ’s etc. Once you have enough wealth start upgrading your guild skills till they hitted level 2, but don’t upgrade them on yourself for now. Once you finish your GQ’s use the points to get Escort amulet’s. Now wai’t till double escort come’s. Now use your REFRESH and you will receive Regina. 1,8m+. at the 3rd try refresh till you get Elyn or Regina. The chance of getting regina is low but getting Elyn is not that hard. You should have around 6-7 escort amulets and they should be enought to get Elyn atleast. Now you’ve done your 2x escort, HURRY and get COMBO for the world boss. Find a nice spot where you can 1 hit kill mobs and make atleast +40% bonus. Now if you don’t want to use your extension scrolls, just close the game and login 1 minute before the WB begin’s. If you close the game the bonus remains and you won’t lose it. Save’s you scrolls if u dont have it, but have atleast 1 since you wont be able to kill the 1st world boss in 14 minutes, im 98% sure. Now you’ve done the world boss,(Let’s hope you took 1st , 2nd or 3th place and won a nice seal) and you already have menadance weapon at +40, upgrade your set by the following system, it cost’s less silver and its more effective. Upgrade your set to +10, then to +15 , +20, etc etc, all set increase only by 5.(If you are patient wait till enchant bless event show’s up), Save your Power points, till astrology bless, because it gives 5% bonus success aswell.

5. It’s 19;00 time for quiz. If you are bad at Quiz, ask for help in the guild by sharing answers, or search answers at google, or find on the forums all the questions. Let’s hope you got atleast 2,5m exp. Now, time for Battle of Might, this event is really fun especially if ur vip on the first day,and by now you should have atleast 25-30k might if not even more. Oh by the way once you have upgrade your set to +30, BUY BASIC REFINEMENT STONES WITH THE VOUCHERS YOU HAVE, and refine all your items to +4, till will give a HUGE increase in might. you should be able to refine all of em to +4 with 1-2k vouchers. The rest vouchers save for exp cards. Now enter Battle of Might and kill everything , obliterate them, slaughter them if neede. Now with the points won, get Star feather’s from exchange panel. Or atleast that’s what i do. Save the feather don’t upgrade wings yet. After that it’s warrior duel, ANd let’s hope you are good at PvPing, and you will receive atleast 1500 points and get another pieces of Menadance gear from the exchange panel.

6. And then again, world boss, same tactic, get combo, close the game, complete world boss, enchant gear’s.Once you have done the world boss at 22:00 and enchanted all your gears with the silver you have, and used all your Power on astrology, and so on, it’s time to challenge Perlay of Might. You should be able to get in top 10, but if the server doesnt have alot of vip’s getting 1st is 99% sure. Getting first give’s you 10k prestige and 2,4m silver which is a HUGE help. Start doing Star Place, with 40-45% combo buff. It’s a huge help especially againt’s the bosses. You will receive Enchant stones , keep them till your items are level 35. Oh, use Luck wand, Devinition chamber, login rewards.. Complete Goddess defence for bonus gem’s.

7. Second day, login rewards. you just received Medal. That’s a bonus 5 slot’s. Once again, luck wand, devinition chamber, pet free upgrades, Investment plan.. Now, start doing your daily’s. Again on round 10 and 20, use magic scrolls to make them 10/10 and receive the huge bonus rewards. complete , demon, treasure quest’s. Now check the board if you have orange/purple quest’s if you don’t have and u have refresh token’s refresh till you have some, once you ran out of refresh token’s, the board reset’s every 30 minutes so check it often if u see you got purple/orange quest’s. Now when u ran out of quest’s , it time to do Instances, once again you should have 2x exp card in the inventory. Get 2x from day, 2x from exp card, and 3x from goddess, YES spend 200 gold. Now start again, Slasher king > Exp trial > Icy > HEROIC PET”S > pet zone > costume corner, feather zone , etc. Now you should be level 45, if not you will get it once the 2x meditation begin’s. Or be near the 45. Now, complete money vault, Guild quest’s etc. save all the silver you will get. Also complete Maze. Now time for 2x escort, again use the points from guild to get escort amulet’s and refresh till you have mayme/elyn/regina. If you happen to be on low escort amulet’s and say you have 2 tries left and 2 escort amulet’s don’t refresh till you get mayme, just refresh and do escort with whatever you have otherwise you will lose your bonus for the last try. Then do combo > close the game > enter world boss, receive a large amount of silver > enchant gear to +40, you should be able to have your gear to level 40 by now, using enchant +% stones after level 35 items, if not, you will your gear after the world boss at 22:00. Now time for quiz, again same thing’s. Battle of might save points for feather’s and don’t upgrade wing’s yet, warrior duel save points for menadane gear, etc etc.

8. Third-day is when we have now 6 pieces of menadance gear – if you were good in warrior duel, otherwise 5.Now again luck wand, divination chamber, you should have 2k vigor by now if not ugprade to novice [class] on the next day,free pet upgrade’s. etc etc etc, DONT FORGET THE INVESTMENT PLAN.daily’s , demon, treasure, board quest’s. Then 2x , 2x , 3x exp slasher , etc etc. You should be 46 level now. and have a large amount of gold. Now, let’s start upgrading our stat’s for the pant’s. Use silver till you have 200 stats, platinum till 300 stat’s, and Diamond till 400 stat’s, there are 2 options here, keep using diamond till 500 stat’s or buy a permanent outfit which will give you 100 stat’s aswell. Idk which is cheaper tbh, since i haven’t tried to use diamond till 500 and i bought outfit, but i think it will be cheaper to use diamond till 500. Now you have your pant’s, weapon, hat,armor and the 1500 warrior points item. [forgot it’s name :c] – if haven’t upgraded your equipment to +40 yet, you should be able to do it by now with the silver from maze, daily’s board etc. Now all you have left is the boot’s. You will need 4k accuracy and around 10-11-12k attack to complete the boss. Here i will share a little secret , but maybe you guys know it, in the middle floor’s not the bosses, once the monsters have reacher near you just walk trought them , since they attack slowly, you have time to get throught them and not getting attacked. Enter Star palace with 40-45% combo buff. YYou have completed 50 fl star palace and now you got your boot’s aswell the 6 piece bonus from the menadance set. Now it’s time to finally upgrade our wing’s. Spend all the silver you gain on wing’s. you should have around 100 feather’s by now if not even more, and it should be enought to make your wing’s level 10, if you have enought silver. Once you upgrade your wing’s to level 10, it’s time to upgrade seal.

9. 4th day, you keep getting amazing login rewards, repeating the step’s ive wrote on the other lanes. etc etc, slasher king, exp trial, you know the drill.. IF YOU HAPPEN TO DONT HAVE 200 GOLD for 3x, just start doing it the the 20 gold buff, you should be ranked 1 on the level, probably on many other’s ranking’s aswell.. spend all the silver you will receive now, on seal, upgrade upgrade upgrade etc, don”t forget on the 7th day you will receive a large amount of gold if ur in the top ranking’s. Also dont forget to use vouchers for exp card’s only, if u have ran out of 2x’s.

10. Save all the feather you get from feather zone, and battle of might and rewards etc, for the 7th day. then instead of spending all your silver on seal, spend it on wing’s. if you happen to run out of silver before your feather run out just use gold from gold chest to get silver. since getting atleast 1-3 on the ranking is really worth wasting the gold on the gold chest’s.

That was all for now, i’m sure i have alot of missed thing’s i haven’t added, but i will recheck my guide, add stuff, also i’ll add picture’s to make it more easier for you guys. And here is a short list of all the important thing’s

-Save all your power for astrology bless
-When you enchant wai’t till enchant bless
-Don’t forget to use investment plan.
-If you can, don’t miss a single World boss, quiz, double meditation, Battle of might , Warrior duel (Important for getting more menadance gear) even’t on the first 7 days.
-If you want, you can recharge more and try your luck in the lottery or use it for more power on astrology, or pet stuff etc.
-Enter Elemental Place with 40-45% buff
-You can decompose the level 50 blast set synth scrolls from SP to gain Warrior Points, use them to get full menadance quicker.
-Always have fun.

I hope you guy’s enjoyed reading it, as much as i enjoyed writing it).

This guide is based on putting only 10$ on your character.If you recharge more, more thing’s will open for you therefore making you more stronger in shorter time.. :>

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