Lunaria Story Increasing Might Fast VIP Guide

Lunaria Story Increasing Might Fast VIP Guide by Swyli

First of all, you need to Set yourself a Goal – Assuming you start on a new Server, some ways also work on a server you alrdy are on..
But if you gonna start on a new – your Goal should be “Only the best, deserves the best Pets” after Day 14, which also assumes you aiming
for the Gold-Ranking after Day 7. You either decide first if you want to be Vip 5 [10k-19,999k gold] (Better Vip Dailys to keep Level ranking then Vip 6) or you gonna do a full rush and go with Vip 7+ [50k gold+] (Better way to keep Astrology and Wing ranking high, also some other benefits which follow soon..). For the First 7 Days you try to rank high in : Level, Might, Seal and Wing ranking (Also Pet, but probly not rank 1). It will be a Step by Step guide, which if you follow proberly you will see the results.

Here are the pros and contras of Vip 5 to 7+

Vip 5 :
Pro : You get 10 Reward Poster, 10 Magic Scrolls, 10 Refresh Tokens (Daily) as well as 100 Gold.
Magic Scrolls are also a way too boost your exp for the first 14 Days (Increase exp of 1x Multiplicator Dailys – which requires to slay Mobs)
Reward Poster can be used to aim for Orange Quests on the Reward Board (the refresh tokens help to get them)

Contra : Your gold is Limited, cause you also need to buy x2 Exp Cards. The Max First week recharge pack you get is : 10k Gold Package.

Vip 7+ :
Pro : You get 15 Star Feathers, 15 Magic Cores, 3 Pet Growth Stones and 100 Gold Daily (Increased by Vip Level)
It gonna help you aim for the Top Wing and Astrology Ranking, also your gold is nearly Unlimited in comparement to Vip 5.
You get a Purple Pet without needing to buy, 3k Seal Exp (Which is worth alot of Silver in the beginning) and also some Level 5 Gems.
If you go for Vip 8, you even get alot more Purification Stones + Locks which will help you, as soon as you get Orange Gear / Unlock Purification Future.

Contra : You need to use gold for the VIP reward which Vip 5 obtains (At least for the first 14 Days, if you got a competition).

Comparement Preview of Vip 5 and Vip 7 :

– Since Vip 5 is Limited with Gold you can aim with Vip 7 for a higher Farm Progress. For example full black Farm (Which needs alot of gold), which
Vip 5 cant effort, if he wants to aim for other Rankings, which means for example Vip 7 can make more Exp then Vip 5.
– As Vip 7 you have more gold, you you can spend more on Hero Chests (The ones you obtain after completing Dailys/Instances)
14 Days all chests cost around 8400 gold – Lucky Wand 3430 gold.
– Your Wing and Astrology Progression will be higher with Vip 7, also your might as you keep higher Parlay of Might Ranking.
– You get more Purification Locks, Appitude Pills and Gems (Also tons of Purification Stones with Vip 8).
– You earn a free Purple Pet, which Vip 5 would need to buy.

First Steps :

When you start on a new Server, the first thing you do is recharge your Vip for early Benefits. If you go with Vip 7 it is adviced to be the first thing you do, because you get a Purple Pet for free. But.. dont waste any Appitude Pills just yet, we keep them all till after Day 14 (Orange Slime Pet).
If your Inventory Space isnt fitted for all the rewards (And it probably wont), it may be adviced to buy some inventory slots with Gold.
Then just follow the Tutorial with auto path till you get to Level 40, if they tell you to enhance equipment, dont raise your Purple Weapon above +20.

– Steps you can also do early on as soon as they get activated : Character Training (First use Silver before you use Gold, when it starts to get horrible with negative Stats go use 1 higher Training option with Gold, till you have around 500 All Stats – the earlier, the better.
– If you want the Orange Weapon early, you can decompose at Susana in Alcedonia (The Place where you start, it stands below the Tree in the
middle of the Map) and exchange your Points for the Weapon, there is absolutely no draw-back in doing so, you can decompose the later obtained Weapon into Warrior Points again, which you use to get back your other Gear.

Guild Creation :

As a Guild Leader you have more Benefits overall – Best Welfares.
It is adviced to Create a Guild as soon as Possible (Benefits of Daily/Weekly Welfare) and also sign up for Guild Wars.
Dont buy the Guild Founding Certificate, instead use Gold Chests to get 2m Silver to create one, if you have an Guild early,
you also have a higher Chance to get Top-Players joining your Guild.
If you dont want to loose them, you need to be chatty. Many Top Players hate a Guild with a dead Chat. Blue Vips help you raise
your Guild Level/Guild Beast, as they might use Magic Scrolls to increase Guild Quest Rewards.
You should do the best Beast Train (For the first 14 Days at least – 2800 gold) and save the Contribution for Level 3 Gems.
Recruit also by private to ranked Players/Vip Players – you want to aim for “Top 1 Guild Title” (It doesnt count for Slime Pet Event) to also to get the Third Realm Pill.

Following the Main Quest :

While you Progress with the Main Quest Line and unlock Instances, which you can do multiple times dont do them more then once until you unlock the “Combo King” Instance, in which you use in the following Order (Double Exp Card 65g Shop / you will need it daily till Beast Level 5, Double XP Blessing from Lord Dray (Look inside Event Interface, you can teleport to him – first entry) and the last you do is Goddess Offering x3 Exp – 200g -> You do this Order Daily). After activating whole Buffs, you gonna do the following Instances in the recommended Order, on first Day you have more time of the exp buff then needed, since you might alrdy have done some runs (but for the future follow this…)

Exp Buff Routine :

Experience Trials [30]
Costume Corner [36]
Pet Place [34]
Feather Zone [39]
Goddess Defense [38] (Not need if not enough Time)
Goddess Defense (Heroic) [40] (Not need if not enough Time)
Icy Impasse [38]
Icy Impasse (Heroic) [38]
Material Grove (Basic) [40] (It doesnt rly give exp.. but if you still got time, you can do)
Combo King [40]

——– Later on ——–
After Combo King (Slash Buff), you gonna progress with Star Palace, you can also use Slash Extrension Scrolls to maintain the Buff and
progress further, later in the game you wont be able to progress anymore for a while and instead using the Slash Buff of Combo King for :
Icy Impasse (Nightmare) [40]
Goddess Defense (Nightmare) [42]
-> It doesnt matter if you beat them.. but it is still free exp and gems, i also add some Tips later to beat some Instances.

Meditation Event :

Also have an Eye on the Meditation Time Event 14:00-15:00 so you dont interfere with anything else for the free-exp – just sit down inside Lunaria City till the Event is over.
If you can make a Party with which you can stick always/most of times, do Arena Ladder as soon as possible, you get Magic Cores out of them, also a good amount of Silver and Star Spirit every Wednesday and Saturday.

Progression :

Do your Daily Quests when you reach Level 41 to help yourself in getting to Level 42, which then unlocks Multiplayer Instances (short : MP/MI).
And do them when you have free time/dont interfere with any Event or you could wait till 21-23 Party Gathering (But it interferes with Arena Ladder, except you after 2nd World Boss)
If you want your Level 40 Legendary Set early, you can also buy “Lvl. 40 Legendary Equipment Lottery Ticket”, in which you should always collect a Legendary Equipment if you get one, even if you get it multiple times, you still can decompose at Susana, it might also help to get your Level 60 Gear fairly early.
If you want more Atk Gems then the “Lvl. 7 Attack Gem Lottery Ticket” in shop for 99g each might be a wise choice.

Do All remaining Instances – Money Vault [33] and Labyrinth/Maze [41] (In which you should visit the Mystery Shops and buy what you like, There are 3 in Total – Level 1 offers Atk Gems and other stuff for Silver, Level 2 some Discounted Daily Offers and Level 3 Pet Skill Manuals (Which i advice saving for Slime Pet/30 Potential). Level 42 Is achieveable within the First Day, even better when you unlocked your whole Farm (With Black Farm even further).

World Boss Preperations :

Before a World Boss you should take some time in Building combo, till Level 48 (Which will take some days) you can build your combo till up to Level 38 Mobs (10 Level Difference), for example Great Ship Hold, bottom left (Build Combo with just holding Standard attack while standing inside right/left most mob – should get you to 800-900 Combo (45-50% Combo Buff).

Hero Chests :

After finishing Instances and Quests you should always open all Hero Chests (10 gold/20 gold) to stock up on Magic Cores, Star Feathers and the most important – Purification Locks. Save your Weekly Quests for a Sunday to finish them there, since : Higher Level = Higher Exp.

Enhancing your Gear :

Now you should try to Enhance your Equipment, all to +40 (Do it during the +10% Enhancement Event) to unlock the Mandance Robe (Succession Scrolls you need to transfer your enhancement to another Equipment – 1 for each +10 Upgrades, 60g each) and benefit from the Might boost.


Seals :

After achieving the +40 Enhancement you should aim for Seals, for now – except for synthenesizing gems you dont need Silver for much more, try raise your Seals to at least Level 7 (Orange)/Level 8 (Purple) – ranking is decided from how much Exp is accumulated from all your Seals (not Rarity).
Here is the Might Ranking of Orange Seals from best to not so worth :

Hymn Anima (2k HP at Level 1 – 18k on Level 8) –
(800 Might at Level 1 – 6400 on Level 8) (Only Seal which gets 100% base increase)

Bloodfeast/Bladedance Anime (1k Max Atk at Level 1 – 4,5k on Level 8) –
(600 Might at Level 1 – 2700 on Level 8) (50% base increase)

Curtain/Waymarker Anima (800 Pdef/Mdef at Level 1 – 3600 on Level 8) –
(400 Might at Level 1 – 1800 on Level 8) (50% base increase)

Belief/Touch Anima (500 Tenacity/Critical Strike at Level 1 – 2250 on Level 8) –
(300 Might at Level 1 – 1350 on Level 8) (50% base increase)

Shift/Secret Anima (500 Dodge/Accuracy at Level 1 – 2250 on Level 8) –
(250 Might at Level 1 – 1125 on Level 8) (50% base increase)

Massacre Anima (300 Critical Damage at Level 1 – 1350 on Level 8) –
(210 Might at Level 1 – 945 on Level 8) (50% base increase)
(While Critical Damage is the sub attribute with one of the highest Might increases, Massacre Anima got a low base attribute –
its still a worthy one for World Boss and Star Palace/Questing/Instances)


Purification :

It is your best friend in Might, so.. as soon as you obtain another Mandance Equipment you should activate both Attributes 200g and 500g – later with Refinements it may be worth to Buy the Basic Refinement Stones with Gold to get the next Purification Slot.
For good Attributes, try to reroll the stats of Equipment till you get a Purple Attribute, since we open daily Hero Chests we should have enough
Purification Locks to lock these Purple Attributes and reroll again till we get a second. After the second – lock both and reroll again for some
worthy Stats you havent alrdy, preferable Blue. Again the most Might Increase you get is trough HP – but i advice focussing on Accuracy/Critical Damage/Critical Strike/MP (MP dont give much Might – but is is a must have, if you want progress Star Palace, same goes for Accuracy).

Preferable Attributes for Hunter and Elementalist : Maximum Atk, Accuracy, Critical Strike, Critical Damage, MP (If you just love HP cause it gives so much Attribute Boost you can also go with that one, but i advice rather going for HP Gems inside Wings, Medal and Rings if you need the boost – cause in gems they are the ones which give the most Might).

Preferable Attributes for Swordsman : Same as for Hunter and Elementalist, except that HP and Defense is rated Higher.

Extra Purification Slots you gain with Refinement (Unlocked Later) Level 4,7 and 10 – While it is save after hitting Level 4, 7 and 9 to try into next Level. (Dont reduce below those)
Refinements also raise your Might by a lot, so try buy some Refinement Boxes (Limited Daily offers – not every day).


Slime Pet :

As for your Pet, you should keep raising its Growth and Potential till after Day 14 in which you (hopefully) get your Slime Pet and Merge them right after, your Appitude Pills (As mentioned before), you should save till that Day (Cause Slime starts at 500 Appitude) – it is worth to save them.
But you still can try get Pet Skills and Talents before, i advice HP,MP,Accuracy,Crit Strike,Crit Dmg for the Skills (Till Level 30 Potential Slots) the others stay your Choice (Most Might is Tenacity, Shield), the Talent i picked were “Soul of Knowledge I – 15% more exp when slaying mobs”, just costs 20 Lvl. 1 Pet Talent Pages and requires 5000 Prestige. I dont advice going for “Soul of Knowledge II”, instead using the Pages you get for random Skill Manual boxes. For your 6th Skill Slot you probly need to lock, except you want wait more then 2 Monthes to get a Potential of 40+, again only buy the Skill Locks from the “Limited Daily offers”.

Some more Options to raise your Might :


Keep Rank 1 Parlay of Might when possible, everyday. Do Your Escort Quests only on the Escort Events (x2 Prestige+Silver), also your first Escort during Main Quest is a guaranteed Orange Escort, so try to do that one on the Event Time. Goddess Offers gives 1000 Prestige daily if using the x3 Exp Buff. Guild Beast feed of 200g gives 1800 Prestige Daily. Aiming for high ranking World Boss gives a good amount of Prestige. Aiming for maximum Damage on Guild Beast (Unlocked at Guild Beast Level 2). And clearing the Multiplayer Instances Sharks Lair (500) + [Heroic] (1000) + [Nightmare] (2000) also helps for top Prestige ranking. Do your Daily Demonslayer Quest and the last Option to get Prestige would be doing Guild Wars, you get Prestige after every win.


Dont bother buying Roses to raise Charm of others/your own, only go with free ones or those you get out of Lucky Wand / Hero Chests.
The only Day in which it might worth to buy Roses would be, if you play to marry on Day 1 (If first Wedding), because you get your Gold back if you do, except for the 4k gold on roses, you and your partner instead get 1x 999 Roses each. Marrying is a good way to get Bonus Gems, but for Wedding i only advice going with Heart’s Brightness Ring (Set), because Singles’ Ring costs less Gold then the cheapest Rings and give a higher attribute boost then the cheaper Wedding Rings.


Always try to do everything and get all Gems possible, Switch your Gems inside Wings, Rings and Medal Situation based. For Example : Getting your Gems inside Helm to Level 4, then Prepare 15 Level 4 Gems for Wings, Rings and Medal (For Warriors Duel, Parlay of Might and Might Ranking, cause HP Gems give the most Might of all), after that every 3 ongoing Level 4 HP Gems get used to get the Gems inside your Helm to Level 5, then Prepare 15 Level 5 and so on. For Star Palace i mainly use Atk Gems, Accuracy Gems and Rage Gems – 5 Atk, 2-4 Rage the rest Accuracy – so use the same way for atk and Accuracy with your Weapon and Wrist you did with your Helm. For World Boss i switch out Accuracy Gems for the dmg Gems i still possess (Crit Strike, Crit Damage, Rage, Atk). And for PvP Events i recommend (Atk, Defense, Accuracy, HP [If you are fast you can switch all your Gems for HP before Warrior Duel and after signing up switch the HP Gems and Seal into something Else – you still keep the HP boost – better results]). It is adviced to do the Field Bosses (Angry Sea God Throne Level 40 and Arctic Dwelling Level 50) to get more Gems, you can follow their spawn routine inside Event Interface – BOSS, their is always to be needed to kill the previous on from that place before another spawns.

You should buy a Costume as early as possible, its not a high Migh boost, but still worth for PvP.

Upgrading Mandance Set into Frostfire

You First need to Hit Level 60 before you can synthenesize it into the next Tier and be aware Frostfire is a Difference Set then Mandance, so you loose Set Bonus. But dont worry, you can decompose earned scrolls from Star Palace and exchange for those you want. You can also prepare the Spirit of the Dragon beforehand so you are set for at least 2 Pieces. Weapon is my first recommendation to get the Atk from the Set Bonus you loose (No loss on it), your second Piece should either be Accuracy (Progress Star Palace) or Helm (Highest Might Increase). Then Prepare 4 Equipments again, because you will loose the Defense Boost and gain a better HP Boost for your Might. Recommended are Armor+Pants (to get back the Defense loss) as well as Ring and Gloves for Critical Boost (Or Wrist if you havent before). Then Just 2 More for Defense Set Bonus, recommended Necklace and the one that werent mentioned yet.
After you got your Full Level 60 Set, it will take at least 2 Monthes to reach Level 80 (Next Set) – so you can use your points for Purification Stones after that or prepare again for Level 80 Set (Synthenesize Scrolls only obtainable – Floor 210 Star Palace and above).

Pet Book / Pet Card Hunting 

One of the more priecey Ways to increase Might, but if you have 5 of the same Colour (some even cane be higher), you get a Set Bonus. For the Epic and Legendary Card you directly get a Set bonus by just activating. Lava Lord you can only get when you have 2 Legendary Pet Cards inside Hunting Ground (For that is the 100g Lock daily) and also adviced not to use gold to reset the Cards cause it resets at Midnight – Only do it and try your Luck if you have at least 1 Legendary Pet Card inside the Hunting Ground.

White Cards cost only 100k Silver.
Green Cards cost Silver and 10 gold. (+50g = 1x Evil Spirit Capsule)
Blue Cards cost Silver and 20 gold. (+100g = 2x Evil Spirit Capsule)
Purple Cards cost Silver and 50 gold. (+500g = 10x Evil Spirit Capsule)
Orange Cards cost Silver and 100 gold. (+500g = 10x Evil Spirit Capsule) [Got it Confirmed, thanks to Guildy Applejack]

Activate a Pet Card inside your Matrix costs again Extra and requires certain Amounts of Growth and Potential:

White : 100k Silver
Green : 200k Silver, 10g
Blue : 400k Silver, 20g
Purple : 600k Silver, 50g
Orange : 1m Silver, 100g (Lava Lord just requires the Card)

Also adviced is to save White Pet Cards, till you can merge them together (Upcoming Patch).

Dont Miss…

Tower of Trials : Dont forget to do the 12 Hours if possible, a good time it is after Midnight-reset (or before, if you run it.. cause time resets on 0:00 and you keep stay in it) – For example 0:00-11:00 and start again 23:00.. (so get out 11:00 again, to not miss Bosses).

Divination Chamber : Reset everytime, every Attempt twice, dont affect much Might, but noticeable for PvP.

Lucky Wand : Its your Choice spending here.. but i advice to always spend the 1g and 6g Attempts (245g if doing all).
Noticeable is, that you can get some Pet mats (Stone of Growth/Potential – also 999 Roses).


Thank you for reading my Guide so far, for your patience and reading i give you now the promised Tips i mentioned earlier :

Icy Impasse [Nightmare] – how to do that Instance in an easier way?

You might, or might not alrdy have noticed that, when you lure a certain monster out of there appointed Target range they usually walk back to their previous Spot. The same it is with that Boss, first get to the Chest on the rightmost Spot (Swordsman need go from Chain to Chain on entrance, Ranged classes can just lure boss to the right-most wall, jump and kill the chest, autoloot via when mob spawns (Damage enough) – hugh the wall and click afk to loot – after done that, lure the boss to the left of the Dungeon, near the Chain, dont walk below it just yet, instead a bit right, there is a rock in the background. If you lured him too early and boss turn red, just jump chain and jump to ground again to evade damage.. that wasnt the tip yet. When Boss turns invisible – walk below/behind the Chain and wait till Boss show up again, then walk behind it and press afk button – Boss wont move until next Invisible move. Just stay where you are and if youre lucky he spawns right into you again – walk behind it and repeat. If you moved or are unlucky while he is invisible he walk back to Spawn-point, just atk while he does. That would be the easiest and fastest way to finish that Instance. Best also have Slash Buff out of Combo King, use 1-2 Slash Scrolls and finish those Two (+ Goddess Defense [Nightmare] Instances.

Warriors Duel

If you can make 3000 Points a day, dont just wait till Full-Set before buying Purification Stones, buy them not too late – 1000 Points daily. You should try to do it early and often, the Cap of 3000 pts requires a streak of 22-23 (Dependant on how much Streaks you break), it is recommended to increase your Hemmorhage Resistance Talent or you get drained out of hp really fast (Level 10 Talent recommended).

Goddess Offer

If you recharged enough for VIP 8 and run out of Gold (You cant recharge cause of some issues), dont waste your 200 Fee Gold on some minor things, keep up Level Ranking by using those 200g for Goddess Blessing. As for Exp Cards, use the 1.5 you get out of Treasure Maps until Beast Level 5. After, use the 1.5 Exp Cards for Tower of Trials, which you should do as much as possible, for example – Start it 1 hour before reset till 11:00 (If you can effort, it refreshes the Time of your Tower of Trials at reset and those are the 12 Hours you can do). Always unequip your Pet before you do.. or Equip till Reset (Because of Parlay of Might) and unequip it right after.

Attribute Train

I only advice to go to a maximum of 1200 in all attributes, past it it gets costy and you will get more Might with Purifications (just keep open Hero Chests). Except you can really effort it, then max your Training, because its one of the less ways to increase Min Atk and Accuracy. Like 1 Premium Training (150 gold) – all attributes +10 guaranteed gives only around 50 Might.

Guild Chamber

The Best Time to do Guild Chamber is at Guild Wars Time (Most Members on) and its also while having the Astrology Event on.
After beating 1 Battle, directly open, its only 5 Minutes and till next fight Begins you got enough time to do so. In beginning its also worth Open once a Day as long as you arent capped (14-15 or 21-22). 10 Members need to be Inside Guild Chamber to have best Benefits.

Quiz Spectacular

Try to do it as often as possible, if you got a nice Guild they even might help you inside Guild Chat – Just ask before.
It is a way to earn lot of exp daily, as well as getting Lvl. 1 Pet Talent Manual Pages.
Rank 1 : 5x Star Feathers, 5x Lvl 1 Pet Talent Stone, 5x Pet Spirit Stone
Rank 2 : 3x Star Feathers, 3x Lvl 1 Pet Talent Stone, 3x Lvl. 1 Pet Talent Manual Page
Rank 3 : 2x Star Feathers, 2x Lvl 1 Pet Talent Stone, 2x Lvl. 1 Pet Talent Manual Page
Rank 4-10 : 1x Star Feathers, 1x Lvl 1 Pet Talent Stone, 1x Lvl. 1 Pet Talent Manual Page

(Note that you can decompose Lvl 1 Pet Spirit Stone into 1x Lvl. 1 Pet Talent Manual Page, same also goes for Bronze Talent Card – if you might find one.)

Battle of Might 

Try to do it early on often, till a certain Might amount you come with all in the same room, cause in beginning you can get alot of Points which you can exchange for Star Feathers (recommended for Ranking) [I have made around 14-16k Daily for the first 3-5 Days] (1 Star Feather costs 500 Pts), you also get some Accuracy and Crit Damage Gems this way.

Pet Skill Books

Try to save multiple Books of the same kind, because it is cheaper then Pet Skill Locks, which you need alot of. If you have multiple of the same you can be reliefed if it got replaced and you still have one, so try buying multiple of the same kind, at least those of which you want (5 Different Skills at least).


As i mentioned before, Vip 8 can completely Upgrade the Farm to black and dont need to worry about Level ranking anymore if you hit Beast Level 5 (Cause 300 Contri for Level 2 Exp Card, 200g Gold Daily VIP welfare and Full Black Farm (50-65% better then full Red – since 2 more daily Collects). So Farm is a long term effect – well.. for the rest of your playtime

Star Palace Progression :

Preperations for Star Palace :
Try to raise your Gear with Accuracy, MP, Rage, Atk – Crit Strike and Crit Damage (First 4 most Important)
Options you got are Character Train, Purifications, Gems, Astrology, Seals, Pet Skills, Refinement, Enhancement (Best ways to improve it)
Before you enter it, you should also always get a Combo of 801+ (45% Slasher Buff at least) – You might also use alot of Slash Extensions if you plan to progress far in one day.

There are 2 Ways to fight inside Star Palace – First are the Floor between x5 and x10, then there are the semi bosses every x5 Floor and furthermore the x10 Boss Challenges. In beginning you need first to learn how to avoid being damaged by Mob-Floors,
you will learn with the Time. Best way is to walk behind the First enemy spawn, use aoe – walk directly further after your Skill, behind next enemy spawn – do the same – and finally do it again for the last spawn. Then walk to rightmost Spot and use AoE into the Enemies (Elementalists have an AoE advantage above every other Class on that Term) – when Enemies come to close to you, dont get a panic attack, instead just walk like there are no enemies, trough the whole group and use AoE behind the last again, then turn around (after walking abit further when u used the Skill) and do your Multi Hit-Range Attacks (Explosive Fireball and Lightning Rage) after every Skill walk abit to the left again and repeat it till end of floor. Walk behind the whole group again, followed by another AoE (Multi Target Skill for those that dont know – Meteor Shower, Ice Barbs for Elementalist).
And Eventually you beat the Floor. (Mob Floors are easy.)

Boss Floors are tricky and there exist Two Ways to beat it, first off the less effective Way :

Attack Boss with either afk or manually use your standard attack and the Skill which got a low MP Cost. (Example Explosive Fireball and Standard Attack for Elemantalist)
When Boss turn red walk behind, turn around and repeat.. it might work on early Floor Bosses, and the mini Bosses, also only way for Swordsman since range attacks are limited.

(Floor 190 Result this way – 20% Boss HP Left at 34,5k Accuracy)

The other Way is to do the Step how you Clear Mob Floors, kite him (lure him, with always turning around and use the less mp cost skills one after another) till the end of the Floor and when he turn red (while you cant walk further) walk trough him while using some Skills on the Way (Know how long Boss need to attack when he turn red, so you still Dodge). Repeat it till Boss HP is around 50% (You can see by clicking Boss before your first attack/or midway, to keep track of it) and if your MP is still above 50% you can add some higher MP Skills (Multi Hit [not AoE] – High Dmg) inbetween your Skills (for Elementalist its adviced to use Lightning Rage between Explosive Fireballs) and eventually you beat the Level 10 Floor Bosses.

(Floor 190 Result this way – 0% Boss HP Left at 34,5k Accuracy / 25% more Dmg then strategy One
-> I did got warped out of Star Palace, ive beaten it directly in last second, got reward send via Mail.. BUT ive beaten it.)

Starting Floor 110 you get Every 10 Level (Up to Floor 200) one synthesis scroll for Level 60.
Starting Floor 205 you get Every 5 Level one synthesis scroll for Level 80. (Thanks to Wystner)

Might Overview :

Purification (Locking and reroll till wished) 10/10
Astrology (It really gives a good boost, but its hard to Level Past 5th/6th realm) 9/10
Wedding (Or Single Rings, extra gems – more exp) 9/10
Refinement (Purification Slots+Boost) Varies at cost efficience 9/10, goes down to 8/10. (After Level 4 till 6), Then 5/10 (Too Pricey)
Level (Faster Leveling – faster Benefits/more Silver/more Seal slots [Money Sprites unlocked earlier]) 9/10
Gems (If following my Gem advices) 8/10
Legendary Set (+ Enhancement) 8/10
Pet (Early on worthy, but save for Slime) 8/10 (Since it needs to be fed alot, you cant always keep it summoned)
Wings (Hero Chests = Faster Progress – best for Min-Atk) 8/10
Seals (Mainly for ranking – later it costs too much) 8/10 till Level 8 Seals, then it goes 4/10.
Train Attributes (First Silver, then gold) 8/10 till 1000, 6/10 till 1200, 4/10 further up.
Pet Book (Pet Card Hunting) 7/10
Medal (Extra Gem Slots, decompose when next available) 7/10
Charm/Prestige (For some good Boosts) 6/10
Costume 5/10
Divination Chamber (Only Small Boost so ranked low in Might but high for PvP – Talents are PvP only) 1/10

Thank you for reading my Guide, i hope i helped abit – i still like to answer Questions or some opinions / replys are also welcome.

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