Lunaria Story Decompose Items Guide

Lunaria Story Decompose Items Guide by HorrorStory

In need of some warrior points? Got an extra Magic Dance/Manadance item?
Or maybe you got some extra Realm Pills, need Magic Crystal Cores?

Then decomposing is the way to go!

Check it out, It really speaks for itself.


So we’ll be heading down to Alcedonia


Next we’ll be heading to the giant tree in the middle of the map


And lastly, we’ll be talking to Susana


How it works

After talking to Susana, you’ll get this menu


Within these 6 pages, find the item you have that you wish to decompose and click on it
For the sake of example, we’ll say I want to decompose my First Rate Realm Pill


So after clicking the item I wanted to decompose, It gives you a list of what you’ll get in exchange for it
So in this case, I’ll be getting 10k star spirits & 5 Magic Crystal Cores for my First Rate Realm Pill

That’s pretty much it, folks!

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