Forge Pyromancer Tips and Tricks

Forge Pyromancer Tips and Tricks by Kwahzi

Pyromancers are born of lords and nobles. Through their endless and shamelessly expensive devotion to the craft of magic, they are able to manipulate the destructive element of fire, using it to burn and destroy their enemies. The concentration required to use such abilities forces them to often remain stationary while using their most powerful attacks. While their armor is enchanted to protect against their own flame, it offers little protection against all else. Their best defense is staying away from the heart of battle and fighting from the edge.

Pyromancers are worshipers of Ragnyr the Destroyer, son of Ymil and father of the stone children, the Yggril giants and terrorizers of men. Through the worship of Ragnyr, Pyromancers have gained mastery of the destructive element of fire. The Pyromancer prefers the luxuries of the great cities over the wilds. Greatly feared and respected by emperor’s, kings and lords alike, they are afforded great liberty and have amassed great wealth.

– Flame Strike – The Pyromancer’s basic attack. On hit, it gives you 15 mana
– Curse of Flame – After a few seconds, this curse will explode, causing damage as long the enemy is not near one of their allies
– Engulf – Cripples and burns (DoT)
– Flame Burst – A burst of flame that knocks back nearby enemies and can launch you into the air
– Molten Bola – A knockback/root
– Molten Armor – Damages enemies who attack the Pyro with this activated
– Wall of Flame – Damages enemies who stand in the flamewall. Does not do DoT damage
– Fire Storm – An aoe meteor shower

Skill Variants
– Coming soon

– Coming soon

– Curse -> Bola -> Flamewall

General Information
The Assassin’s smoke cloud stops Curse of Flame post application. This means that CoF on good Assassins is often useless.

– Cast cancelling – If you know you’ve missed, cancel right away to save time)
– Flame Burst – Can be used offensively
– Flame Wall – Combo it with your Molten Bola
– Midair casting – When jumping to a fight, if you can start casting while in the air to surprise the enemy (or even finish them off)
– Molten Armor – Combined with Shaman heals, you can get some huge damage with this skill
– Molten Bola – Peeling for allies, CC. If you use it on airborne enemies, the distance is increased

– Pyromancer Burst Jumping – VotW Contest (nucuHD)

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