Dragon’s Prophet Scythe Oracle Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Scythe Oracle Guide by Mystryx

The Oracle bends the forces of nature to his will and wields a giant scythe. Oracles feel safest in close-combat situations where their weapons are most effective.

My take on an oracle guide and what i think of them, you should just use this as more of a guideline towards progressing yourself rather than just copying everything in here, this is for those who have trouble starting.

Keep in Mind i have never written a guide before, i just did this for my guild website and thought i’d share it, this is also my own opinion and you are not forced to use anything here, thanks for reading.

I’m Leaving out the PvP aspect as this is more for new players who are a little confused.

Lets Begin.

Game-play Video

Credits to Tiberius_M for game-play footage


Strength: Increase Your Physical Damage and Defence
For an Oracle i find strength a rather useless stat, most of the Oracles skills are based off of Magic Attack, even the basic attacks of an oracle deal magical damage rendering strength builds rather useless.

Constitution: Increase Health and Health Regen
Constitution is a good stat for an Oracle, As Oracles wear cloth it makes them less tanky than other classes, putting a few points into constitution here and there could vastly improve your survival odds when fighting large groups of enemies.

Ferocity: Increases Critical Hit Damage and Critical Chance
Ferocity is a good stat i would find ferocity builds more based on luck and chance, having to rely on critical hits to fight could end up getting you killed, although a few points could still be put into it if you wish for some critical, could be more useful when fighting bosses.

Intelligence: Increase Magic Damage and Magic Defence
One of the Oracles main stats, increasing this raises your damage of your basic attacks as well as all your skills, when combined with Dragon Affinity it can make a deadly combination of high magic damage and magic penetration.

Focus: Raises Physical Defence and Armour Penetration
Oracles have naturally low defence due to there cloth armour restriction, putting points into focus will help you bypass your lower defence but i find it’s not worth flooding points into something that won’t grow much, points can be placed elsewhere for better effects.

Charisma: Dragon’s Summoning Time and Basic Attributes increased
The needed stat for any future dragon tamer, if you wish to capture large legendary dragons then this is the stat for you, have a high charisma will allow you to capture bigger dragons much easier at later levels, it also increases there stats making a much better fighting partner for you.

Dragon Affinity: Increases Magic Defence and Magic Penetration
As one of the other much wanted stats for an Oracle dragon affinity will help you do much more damage to those pesky high magic defence targets, increasing this will help your auto attacks and all your skills as well as raising your magic defences some more.

Stat Builds

Just some suggested builds, by all means don’t follow these but it’s better than having no idea at all, i found that stats didn’t impact my game-play too much, not sure about PvP but i got by on a full charisma build just fine.

Tanky Oracle:

2 Intelligence 1 Constitution Each Two Levels then 2 Constitution 1 Intelligence for one level

1 Constitution 1 Focus 1 Int

Dps Oracles:

Full Intelligence Or 2 Intelligence 1 Dragon Affinity

Dragon Tamer: My Current Build (Full Charisma)

Full Charisma Or 1 Intelligence 2 Charisma

Critical Build:

2 Intelligence 1 Ferocity Each Two Levels then 2 Ferocity and 1 Intelligence for one level


Scythes: The favoured tool for an Oracle, the scythe allows you to dish out some major magic damage, these 2 handed great weapons will allow you to look awesome no matter where you are.

Talisman: As a small disc like weapon the talisman can also dish out some major damage.

The advantage of a talisman is the fact you can use an amulet type shield also, raises your defences and magic defences even more.



Equip Great Scythes

Equip Talisman

Equip Cloth Armour

Equip Amulets

Active Skills

Dragon Spell Seal: Transforms the power of dragon seal into a shield that resist damage for 30mins

A great skill, this will help you tank a lot more so try to keep it active, as well as the flat damage it reduces it also creates up to 10 stacks to further reduce damage.

Combo Skills

Basic Attacks: Bloody Scythe, Blood Scythe Strike, Blood Scythe Dance
Your basic attacks with your weapon

Soul Scorch: Inflicts Damage and restores Action Points
Soul Tempest: Inflicts Damage and restores Action Points
Brain Wave Attack: Inflicts Damage and restores Action Points
Your Combo attacks that will restore your action points, combo in these often as it will make sure you never run out of action points.

Punishment: Turns Two Handed Scythe Into Enemies Punishment dealing High magic damage
A good skill to end any combo with, deals good damage.

Cold-Blooded Strike Combo: Cleaves your two handed Great Scythe mercilessly at your enemy inflicting damage.
Dark Night Fang: Attacks the target and recovers health.
Wheel of Blood: Wields the Two Handed Scythe to inflict damage.
Your combo that will keep you alive, using this combo and activating the Dark Night Fang will heal you a considerable amount, keeping you out of sticky situations when low on health.

Dragons Claw Combo: Releases the Power of the dragon inflicting Damage and Pushing Five targets into the air
Dragon Wing: Wields the Two Handed Scythe Like a Skytouched dragon inflicting damage
Mad Dance: Uses Scythe to hit the ground around you and inflict damage.
My favourite combo, these skills allows you to juggle your enemies keeping them in the air then inflicting some serious damage, with the right masteries this can suck the enemies in at the end and allow for a great Rapid Thunder combo.

Flash Steps Combo: Moves forward instantaneously
Blood Pursuit: Promptly attacks twice inflicting damage
Blood Termination: Inflicts damage ontargets within range
Your dash skill, great and getting away from unwanted attention, a few dashes from this will help you lose most enemies and also combos into a good initiation attack.

Rapid Thunder Combo: Temporarily changes your blood scythe into a speedy swift strike and enables you to use fate termination.
Swift Strike: Quickly wields scythe dealing multiple hits on your enemy and adding a Fate stack to you per hit (I think)
Fate Termination:Deals damage based on the number of fate stacks achieved
Your bread and butter skill, this will kill most groups of enemies and helps you chunk down bosses, starting with your swift strike gain as many fate stacks as possible then before it ends detonate them once or twice to deal HUGE damage.


As you level up you will gain points to spend on masteries (Default N) these masteries will help you get stronger as you progress with powerful passive effects or strong new skills.

I will show the masteries I’ve used to help enlighten you a little, i prefer mostly grabbing the passives as i do not fully know the capabilities of the actual skills.

Meditation Training: Increase Action Points by 20
As an Oracle you will burn through your action points like butter, i would suggest maxing this out for keep up the skill spam during fights.

Physical Exercise: Increase HP by 2%  + 100 HP
A great passive, physical exercise allows you to become more tanky without the need of spending constitution, granting % hp and flat hp it’s a great mastery to have, i suggest you max this out too.

Tenacity: Reduces damage by 1%
Between this and physical exercise i think i would rather take the HP, although at max level this would most likely reduce 5% damage, i think having the flat HP + % would benefit you more, i would suggest leaving this and going for the physical exercise instead.

Concentration: Gain concentration effect after casting Brain Wave, Wheel of Blood or Mad Dance, Increase damage by 1% to players and increase damage to monsters by 1% for 2mins
Although the damage increase is nice i think there are better damage increasing passives that could better serve you for the time being.

Thunder Call: Extends the time of rapid thunder and increase damage each level.
In my opinion this mastery is great, Rapid thunder is one of if not your highest DPS skill, taking down groups of enemies or bosses extremely quickly, boosting it’s damage and duration is a must have, max this.

Blood Moon Scythe: Increase Magic Damage of Scythes by 1% per level
As a scythe user this is a must have, increase your damage which will help you greatly.

Talisman Mastery: Increase Talisman Damage by 2%
Using scythe so this mastery will be skipped due to previous mastery

Enhanced Mad Dance: Allows mad dance to have increase damage and draws in nearby enemies.
I prefer taking this mastery over the wheel mastery, i find the fact you can draw all your enemies in if they’re surrounding you much more useful, being able to combo this then using rapid thunder straight after works fantastic for decimating groups of enemies.

Enhanced Wheel of Blood: Allows wheel of blood to have increased damage and recover dragon soul.
Although wheel of blood is a good skill, i prefer the ability to suck in enemies than heal dragon soul, your dragon soul won’t ever really empty if you have a dragon fighting with you.

Enhanced Bloody Scythe: Increase damage of Bloody Scythe, Blood Scythe Strike and Blood Strike Dance
A good passive, helps you increase your damage of your basic attacks you use, maxing this works great for dealing more damage.

Claw of Methus: A claw attack like the fire dragon Methus, deals damage and hits the target knocking them down
A good follow up skill while you wait for your knock-up to recharge, greatly helps with keeping targets downed and doing nothing while you wait for other skills to come of cooldown while still inflicting good damage, each level increases it’s damage output.

So if done like mine your mastery skills will end up like this, grabbing as many passives as i felt was good while still grabbing 1 skill at the end for some extra damage and crowd control.


Dragon Soul Skills

Dragon soul skills are extra skills obtained from capturing dragons, these ranged from damaging abilities, buffing abilities to healing abilities, it’s completely random what dragon has what so just go out and test your luck.

To make your life a lot easier i HIGHLY recommend you hunt dragons to get a heal skill.

Simply capturing a dragon and re-releasing it till you get the desired skill.


1: Light-Well; Great Healing Skill,Ground AoE ,Heals overtime while also healing action Points

2. Angels Embrace: AoE Around yourself, Heals you overtime.

3. Healing Light: Strong Self target Heal that also heals action Points

4. Downpour: Strong heal overtime.


1. Squama Protection: Increase your Defence and Magic Defence

Attacking Skills

Haven’t really tested these so can’t say much

1. Dragon print Delay: Makes an AoE DoT around your dragon, good for if your killing in large AoE groups.

Ancient Dragons

As you get higher you will want bigger and better dragons, here is a place showing some of the nicest dragons around as well as there flight paths.

Most of the Ancient dragons will require around 180+ Charisma and you being level 35 – 60 depending on the dragon

Here’s an idea of some of the bigger dragons available


Ranging from levels 35 – 65 You’ll find These Ancient dragons roaming around the lands, most have long spawn timers so finding them can be quite rare and some are summoned via dragon flutes.

Dragon Drive Pots, Charisma Food + Pots and recommended but not required when capturing some of these dragons.


As for leveling i find simply following your quest line to the best of your ability is the fastest way to progress.

You should have more than enough quests to get you by at the start, you can even visit the other starting areas to complete the questlines there for extra titles goodie and more exp.

Participating in Public Events you come across will also speed this up, as you get higher you will want to return to previous events to complete them for there daily EXP bonus which can greatly speed up your leveling process.

Public Event Maps can be found here.


Finding a guild or a leveling partner will also help, being able to get through your quests faster and help you with dungeons or public events can really do wonders.

Credits to dqhs for maps and extra source of info.

Extra Info & New Starter Help


Enchanting at early levels is a sure way to gain some easy extra stats, like more damage or increased defence, by enchanting your pieces of equipment a few times is cost effective and can go along way.

Keep in mind chanting can fail frequently after the first 10 tries or so, innovation orbs can increase the success chance, just be careful and don’t spend all your life savings.


Also remember that every time you enchant, whether you fail or succeed, the max durability on the enchanted item decreases, you can fix this by using the end icon, as shown on picture to increase the durability back to a safe point.

Other currencies can be used for enchanting but i suggest you save them for other purposes.

Dragon Lair

Not everything here but just a few basic things to help you on your way, have fun discover other things you can do!

As you start off your dragon lair can contain 2 dragons, to send of and train or collect various materials for yourself, you can also hold 2 dragons on yourself to a total of 4 dragons.

Dragon lairs indicated on map via this icon.


Basic areas on your first page of the dragon lair.


Sending your dragons out to collect material or dragon flutes can be extremely productive, whether you want to use the flutes to hunt dragons or sell them off if you’re lucky enough and even grabbing materials to level your crafts.



Dragon Shards

If your still yet looking for some more extra stats to boost yourself then as you progress you will collect plenty of dragon shards, these drop randomly from any creature and end up in your inventory with there own self inventory window.


Pressing J (Default) Brings up the Shard menu, here you can insert your equipment and then add your shards to the said equipment in order to gain extra stats.

All shards require different amounts of energy, holding your cursor on your weapon shows how much energy it can support so make sure your shard can fit inside.

You can also combine your shards at a soul artisan in most towns to make bigger and better shards.

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