Age of Wushu Scholar 3rd Inner Skill Guide

Age of Wushu Scholar 3rd Inner Skill Guide by DARREN_moon

Well, nobody write one so i guess i will try provide some guide in obtaining our 3rd inner.

First, this guide is translated from Chinese web to the best of my understanding and with some aids from google translate. SO far i only manage to complete until 3rd quest and run out out of school cert. So pls forgive me for any mistakes or mistranslation. Anyone who have completed the quest and notice some error pls feel free to correct me.

Second, any scholar wish to learn 3rd inner should first lvl yr existing 2nd inner to lvl 29 (require to enter peacock villa instances) and skills to a certain lvl in order to complete the tasks.

Thirdly, some 3rd inner quests require to collect a lot of cultural items like paintings, music score or writings. If u happen to gain any in instances or other means. KEEP it! You may refer to the guide below on the items that u will need for the 3rd inner quests.

Ok. Here we go.

School Duty 1:
Talk with Yan Zhan Kong, then go kill 10 pirates (east, on a small island), complete tasks and report back.

Duty 2:
Hunt Scholar disciples traitors, they will drop a gentleman Scholar keepsake, collect ten of them.

Duty 3:
Hunt 10 mad dog, report to Zhao village head, complete it and report back to school Zhang Qi to submit the task

Duty 4: (Do 2 times)
Talk with Dong Fang Ling Shao, collect five charcoal (from blacksmith), complete it and report to Zhang Qi in the school.

Duty 5: (Do 3 times)
-Collect 5 Bowl, 20 Bowfins, 10 Pod Pepper, 5 Mature Vinegar, report to Hua Cai Yi in the school. (The quest will indicate where to obtain these items)

Duty 6:
Collection of items:-
1x The Song of Kan” Interlude
1x Braveness and Fearlessness
1x 8 Flower Painting
1x Eagle Catching Egrets

(Above items can be obtained in mini instances)

Duty 7:
Kill 5 mountain stray dogs. After completion, report back to Hua Cai Yi.

Secret 8: (Do 2 times)
1 . Talk with stubborn monkey
2 Talk with Dong Fang Ling Shao
3. Obtain a package, open it and u will get small hoe (co-ordination is given on the item itself) , use it at the specified locations to get prop roots or bamboo shoots, however, there is a chance to provoke a spider , after obtaining the items, give it to stubborn monkey.
4 Use the small hoe and dig again, report back to Dong Fang Ling Shao to complete the task.

Secret 9. (Do 2 times)
1. Hunt 6 Taoist at the Dragon Mother Temple
2. Talk with Dong Fang Ling Shao
3 Go beggars sect and complete spying.
4 Talk with Dong Fang Ling Shao again
5 Go to beggars sect map, find beasts villa and challenge the faction. (This mini instance is one grade higher than salt gang. It is possible solo the ‘yellow’ bosses if u re max 2nd inner and use regenerate HP pots)
6. Talk with Dong Fang Ling Shao to complete the task

Secret 10:
1 Talk with Cai Yu Shu
2. Go and challenge Peacock Village, a boss will be randomly select (Nan Batian, Ximen Yu or Wasps Ma Feng). Defeat it
(I do not understand why the game developer placed such tough quest at this early stage of 3rd inner. This quest is one of the most challenging among all quests, it is impossible to do it alone. This quest require you to do a 12-man Normal PV run, for some unknown reasons Hard mode does not count toward fulfilling the quest even thru the bosses are the same. Your 2nd inner must be at lvl 29 in order to enter and u need a good strong team who knows how to do it properly, prepare to spent hours clearing it. You will need to do 3 times. Good luck)
3. Talk Cai Yu Shu.
4. Talk with Dong Fang Ling Shao to complete the quest.

Duty 11: Challenge Xu Village faction mini instance at Chengdu. Talk with Dong Fang Ling Shao after completing it.

Duty 12: Go to Yellow Dragon Castle and kill 8 minions. Talk with Yan Zhan Kong after completing it.

Duty 13: Collection
1x Pei Lan” Coda
1x Everything Goes Well
1x Coral Penholder
1x Jinming Sketch

Duty 14: Two random tasks – One of the tasks require to collect cultural items. You can choose to quit the quest and try to roll to another quest that do not require to collect items.

1x Early Spring” Interlude
1x Couplet 13
1x Banquet at the Mansion of Han Xizai
1x End”

-Talk with Yan Zhan Kong to obtain torture equipment, use it on the specific NPC for a few times. After that, talk with Yan Zhan Kong completing the task.

Duty 15: three different tasks, will be given one task randomly

Task one:
Use secret 15 token Find NPC Xing Jun Ke
Talk with Xing Jun Ke and fight him.
Note: When Xing Jun HP fall less than 50%, he may use a skill that will inflict a lot of damage and with stun effect.
After the duel, accept a task from Master Bingming
Talk with Xiao Bie Qin, accept a task and proceed to the library.
The task will automatically be completed at the library. Accept another task and talk with Fang Shi Yan.
After finished talking with Fang Shi Yan, accept a task and proceed to Xiao Yao Tower.
The task will automatically be completed at the tower. Here there will be some scene change, a boss will appear, defeat it and a scene will appear accepting a task from Master Bingming.
Talk to Xiao Bie Qin and complete the task to obtain your final reward.

Task two:
Use secret 15 token, .
Find and talk with Han Yuling, after that talk to Xing Jun, go to double dragon market buy a few buns and give him to eat. Find NPC Chen Yi Mo and talk with him. Collect some herbs and let him brew some medicine. He will mention shortage of herb. Find Qin Xuan Ji for help, u will find him engrossed in the chess game. Find Chess old master for help, he will give some advice how to play. Return to Qin Xuan JI and play a chess with him. After that, Xuan will guide u where to find Hu Xin Meng. Hu will want some candy. Go to the Double Dragon market and buy Bintang candy. A hawker there will need some help to carry some rice, after that will obtain the candy. Give the candy to Hu and will obtain the final herb. Go back to Chen Yi Mo and give him the herb.

Task Three:
Use secret 15 token,
Blissful valley school. Talk to Lu Yun Xiao who will reveal that something big is about happens to the school, inquire about it from Dong Fang Ling Shao, Ling will informed that small fairy girl should know the secret. Small fairy girl wanted to eat Bingtang candy, go to the double dragon market to buy it for her. She will then give u some information. Go and talk to Shi Guan Bing. Shi will give u a test. Collect one Fire Cloud Jade at GCC instances, the last boss of GCC drop it. Give the gem to Shi to complete the task.
Complete the tasks above will give u 3rd inner 28,29,30,31.

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