Age of Wushu Phoenix Pledge Walkthrough

Age of Wushu Phoenix Pledge Walkthrough by Earthquake

1.     First Steps
·        Speak with Hai Tianlong

2.     Cultivation Guide
·        Talk to Hai Tianlong

3.     The Self Recollection Skill
·        Speak with Hai Tianlong
·        Consult with Fang Jing
·        Return to Hai Tianlong

4.     Study at the Martial Arts School
·        Tell Hai Tianlong you want to learn martial arts.
·        Enter the Martial Arts School portal and talk to Ying Xiang.

5.     Martial Arts Training – Defense
·        Use parry moves to counter Wang Dazhung’s attack.
·        After you learn “Embrace the Moon” use it to parry Wang Dazhung.

6.     Martial Arts Training – Defense Break
·        Keep using normal attacks on Pang Kongkong until he can’t parry.
·        Learn to break defenses from Pang Kongkong.

7.     Martial Arts Training – Rage
·        Use parries to defend against Xue Ran’s attack. When you have enough rage points, use Step Backwards Over Seven Stars.

8.     On the Edge of Greatness
·        Tell Hai Tianlong you have finished the task. (Talk to him again afterwards)

9.     Sit and Breathe
·        Use the Sit and Breathe technique and then speak with Hai.

10.   A Blessing in Disguise
·        Go south of Qiandeng Town and find some breathing grass.
·        Inspect the glowing skeleton
·        Find the script.
·        Learn Skyward Feint Step from your backpack.
·        Report back to Hai Tianlong.

11.   The Kite on the Rooftop
·        Look around town and see if anybody needs help.
·        Double jump onto the roof and retrieve the kite.
·        Speak with Dian Dian.

12.   Growling Stomach
·        Talk to Li Qiangting.

13.   Ingredient Shortage
·        See if Dai Chang can help.

14.   Hidden Weapons
·        Speak with Dai Cheng.

15.    The Wild Hunt
·        Use the normal dart attack to shoot wild dogs. If you run out of darts ask Dai for more.
·        Talk to Dai Cheng.

16.   Cultivation Guide
·        Find Hai Tianlong to learn how to cultivate internal skills.

17.  Joining a School
·        Talk to the coachman about the eight major schools.
·        Return to Qiandeng Town from your school via the Teleport feature.

18.   Dark Shadows of Black Figure
·        Speak with Mysterious person. Follow her.
·        You hear Lan’er scream, run to her. Speak with her again.

19.   Hardworking Youth
·        Continue speaking with Lan’er.
·        Go see Qiu Dazhao.
·        Go to the Martial Arts Club and find Master Hai.

20.   First Understanding
·        Speak to Shi Qing.

21.   Secrets in Tea Forest
·        Hunter Zhang has returned from the city. Go speak with him.
·        Go to old man Tian’s house.
·        Speak to Aunt Tian.
·        Go to Uncle Zhou’s House to see Cui Niu’s situation.
·        Go to Doctor Jiang’s house.

22.     Remove the Snakes
·        Burn the poisonous snake corpses.
·        Kill the Green Bamboo Snakes.
·        Speak with Jiang Doctor.

23.    Find Medicine in the Tea Forest
·        Search for an antidote in the Tea Forest.
·        Speak with the Tea Collecting Girl in Purple near the roadside.
·        Sing with Jiang Erning.
·        Continue deeper into the Tea Forest.
·        Go and ask Wan Yi why she is here.

24.     Accidentally Meet Wan Yi
·        Get the Health Strengthening Pill form the Snake Slave.
·        Speak with Shu Wanyi.
·        Follow Wan Yi.
·        Drive away the Tianxiang Tea Forest Guards and save the trapped girls.
·        Continue deeper into the Tea Forest.
·        Inside the Tea Basking Ground, speak with the girl by the door.

25.    Going Deeper into the Tea Forest
·        Open the gunny bag to save Miss Ji, Miss Shi, and Miss Gongsun.
·        The girls I released ran away but why is that girl still here?
·        What happened? Where is Dongfang Yuhuan? Shu Wanyi is over there.

26.    Return from Danger
·        Wan Yi seems to have something to tell you.
·        Take the medicine to Xiao Douzi.
·        Shopkeeper Huang is always kind and gentle. Find out what has him worried.

27.    Problems at the Inn
·        Find the Incense Leader of Divine Leg Sect to see what is going on.
·        Defeat the two guards.
·        Return to speak with Chu Tianbiao.
·        Speak with shopkeeper Huang about the furs.
·        Speak with Huang Rong.
·        Collect Boar Fur and Wild Wolf Skin.
·        Take the clothes from Shen Xiu’er.
·        Listen to Shen Xiuer’s Life Skill Introduction.
·        Give these to Chu Tianbiao.

28.     Mysterious Woman
·        Put clothes on the bed in the room on the second floor.
·        See who the woman is.
·        Take the teapot on the table.
·        Use the water in the teapot to wash the woman’s face.
·        Check on the girl on the bed.

29.     Rescue Righteously
·        Ask the drug store owner for a silver needle.
·        Use the silver needle to release the woman’s accupoints.
·        Speak with the woman.
·        Get some rootless jade dew, frost branch, and Kuniun crimson leaves. Use the Chinese medical bowl to smash the herbs. (needs to be done in that order)
·        Give the finished drug to the woman.
·        Go downstairs and fight the Divine Leg Sect Guard keeping watch.\
·        Go see Hua Yuying.

30.    Doing Things Undercover
·        Tell the innkeeper to report the present of The Divine Leg Sect to the government.
·        Ask Master Hai Tianlong to arrange protection.
·        Speak with Master Hai.
·        Train with Fang Jing.
·        Return to Master Hai. (choose common mode on prompt)

31.    Follow to Tea Forest
·        Return to the Innkeeper.
·        Ask the passerby for which direction the villains went.
·        Enter the Tea Forest to find Hua Yuying.
·        Defeat the attacking guards
·        See if Miss Yu Ying is hurt.

32.    Destroy the Lair
·        Form a team and find Tianxiang Tea Forest Herald. Upon raising the challenge, enter the Tea Forest.
This is where you get Three Talents Array

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