Age of Wushu Martial Arts Guide

Age of Wushu Martial Arts Guide by IXTHUA

I. Skill Anatomy: picture.


1. Skill type:
– attack interrupts fake;
– block reduces damage from attack;
– fake breaks block.

2. Style element – internal strength boosts damage of specific element styles by 16% or 20% (this boost is not displayed in skill tooltip):
– Yang & Hard internal strength boost Yang & Hard (Gang) styles damage by 20%, TaiJi by 16%;
– Yin & Soft internal strength boost Yin & Soft (Rou) styles damage by 20%, TaiJi by 16%;
– TaiJi internal strength boost TaiJi styles damage by 20%, Yang & Hard and Yin & Soft styles by 16%.

3. Skill category:
– martial skill has a chance to interrupt spell;
– certain skills has interrupt immunity buff.

4. Base Skill Damage:
– yellow number is the base skill damage (including boost from weapon);
– base damage growth is a fixed value and is equal to lv1 skill damage * modifier.
– armors and weapons can have several enchantments to boost certain skill damage by 10% each.

5. Skill bonus damage:
– skill may have boost from Brawn (red number), Posture (green number) or Breath (blue number);
– boost is not 1:1, it vary from 10% to 150% of attribute value;
– skill can have boost from several attributes.

6. Damage type:
– all skills do either external (physical) or internal (elemental) damage;

– external damage does not have element and can be reduced by armor (1000 armor = 10% damage reduction);
– gear can have enchantment to ignore certain amount of enemy armor;

7. Control types.
Dash skills lock the target unable to move or act during skill animation; pull, throw, knockdown and knockair skills will lock the target unable to move or act during effect duration; all these skills will interrupt the current target action/skill, unless it has a yellow buff which grants immunity to them.
Stun skill will interrupt the current target action/skill and make it unable to move or act during effect duration, stun will ignore yellow immunity buff, but red buff is immune to stun effect.

– internal damage has one of 4 elements (yin/soft/yang/hard), it ignores armor but its damage is reduced by specific element resistance(100 resistance = 10% damage reduction);
– certain meridians give specific element resistance, other meridians give attribute to ignore all elements resistance;

– example from CN website:” 凶狠的两连击造成56点刚伤害(共2击,每击约29点)” – when you check cn websites that’s where and how damage element is displayed, this way you can check if skill damage is external or internal type; cn text says “does 56 points of harddamage (2 hits, 29 damage each)”;
– damage elements are following, internal damage: 阳 – yang, 刚 – hard, 阴 – yin, 柔 – soft; external damage (waigong) is 外功;
– if skill does not have damage numbers in tooltip – character attributes ‘external accuracy’ and ‘internal accuracy’ keeps the name of the last NPC hit by the external/internal type damage – just attack a different NPC and check it.

II. Skill styles.

0. Using a skill from specific style will apply a global 7s cooldown to all skills from all other styles (unless you have a Sunflower Manual neigong).
1. To get the first school style must join the school.
2. To get the second school style must finish school and main story quests and be at least lv5 school neigong.
3. To get the third school style must be lv10 neigong.
4. To get the fourth school style must be 3rd neigong lv20 and farm the school instance (style is school exclusive).
5. School styles level limits: tier 1-3 have max lv7 (lv9 after 4th neigong open), school tier 4 – max lv4 (lv6 after 4th neigong open).
6. Other school styles can only be learned from books and are limited to lv4 (combining pages by a small chance can give a lv5 book, arena/marriage event by a small chance can grant a random lv5 skill too).
7. Factions drop lv1-3 faction styles and lv4-6 cash shop styles (after 4th neigong open – also lv4-6 faction styles and lv7-8 cash shop styles).
8. Instances and Random Encounters have a chance to drop common style page or skill, those styles have max lv6 (lv8 after 4th neigong is open).

Red is external, blue is internal and green color is mixed damage type.
Bold italic linked videos have skill style info in description.

1. School styles.

Wudang: first – thirdfourth.
Elements: 1 2 3 4.
Video: Wudang 1-3Wudang 4.

Shaolin: first – thirdfourth.
Elements: 1 2 3 4.
Video: Shaolin 4.

Emei: first – thirdfourth.
Elements: 1 2 3 4.
Video: Emei 1-3Emei 4.

Beggar: first – thirdfourth.
Elements: 1 2 3 4.
Video: Beggar 4.

Scholar Academy: first – thirdfourth.
Elements: 1 2 3 4.
Video: Scholar 1-3Scholar 4.

Tang: first – thirdfourth.
Elements: 1 2 3 4.
Video: Tang 4.

Royal Guard: first – thirdfourth.
Elements: 1 2 3 4.
Video: Royal Guard 1-4.

Blissful Valley: first – thirdfourth.
Elements: 1 2 3 4.
Video: Bliss Valley 1-3Bliss Valley 4.

2. Common styles.

Style types by rank and difficulty to acquire (ascending).
1. Faction.
2. Cash shop.
3. School.
4. Boss.
5. Special.
6. Secret.
7. Ancient.

Yang & Hard styles.
1. Dragon Claw Handvideo.
Ancient style – Random Encounter.
2. Way of the Dog Beating Staffvideo.
Ancient style – Random Encounter.
3. Cruel Seven Skillsvideo.
Secret style – Green Cloud Castle.
4. Mantis Fistvideo.
Faction style.
5. Soul-Stealing Sting of Intriguevideo.
Faction style.
6. Way of the Mad Devil Staffvideo.
Secret style – Dragon Gate Inn.
7. Arhat Fistvideo.
Special style – hell/inferno instance trade.
8. Sunset Swordvideo.
Boss style – Twilight Village.
9. Dunevideo.
Boss style – Dragon Gate Inn.

Yin & Soft styles.
1. Demon Soul-Chasing Knifevideo.
Secret style – Twilight Village.
2. Flying Snow Palmvideo.
Secret style – Peacock Garden.
3. Green Cloud Palmvideo.
Boss Style – Green Could Castle.
4. Way of the Swift Snow Swordvideo.
Secret Style – Goose Gate.
5. Way of the Flowing Cloud Swords.
Special style – Battlefield trade.
6. Way of the Terrifying Bladesvideo.
Boss style – Goose Gate.

TaiJi styles.
1. TaiJi Fistvideo.
Ancient style – Random Encounter.
2. Demon Heart Chain Ringvideo.
Faction style.
3. Yanyang Bladevideo.
Cash Shop style.
4. Ensnare the Soul.
Cash Shop style.
5. Mighty Boxing Fistvideo.
Special style – Random Encounter.
6. Dragon Subduing 18 Palmsvideo.
Cash Shop style.
7. Way of the Seeking Loose Staffvideo.
Cash Shop style.
8. Golem Head Skillvideo.
Cash Shop style.
9. Shifting Storm Quarterstaffvideo.
Cash shop style.
10. Exclusive Nine Sword.
Special style – Arena winner.
11. Rainbow Movesvideo.
Cash shop style.
12. Flirting Sword.
Special style – Marriage.
13. Way of the United Souls Swordvideo.
Special style – Marriage.
14. Withered Feathervideo.
Boss style – Peacock Garden.
15. Way of the Exiled Master Swordvideo.
Cash Shop style.
16. Love Bird Bladevideo.
Cash Shop style.
17. Eight Immortals Power Drunken Fistvideo.
Special style – Beggar life job.
18. Nine Trigrams Swordsmanshipvideo.
Cash shop style.

III. Character Attributes.

One Brawn (臂力) point give: +1 close range (red number) might, +2 HP, +1 external damage crit chance.
One Posture (身法) point give: +1 external damage accuracy, +1 all type evasion, +1 long range (green number) might.
One Breath (内息) point give: +1 internal (blue number) might, +4 MP;
One Spirit (罡气) point give: +1 internal damage accuracy and crit chance, +1 MP, +0.2 internal (elemental) resistance, +0.2 MP recovery;
One Stamina (体魄) point give: +7 HP, +0.5 block energy, +0.25 HP recovery.

IV. Meridians lv144: table.

1. When cn server started character could have 4 meridians active at the same time.
2. After 4 months maximum amount of meridians active was increased to 6, current test cn server allows 8 active meridians.
3. Meridians do not require to be active to level up, but can lvl up only 1 meridian at a time.
4. Each meridian is related to certain school, order is: emei, bliss valley, beggar, wudang, scholar, tang, royal guard, shaolin.
5. From start meridians have maximum lv9.
6. Reaching neigong 1-25 (first tier lv25) of specific school allows to lvl up that school meridian to lv36.
7. Reaching neigong 2-20 allows to lvl up meridian to lv72, gives 1 combo point and allows to activate 5th meridian.
8. Reaching neigong 3-20 allows to lvl up meridian to lv108, allows to activate 6th meridian and allows to take quest for lv7 school skills.
9. Reaching neigong 4-30 allows to lvl up meridian to lv144.
10. Leveling meridian is 5 times faster with VIP.
11. Main exp sources for meridians are: doing damage (to NPC or players), spy quest and group training (after certain server update).

V. Internal strengths (NeiGongs) – table

1. School neigongs tier 1-3 have maximum 36 levels, tier 4 have 49 levels.
2. Common neigongs have maximum 49 levels (63 after 4th neigongs are open), eunuch neigongs are lv36 max atm (attributes are given for lv49).
3. Attributes were given at the maximum neigong level.
4. To get school neigong must join that school, other school neigongs are limited to lv30.
5. First 5 common neigongs will be available when 3rd school neigongs are open, second 4 common neigongs and last 2 eunuch neigongs will be available when 4th school skill are open.
6. Neigong belongs to one of 3 element groups: Yang & HardYin & Soft or TaiJi; armor is limited to one of the following element groups, if you change to a different neigong element group – you must also change your armor to match the new element group.
7. Neigong determines the maximum attribute boost from armor, limit = neigong attribute * 1.5. Example: neigong has 32 dexterity, maximum total dexterity you can get is: 32 (neigong) + 32 * 1.5 (enchanted armor) = 80.

At maximum level (36, 49 or 64) internal strengths have following extra effects.

Wudang 1: when taking damage has a 10% chance to activate a shield for 7s: absorbs 250 points of any damage taken and restores 90 mana after it ends. Lv36: when shield procs surrounding targets are significantly slowed and cannot use qingong.
Wudang 2: when mana is above 40% – every hit does extra damage equal to 4% of the remaining mana, when mana is below 20% – every hit has a 20% chance to recover 2% of max mana. lv36: Each hit has a 20% to recover 2% of max mana.
Wudang 3: jump height +3; if HP falls below 30% – will recover 30% max hp over 6s, 120s cd. Lv36: 100s cd.
Wudang 4: attacks have a chance to debuff the target: incoming attacks will cause extra yang damage, if target uses 3 skills – will have forbidden skills and qingong for 3 sec, if target didn’t use skills – after debuff ends will have forbidden skills and qingong for 3 secs.

Shaolin 1: each attack has 15% chance to recover a small amount of yellow health. lv36: recovers black health.
Shaolin 2: each skill deals additional damage to nearby targets. Lv36: effect damage is based on your brawn.
Shaolin 3: skills have a 30% chance to trigger one of 4 effects for 20s (90s cd) (good side shaolin has a 20% chance to have all 3): melee/inner might +50; ignore 13% of enemy block; ignore 13% of defense; +26% crit chance and 50% crit damage. Lv36: can have all 4 effects at once.
Shaolin 4: under attack has a chance to reduce incoming damage by 50% and get a buff: when attacked – has a chance to turn some black hp into yellow HP, when buff reaches 4 stacks – turns 50% of yellow HP into red HP.

Emei 1: while blocking you take 45 less internal and 22 less external damage per hit. lv36: blocking damage reduction is increased to 90% for internal damage and 70% for external damage.
Emei 2: when you take damage – a shield procs to absorb up to 300 points of any damage, 20s cd. Lv36: proc shield reflects damage back.
Emei 3: after jump – can air dash unlimited times within 3s, after using attack will recover 2% of max HP over 5s. lv36: has a 30% chance to double the recovery amount.
Emei 4: attacker skill has a chance to be interrupted and short stunned; under attack you have a chance to remove most of debuffs, recover some block energy, reduce blocked damage by 18% more, and add extra yin damage to all attacks for the next 15 secs.

Beggar 1: every 8s next attack (not skill) does 1.5 times more damage, additional yang damage and slows the target for 3s. Lv36: when effect procs nearby players get 25% movement speed boost for 15s.
Beggar 2: using any skill gives a buff, when buff reaches 5 stacks – next skill will knock surrounding targets down. lv36: when effect procs targets will take damage equal to your brawn.
Beggar 3: meditation recovers qingong energy and causes sober; each hit has a 10% chance to cause extra yang damage to target equal to 10% of target’s current HP (to npc is up to 786), 10s cd). lv36: npc damage is up to 983.
Beggar 4: when start attacking – have a chance to activate ‘wine rain’ debuff for 30s: affected targets have reduced external/internal defense by 50%, evasion by 30%, increased chance to receive crit by 16%; under ‘wine rain’ you will keep receiving ‘drunk’ buff stacks: attacks deal extra yang damage, but will consume one stack of ‘drunk’ buff, also under ‘drunk’ buff you have a chance to get increased by 10% crit chance buff for 12s.

Scholar 1: attacks have a 40% chance to restore some partion of mana. lv36: recovery is increased with breath and has a chance for continuous recovering.
Scholar 2: movement speed is increased by 28%, each hit does extra damage based on your speed. Lv36: movement speed buff is increased to 33%, each hit has a chance to knock the target down.
Scholar 3: sword damage +30; using attack has a 15% chance to get a buff for 20s – every hit does 4 more damage, every 2 seconds damage is increased by 4, 45s cd. lv36: damage increase per stack is 5.
Scholar 4: attacks have a chance to debuff the target, max 3 stacks: does minor soft damage, after 6 sec debuff will detonate – interrupt target’s skills and give short stun, target and surrounding enemies will take major damage and receive debuff for 12 secs – every skill will cost health.

Tang 1: after 6 skills next will recover 5% of max mana. Lv36: after 5 skills next will recover 5% of max mana and knock the target back.
Tang 2: crit damage is increased by 50%. Lv36: critical damage is increased by 60%, critical hits will apply debuff to the target for 8s – every hit target takes will cause extra damage equal to 20% of your posture, stacks 10 times.
Tang 3: have a 10% chance to resist poison effect; every hit has a 15% chance to give a stack of toxins, after 3 stacks reached – next hit will release them and cause 39 hp/s yin DoT to the target for 8s, when the DoT ends – target will take 319 yin damage (can increase with posture), become slowed by 50% and unable to use qinggong for 5s.
Tang 4: each hit has a chance to debuff (stackable) the target for 16s: does little damage, attacks have a chance to blow it up – do damage based on stacks (stacks will not be consumed), after blowing up target will be shortly stunned and loose 30% of yellow HP, speed will be reduced to minimum for 6 secs and forbidden qingong for 4 secs.

Royal Guard 1: every skill applies debuff to the target for 20s – does low DoT damage and reduces health regeneration by 50%. lv36: target’s health regeneration is reduces by 100%.
Royal Guard 2: killing an enemy gives a buff – stamina is increased by 5 and close range might (red number) by 3%, stacks 10 times, lasts 2 min. lv36: buff is not limited by time.
Royal Guard 3: double horse sprint time; each skill has a 30% chance to give a buff – increases brawn by 18, stacks 7 times; when 7 stacks are reached – next attack will release them and deal damage equal to 100% of your brawn, if the target is below 30% of max health – will take damage equal to 8% of lost HP (up to 983).
Royal Guard 4: every 18s you get 11 ‘chase’ buff stacks: each hit consumes one stack to ignore 28% of enemy block and cause extra hard damage; when you take direct damage – has a chance to get the ‘angry’ buff for 32s – reduces incoming damage by 18%.

Bliss Valley 1: each 4th attack does 2 times of weapon damage. lv36: does 3 times of weapon damage.
Bliss Valley 2: each direct hit (not DoT) applies debuff to the target, when 10 stacks are reached – they will be consumed to stun the target for 2s. lv36: stuns for 3.5s.
Bliss Valley 3: after team practice recovers 2 qingong energy every second for 60 min; after 6 attacks next 4 attacks will recover 50% of damage to HP, 25% chance to recover 100% of damage to HP.
Bliss Valley 4: attacks have a chance to get 4 stacks of ‘evil face’ buff for 15s (crit chance is increased by 30%, critical hit will remove one stack of buff), and ‘all evil’ buff for 12s (critical hits recover 50% of damage as HP).

Twilight Skill Tactic: when you attack or are attacked – get CC immunity buff for 2s, 14s cd. Lv64: 3s immunity.

Chimeric Mirage Skill: while you are not attacking damage taken is reduced by 20%, when you attack – your attacks ignore 10% of enemy internal / external resistances and do 5% more damage. Lv64: damage taken is increased to 24%, resistance ignoring to 12% and you do 6% more damage.

Five Elements Skill: every attack reduces target’s breath/spirit/stamina by 1 each and turn them to you as +3 breath for 30s, 50% to apply effect twice, max stack 27 (in total +81 intelligence). lv64: max 35 stacks.

Evil Villain Skill: every attack target didn’t block will give you a buff – increases damage dealt by 1.5% for 16s, stacks 13 times; if target blocks – you loose 1 stack of buff; when all stacks are gone there is a chance to get self buff for 12s: all defense boost by 50%, attack does extra soft damage. Lv64: stacks 15 times.

Purple Cloud Skill: (pvp only) next attack does extra yin damage equal to 70% of target’s lost energy +150, 10s cd. lv64: damage increased to 75% of lost mana + 150.

Poison Toad Skill: when you take damage (but not blocking) – attacker will receive a debuff, when 8 debuff stacks are reached – they will interrupt attacker’s skill and forbid movement for 3s.

Seal Blood Strength Skill: your attacks have a chance cause extra damage and give DoT debuff to target for 8s, during it target’s hp recovery (potion or skill) is reduced by 80%.

Ice Heart Tactic: blocking damage has a chance to activate a buff for 8s, during it blocking will recover hp (equal to 250% of received damage + 298 + % of your breath, effect cannot occur more often than once every 0.5s) and block energy recovery speed is greatly increased.

Harmony Skill: when you are under attack and have forbidden qingong, movement or are stunned – for 3s you will have health regeneration buff and have a chance to remove all debuffs.

Sunflower Manual: every attack has a chance to steal target’s speed, air and ground dash distance (max 6 stacks, lasts for 27s), when stealing – chance to ignore all movement debuffs for some time; every attack has a chance to get buff for 36s – no 1.5s cooldown between skills within one style; every attack has a chance to get a buff for 30s – no 7s cd between different skill styles; when has both buffs – will short ignore stun, knockdown, knockback, knockair and have increased accuracy.

Star Absorbing Skill: every attack has a chance to debuff the target to keep loosing mana and reduce speed by 60%; has a chance to absorb target – increase self attributes and hp/mp, increase all basic attributes by 10% (max 20 stacks), and ignore all movement debuffs for some time.

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