Age of Wushu Exploring Jianghu Guide

Age of Wushu Exploring Jianghu Guide by swampdog

What is it?

Exploring Jianghu is the new way to challenge factions like the Salt Gang for reputation, rewards, and skills.

To access it, click the More button next to options on the lower right, then click the flag that says KICK on it.


Advancing / Bounties

You work your way from Minor to Famous (the left tabs) by completing challenges that you start by clicking in the large golden squares. Note the list of names above the golden squares – these are the bountied enemies, which have a guaranteed reward when you fight them. When you draw or select one of these for an opponent their name will show as red in the challenge square.

Once you click the first square you get a detail on your challenge:


You get one free SELECT OPPONENT per day. This lets you select specifically which opponent to fight from the faction. Obviously picking a bountied target is a good idea. If you’ve used your free select, you can pay unbound liang to select further targets.

CHANGE OPPONENT randomly selects a new opponent and costs unbound to repeat. The new opponent will be from the same faction originally targetted.

Now what? You have two options:
* Speed Challenge: Pay unbound to A rank complete the challenge.
* Challenge Begins: Teleport to the faction instance and go after your target.

The challenge will be familiar to those who have completed martial instances before – either a timer, a certain number of enemy kills, or completing the challenge without dying.

The different rank tabs on the left have information on what you must complete to unlock the next rank – to move from Minor to Recognized, you need to defeat 15 different opponents from Minor. Once you’ve unlocked the next rank you’ll want to do those challenges instead, for greater rewards.


Resetting the Challenges


You get 6 resets per week. After a week your challenge panel will reset. So you complete six challenges, then reset, up to six times a week for the maximum reward.

The Extra Skillbar

While in challenge mode, you can pay unbound liang to use very powerful skills like Rage Against the World. The first use is 1 liang, so this is a cheap way to ensure you beat the boss on time – by debuffing him with Vulnerable or buffing yourself with absorb damage.


You receive green expert points (1 per successful challenge) and Exploring Jianghu points, which can be exchanged through the Exploring Jianghu interface for skills from Mantis Fist, Demon Heart Chain Hand, etc, as well as certain challenge items and pills.


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