Age of Wushu Crafting Basics Guide

Age of Wushu Crafting Basics Guide by themendios

I had to learn this more or less on my own piecing together info from different specific guides here and offsite and my own observations, thought I’d share the basics while I still remember what I had to learn. This is mostly about mechanics to start with though I did add a few specific skills to the FAQ.

Feel free to correct or request to add something. Also feel free to ask about things I didn’t mention (there are many!) and I will add them.


Press I. These are Life Skills. You can have every single one on the top row, 1 of each of the rest (except Divination which is VIP-only and can be had alongside Beggar).

If you click on any one of them then in the bottom right there is a head with a magnifying glass. Clicking this will zoom the map to the teacher(shifu) for this skill.

Skills can be dropped at any time by the Abandon button (requires a typed “Delete” confirmation).


  • Initially charge you for learning, variable depending on the skill and how many you have but pretty cheap overall.
  • Are merchants. Sell various quality tools for bound silver (buy Jade, might as well).
  • Give you a quest or two to start out with but are not the repeating quest source, this quest usually gives you a 3-day double gather book unless there’s no gathering in which case it’s a life skill xp book.
  • The life battles, store inventory etc do not change from the Shifu’s location (eg there are no better recipes for sale in a higher level scene)
  • Each shifu of every skill has an apprentice nearby. They will also give you an initial quest like the shifu but in addition they have a daily repeating quest, which will give you a life skill xp book usually.


  • Can be learned at any skill level. Some you may not be able to use until you rank up depending on the craft.
  • Shifus all have a starting set of recipes for sale, it’s in the second tab in their merchant screen.
  • “ALL THE CARGO” is under Cultivation Manual -> Assemble Manual for all of them though there are spots for other categories they’re not used currently. Also in the market they’re grouped by skill, in a certain order (you’ll figure it out looking a few times)


If you go to your map, you can click the box next to Materials or just select specific ones by the menu. If you just click the box next to it it will toggle on/off every material you can see.

They will also show up on the minimap.

  • Nodes respawn in a couple minutes, some are faster than others (wood faster than ores in my experience). There are some minor movements of the node from where it was but generally very close by.
  • Each raw node can be used 3 times. If you have autoloot on make sure that it kicks in before you go to the next harvest or it will be lost (tested multiple times). To be safe just click Loot All on each harvest.
  • Use of nodes takes up tools and Vigor. Vigor is the major limitation on your daily gathering, it is found on the Character screen on the right in the first tab. Every gathering takes vigor unless it specifically says otherwise (you feel replenished or you harvested skillfully).
  • Though it’s a limitation you have to try to run out of Vigor, you can easily get your daily crafting XP and then some.


  • Putting this ahead of Experience because I put the 2 together in my brain. Ranking is quite simply the total number of action ranking points you’ve accumulated ever. Almost everything you can do gives you ranking points, the harder the more.
  • The only thing these do is put you in the running for Top 10, #1 crafter etc. These can be checked by going to G screen, and looking at Jianghu Rankings, under ‘Life’. #1 gets you a flashy red title (good luck!) and top 10 gives you a “fashion item”.


  • This is what you see on your green bar, sources: actual crafting/gathering/doing things, life skill exp books and Life Battle (aka Gem game, Manufacture only).
  • It determines your crafting rank (different than ranking above). When the green bar fills you go the next highest (apprentice -> journeyman for example)
  • It is limited per day, to see how much you have left, mouseover the experience bar and you’ll see “surplus experience left: ###”. If it’s 0, you’re tapped out for the day. If it’s non-zero you can still gain experience.

Life Battles aka “The Gem Game”

  • Quite simply this is a way to level up your Manufacture skills without monotonously crafting stacks of junk.
  • Can be done up to 15 times per day with any Manufacture Shifu, starting at round 1 and progressively getting higher with each success.
  • The only difference between them is the board shape / tile graphics and the skills that are specific to that life skill.
  • Difficulty in this case means the Shifu has more HP and more skills available.
  • Each higher round gives more experience than the last (seems linear @ round# x 50)
  • A failure does not set you back at Round 1.
  • This counts as crafting experience, if you are purely wanting to rank up this is what you should do.
  • More skills become available as you rank up in the craft
  • Your HP also rises with experience

Misc FAQ

What Manufacture skill should I get?

The only 2 that are self-sufficient completely and provide useful things that you can use day-to-day are the consumable makers – Herbalist and Chef. They are a good low-investment starter and if you decide you want to switch later at least you’re making stuff for yourself in the meantime.

The rest are all interdependent (except Poison Maker but that’s a weird one because it makes consumables but they are highly optional, mostly useful for Tailoring buffs) to some degree. If you want to throw darts and a lot of darts, Blacksmith is a solid choice. Tailor obviously has use but gear is slow to change and minimal impact in this game.

Should I get Divination?

At the moment I’d say no, it’s bugged to take silver that isn’t mentioned and even if you figure out a way around the bug nobody will let you do it because they’re afraid.

Should I Beg?

Yes. If ‘Greasiness’ as a lvl 1 skill doesn’t turn you on then I worry about you.

Do the Culture skills /do/ anything useful?

Yes. Weiqi has array buffs (not covering here what that means), Musician has area-based buffs, scholars and painters have item-based boosts like lowering cultivation costs etc.

How do I win Life Battles?

Get lucky. Go for 4-tile combinations to get an extra turn every single time you see one. Don’t drop skulls where the AI can get them, conversely always take skulls if it’s on the board.

You’ll get more skills when you level up too which make it easier.

What’s this about double harvest?

Initial Shifu quest on gathering skills (including herbalism/poison maker) give you a 3-day double-harvest book as a reward. The 30-day books can be purchased from each Shifu for 100L or in the Snail Shop for Gold.

It is exactly what it says. If you would have gotten 1 you get 2, if you would have gotten 3 you get 6. It doesn’t affect vigor losses or experience gains.

Vigor vs Energy?

Vigor = gathering
Energy = crafting

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