Wartune Spire Guide

Wartune Spire Guide by Cyrx_Seekers

Welcome everyone to my new Guide.
I will tell you all my experience about The Spire!

Just Seen lots of people are getting enough lvl to do the new event of the patch 1.5 and they are not very well informed about this event, so here is my guide.

This is a new amazing event, which you can do daily, letting you do 1 more thing for your daily activityEach player can do this event, in the Hall of Heroes, when he reaches lvl 46.
The event can be done only 1 time each day, also, if you already done it, you can’t help other players to complete it.

For this event, you have some free skills, which are daily reseated, so you can use them every day.
These skills are:
Defense boost, which reduce the damage you take by 90%.
A Heal Skill, which heals you for 50% of your total hp.
Damage boost, which increase you damage by 200%.
Revive Skill, which will revive you, if you die, or revive other member, if you use it and you are not dead.

To use these skills, is like using a rune, so you will lose a turn to can use it.
Until you are killing some bosses, you have a chance that a Treasure Thief will appear. This thief is a goblin, a little hard; which can suppose a bigger problem at higher Bosses. Killing this Goblin, will give to all party members a free skill to use ,+1(Revive, defensive, heal or damage).

What Rewards you receive?

Each lvl, boss you kill, gives you 300.000 xp and 1 Spire chest.
The spire chest is a very nice item, which can have amazing items such as:
20x Vouchers.
2x Shadow Crystals.
Lvl 9 Luck Stones.
Fashion Shards.
50x Soul Crystals.

Bosses, Strategy, team!:

To successfully do this event your team MUST have a healer, then a tank with high p defense 2 DPS (archers better).
The formation is Healer 3rd line, both DPS 2th, and the tank in the middle of first line.
First boss is very easy; you just need a normal healer and a tank. You should not have problems in this boss.
The 2nd boss hits harder, but you shouldn’t have problems at begging. When he starts getting less than 50% hp, he will summon 4 followers which are a bit hard, here DPS and tank should use AOE to kill them fast. If you managed to kill them , you shouldn’t have problems at this boss.

Now before killing the second boss, get ready for the 3rd. The 3rd is very strong for people with low lvl members, or with a not very good healer. There is a strategy to can kill him:

When you are at 2nd boss, after killed his minions, when he has 10% of his last hp bar, ALL players should use the defensive boost(90% reduction), after that , the DPS, use the damage boost(200% more damage) and the knight and healer kill the boss. The next turn, now that archers have the boost, they must use AOE, both DPS with a min 8-9.000 damage should kill or nearly kill all minions, knight can also do AOE with boost. After you kill the minions, the boss is as easy as 1- 2ndboss.

The 4th boss is a bit harder, he is hard cuz he hits a lot of p damage. For this boss you will need a tank with a good pdef. There isn’t a truly strategy for him.

The 5th boss is even harder, he hits more than the 4th and also can hit AOE.
For this boss there is a strategy, which basically consists that after the 4th turn you use defense boost, and then be ready. After your defensive boost ends, you can only do this boss if your healer has a good AOE heal. Also here, if you have less than 40% life, don’t wait for the healer, use heal skill, which will heal you for 50% hp. So you won’t die on next turn.

6th,my team still didn’t killed him, so I don’t get a clearly strategy for him, will update this thread when will have one.

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