Wartune Class Wars Guide

Wartune Class Wars Guide by CMTrine

Class Wars is a cross-server, monthly competition pitting single players against each other by class. The event is divided into 3 separate parts:Preliminary rounds, Final rounds and Wagers. Players will receive a notification prior to the event starting each month. The event happens once a month, during the third week.

The Preliminaries – Players level 50 and above may join in the Preliminary Rounds, regardless of battle rating.

At the beginning of the Preliminary rounds, players will be matched by the Class War system. The System will then recalculate the match point of each player after each battle and match the players with similar match points together. There are a total of 15 fights in the Preliminary Rounds, with matches lasting no longer than 2 minutes. The top 100 players for each class will move onto the Finals.

Preliminary Rewards: After the Preliminary Contest, players will be rewarded with Glory Crystals based on the match points they received.

The Finals – The Top 100 Players for each class that make it through the Preliminary rounds will move onto the Final rounds.

Players will be ranked based on their victory after each round. The battle system will match players that have similar ranking together for the next round. The Finals are comprised of 10 rounds of qualifying matches. Each round takes 3 minutes, including half a minute for preparation and 2.5 minutes for battle.

Finalist Rewards:
The Top 3 players of each class will be rewarded with a special mount, titles and Glory Crystals. The top player will unlock a boost for their entire server!

Players level 35 and up may wager on the Class War battles using Balens and receive glory crystals as rewards. Players guess who the top 3 players in each class are among the 300 Finalists.

Winning Wager Rewards:
Players with winning wagers receive Rewards of Glory Crystals, based on the method and amount of Balens wagered, anywhere from 1.5 times to 20 times the wagered amount.

Losing Wager Rewards:
Players with losing wagers will receive a reward of Glory Crystals that match the amount of Balens wagered.

Glory Crystals:

Glory Crystals can be used in the Class War’s Glory Shop, which features various rare and unique items that can only be purchased with Glory Crystals. Please note that Glory Crystals will expire over time, so use them when you spot something you want!

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