Wartune Astral System Guide

Wartune Astral System Guide by CMTrine

The Astro system is available to characters level 25 and above. Gathered Astrals allow you to selectively boost your character’s stats and customize your character’s stat focus. Every 10 levels an Astral equipment slot is unlocked. You cannot equip two Astrals that have the same stat boost.

Each Astral you gather also carries a chance of unlocking the next Astro formation, allowing for a greater chance to unlock a rare Astral. Each Astral that is gathered will grant you Star Points, which may be exchanged to purchase rare Astrals for your character.


Astral Rarity:

Orange Astral – The rarest Astrals, these sell for 10,800 gold and can be converted to 70 EXP when synthesized.
Purple Astral – These sell for 8,400 gold and can be converted to 50 EXP when synthesized.
Blue Astral -These sell for 6,000 gold and can be converted to 30 EXP when synthesized
Green Astral – These sell for 3600 gold and can be converted to 10 EXP when synthesized.
White Astral – Misfortune is meant to signify a “bad result”; it sells for 1200 gold.

Synthesizing Astrals

There are two ways to synthesize Astrals, by using a drag and drop method or utilizing One-click Synthesis. With the drag and drop method, you simply drag and drop the Astral you wish to use, onto the Astral you wish to keep. This will synthesize the selected astral into the Astral you wish to keep, increasing its EXP.

The One-click Synthesis will synthesize all Astrals in your collection into the one Astral in the upper-left slot on your collection plate. Select which Astral you would like to keep by placing it in the upper-left collection slot and click One- click Synthesis to add all the other Astrals as EXP.


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