RuneScape F2P Prayer Guide

RuneScape F2P Prayer Guide by MysticManiac

1.0 – Table of Contents
1.1 – Introduction to Prayer
1.2 – Bones
1.3 – Altars
1.4 – Urns
1.5 – Quick Prayers
1.6 – Dungeoneering
1.7 – Prayers
1.8 – Prayer Tips
1.9 – Bonus XP
2.0 – Monastery
2.1 – Wilderness Spawn Locations
2.2 – Safe Spawn Locations
2.3 – Monsters
2.4 – Gravestones
2.5 – What Monsters Don’t Drop Bones
2.6 – Prayer Equipment
2.7 – Best F2P Prayer Bonus
2.8 – Wilderness Training Tips
2.9 – Combat Levels
3.0 – F2P Prayer Uses After 45
3.1 – Extra P2P Abilities
3.2 – Bone Price History

1.1 Introduction to Prayer

Prayer is one of the 25 skills of RuneScape, and one of the 16 non-member skills. It has many benefits on both F2P and P2P including access to new Prayers. These ‘Prayers’ are basically effects that can protect you, boost your combat stats or restore your stats quicker.

The stat-boosting prayers boost your combat stats by 2%, 4% or 6%, depending on your Prayer level. It was previously 5%, 10% and 15%, but Prayer has been changed quite a bit after the release of the Evolution of Combat (EOC). I’ll go through all those changes in the guide.

Prayer Points decrease whenever you use prayers. They eventually run out if you don’t turn your prayers off, and if they run out you’ll be unable to use your prayers until you recharge your Prayer Points. Your maximum Prayer Points is equal to your current Prayer level X 10. You can recharge your points at an altar, or by dying. Entering minigames or Daemonheim dungeons will also recharge your points

To train Prayer, you must either bury bones or scatter ashes. Although, many people prefer to use lamps to do so.

There are 27 Prayers available to non-members

About Me

Hello. My name is MysticManiac, and I am currently F2P at the moment but I’ve had experience in both Members and Non-members so I am aware of how Prayer works in and out of F2P. No, I am not 99 Prayer. But I am 81 Prayer, which is quite high and enough to be able to make a detailed Prayer guide for F2P prayer.

Anyway, the main aim of the guide is to give you all the information you might need to know about the F2P Prayer part of RuneScape. I hope you enjoy!

1.2 Bones and Ashes

XP in Prayer is mainly earned from burying Bones and scattering Ashes on F2P. Members have much faster and cheaper methods

Here’s a list of all bones and ashes, the XP they give per bone/ash and the monsters that drop them

Impious ashes – 4 (4.8 with urns) – Imps
Bones – 4.5 – Most
Wolf bones – 4.5 – None (on F2P)
Burnt bones – 4.5 – None
Monkey bones – 5 – Monkey
Troll lieutenant’s bones – 6.5 – None
Troll general’s bones – 6.5 – None
Accursed ashes – 12.5 (15 with urns) – Demons
Big Bones – 15 – Giants


You can get bones/ashes by…
-Killing monsters
-Free Sample from Pikkupstix (Wolf bones only)
-Trade with players


Last Updated: 28th July 2013

Bones – 151gp – 44,444,445 to get 200m xp – 6,711,111,195gp
Big Bones – 473gp – 13,333,334 to get 200m xp – 6,306,666,982gp
Impious Ashes – 100gp – 50,000,000 to get 200m xp – 5,000,000,000gp
Accursed Ashes – 452gp – 16,000,000 to get 200m xp – 7,232,000,000gp

Bones – 151gp – 2,896,541 to get lvl 99 – 437,377,691gp
Big Bones – 473gp – 868,963 to get lvl 99 – 411,019,499gp
Impious Ashes – 100gp – 3,258,608 to get lvl 99 – 325,860,800gp
Accursed Ashes – 452gp – 1,042,755 to get lvl 99 – 471,325,260gp

Hourly XP

This shows the approximate hourly XP you’d get if you buy and bury bones or ashes

Impious ashes – 12,000-14,000 p/h (1002 hours to 99, 15,385 hours to 200m xp)
Bones/Burnt Bones – 13,500-16,000 p/h (884 hours to 99, 13,560 hours to 200m xp)
Monkey Bones – 15,000-18,000 p/h (790 hours to 99, 12,121 hours to 200m xp)
Accursed Ashes – 37,500-45,000 p/h (316 hours to 99, 4,878 hours to 200m xp)
Big Bones – 45,000-54,000 p/h (264 hours to 99, 4,040 hours to 200m xp)

These rates assume that you buy or gather the bones, put them in your bank and bury them at the bank, and that you bury them by using your Action Bar. Not using your Action Bar is a lot slower. If you don’t know what the Action Bar is, find out more about the EOC or go to an EOC guide

1.3 Altars

Most people know what altars do, but for those who don’t know, they restore your prayer points. No requirements are needed to get access to most of them!

Here are the altars in F2P, requirements and nearest teleport(s) (Most don’t require anything

Black Knight’s Fortress (Requires Iron Chainbody and Bronze med helm) – Edgeville Lodestone, Skull Sceptre, Falador Teleport, Body Teleport Tablet
Duel Arena Hospital – Al Kharid Lodestone
Falador Castle – Falador Teleport, Falador Lodestone
Varrock Palace – Varrock Teleport
North-West Varrock – Varrock Teleport, Earth Altar Teleport Tablet
South-West Varrock – Varrock Teleport, Varrock Lodestone
Goblin Village – Falador Teleport, Body Teleport Tablet
Lumbridge – Lumbridge Lodestone, Lumbridge Teleport
Monastery (Requires 31 Prayer and gives +2 Prayer points boost) – Edgeville Lodestone
South-West Port Sarim – Explorer’s Ring 3, Going to jail in Al Kharid, Port Sarim Lodestone
Chaos Temple (Wilderness level 12) – Wilderness Volcano Lodestone, Varrock Teleport, Edgeville Lodestone, Varrock Lodestone
Burthorpe Church – Burthorpe Lodestone, Taverley Lodestone
Burthorpe Druidic Altar – Burthorpe Lodestone, Taverley Lodestone

1.4 Urns

Urns are used for extra xp but do not work with bones. They’re used for demonic ashes. Impious ashes are used with Impious/Accursed Urns and Accursed ashes are only used with Accursed Urns. Lesser and Greater Demons drop accursed ashes and Imps drop impious ashes. Crafting xp is obtained when making the urn.

The way they work is that when you kill a monster that drops Impious ashes or Accursed ashes, they are stored in the urn and when they are full, you can teleport the urns away. You will be given extra xp, and you won’t have to pick them up yourself which will increase your hourly xp in Combat and Prayer.

You cannot put ashes in your inventory into your urn. You can only get this extra experience during combat. Creating an urn gives 1 Prayer xp. The Prayer experience shown is the amount of xp the urn holds plus the extra 1xp.

Impious Urn – 2 Crafting – Holds 25 Impious ashes – 121 Prayer xp – 30 Crafting xp

Accursed Urn – 26 Crafting – Holds 25 Accursed ashes (Or 79 Impious ashes) – 376 Prayer xp – 62.5 Crafting xp

You can make an urn by doing the following steps
1) Obtain 2 soft clay for each urn you are going to make (You can buy it or mine it)
2) Use the soft clay on a potter’s wheel and create an Impious or Accursed urn(s)
3) Use the pottery oven to fire the urn(s)
4) Use an air rune on the urn(s) (This will give the 1xp)

Alternatively, you can…
1) Buy the Impious Urn (nr) or Accursed Urn (nr) at the G.E
2) Use an air rune on the urn

Urns are not kept on death unless they’re empty or not finished

1.5 Quick Prayers

Quick prayers are a way of turning on several prayers at the same time without having to click continuously. To use Quick prayers right click on the Prayer button beside the minimap at the top right of the screen and click “Use Quick Prayers”. But before you can do that you have to right click on that same button and click “Select Quick Prayers”. Then you select which prayers activate when you click “Use Quick Prayers”. Do not just use 1 or 2 prayers for Quick Prayers because you can turn them on just as fast the normal way! Quick Prayers is a bit less useful now, as the Activity Bar from the Evolution of Combat has made turning prayers on easier

1.6 Dungeoneering

In dungeoneering you can use any bones on an altar for 4x more xp but altars aren’t found that often

Sometimes you may find Dragons that drop dragon bones that give 72xp in prayer if buried and 288xp if used on an altar. You can only find Dragons on abandoned floors and more likely to find with 3 or more players in the party

You can also find Frost Dragons on frozen floors which drop frost dragon bones that give 180xp when buried & 720xp when used on an altar

Bat Bones are also found here. They’re P2P outside of Daemonheim. They give 5.3xp, 0.8xp more than bones when buried & 21.2xp when used on altars, 3.2xp more than bones

You can find Dark Spirit doors in Daemonheim giving prayer xp ranging from 215-250xp. Open as many as you can

Dinosaurs drop big bones and are very weak with combat levels 2-28. There’s a myth that killing Dinosaurs decreases Dungeon xp but this is false. Giant skeletons and Hill Giants drop big bones too

If you pick up bones and drop them they’ll disappear. However, if you pick them up and put them on a table they stay there. It takes 2 minutes for them to disappear

Many Dungeoneering Bosses use protection prayers (If you don’t know what they are, read the next 2 posts) Some use the same one, even if you’re not using that combat style. Others switch them around to the same combat styles that you switch them to or switch them around randomly, even if you’re not using that combat style

Altars in Dungeoneering, like outside, restore Prayer Points. However, there is a limit of the amount of points you can restore at an altar.

1.7 Prayers

Here is a list of all F2P prayers

1…Thick Skin…Boosts Defence by 2%
4…Burst of Strength…Boosts Melee damage by 2%
7…Clarity of Thought…Boosts Melee accuracy by 2%
8…Sharp Eye…Boosts Ranged accuracy by 2%
8…Unstoppable Force…Boosts Ranged damage by 2%
9…Mystic Will…Boosts Mage accuracy by 2%
9…Charge…Boosts Mage damage by 2%
10…Rock Skin…Boosts Defence by 4%
13…Superhuman Strength…Boosts Melee damage by 4%
16…Improved Reflexes…Boosts Melee accuracy by 4%
19…Rapid Restore…Decreased stats restore 2x faster
22…Rapid Heal…Health restores 2x faster
25…Protect Item…You keep 1 extra item upon death
26…Hawk Eye…Boosts Ranged accuracy by 4%
26…Unrelenting Force…Boosts Ranged damage by 4%
27…Mystic Lore…Boosts Magic accuracy by 4%
27…Super Charge…Boosts Magic damage by 4%
28…Steel Skin…Boosts Defence by 6%
31…Ultimate Strength…Boosts Melee damage by 6%
34…Incredible Reflexes…Boosts Melee accuracy by 6%
37…Protect From Magic…Reduces magical damage taken by 50%. 50% time reduction of bind and Teleport Block
40…Protect From Missiles…Reduces range damage taken by 50%
43…Protect From Melee…Reduces melee damage taken by 50%
44…Eagle Eye…Boosts Ranged accuracy by 6%
44…Overpowering Force…Boosts Ranged damage by 6%
45…Mystic Might…Boosts Mage accuracy by 6%
45…Overcharge…Boosts Mage damage by 6%

1.8 Prayer Tips

Some monsters (mainly P2P monsters but some F2P dungeoneering bosses) can hit through prayer

There are 27 Prayers available to F2P

Defence Prayers cannot be used with other Defence Prayers

The same types of prayers cannot be used. Magic accuracy prayers cannot be used with other magic accuracy prayers ect. However, magic accuracy prayers CAN be used with magic damage prayers

Protection Prayers can be used with all prayers except other Protection Prayers

Rapid Restore, Rapid Heal and Protect item have no restrictions and can be used with any other prayers

Prayer Bonuses and Prayer Boosts (monastery altar +2 boost and Twisted bird skull necklace are the only f2p boosts) allow prayers to last longer

Some people on the forums and sometimes in-game say that there’s no point in training passed 43 even though there’s 4 prayers available afterwards

Protect From Magic protects partly from dragon fire which is useful in Dragon Slayer or Dungeoneering

Protect From Summoning is still P2P, even after the introduction of all P2P skills, including Summoning, to F2P (trainable up to level 5)

The stat-boosting prayers do not increase levels. They increase accuracy or damage

Protection Prayers previously protected you from monsters 100%, but now it is 50%

1.9 Bonus XP

Experience lamps are a great way to train Prayer on F2P.
-Small XP lamps give a lot of xp, despite the name and are awarded from Squeal of Fortune. They are currently the only reobtainable lamps on F2P
-The XP Lamp from beginner Lumbridge/Draynor tasks gives 500xp
-The XP Lamp from easy Lumbridge/Draynor tasks gives 1,000xp
-The XP Lamp from medium Lumbridge/Draynor tasks gives 1,500xp
-The XP Lamp from hard Lumbridge/Draynor tasks gives 9,000xp
-All the Lumbridge/Draynor tasks give 12,000xp total

Squeal of Fortune awards you with 4 types of lamps, 3 of which are P2P only. Fortunately, if you do get one of those P2P lamps, you can reclaim it once you become a member. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play Squeal of Fortune again until you either reclaim it or discard it. I would recommend that you discard unless it’s a Huge XP lamp and the skill you gain xp in is optional or for a hard/expensive skill like Prayer

Only one quest gives xp in Prayer, but there are other quests that give xp in any skill of your choice! Prayer is a popular choice for F2P players!

The Restless Ghost – 1,125 Prayer xp
Swept Away – 10 sips of goulash (They give xp equal to your current lvl X 10)
Myths of the White Lands – 500xp lamp
Gunnar’s Ground – 200xp lamp (Requires 5 Crafting and 5+ in the skill you choose)
Death Plateau – 100xp lamp X 3

From all of the above quests (excluding Swept Away cause of the unpredictable xp), you’d get 2,125 Prayer xp if you used them all on Prayer. Swept Away gives 120-9,900 additional xp, amount depending on your current Prayer level.

2.0 Monastery

The Monastery (west of Edgeville) requires 31 Prayer to go to the 1st floor. It has cabbages to pick up and monks to kill at the ground floor. On the 1st floor you can kill more monks, pick up monk’s robes that spawn in the Monastery for cash and pray at the Monastery altar. This altar gives 20 extra prayer points so if you have 35 Prayer and pray at the monastery altar your prayer points will be 370. It is the only F2P prayer boost but it does not allow you to use prayers requiring 2 extra levels. It only increases prayer points. The monks can heal you (except when you’re in combat with the monk) which makes it useful for combat training.

Brother Jered, located on the 1st floor, sells the Skillcape to members with 99 Prayer. Also, you may get your unholy symbols blessed into holy symbols by talking to him. Blessing uses up 40 Prayer points, but you can recharge it at the altar in the Monastery anyway.

2.1 Wilderness Spawn Locations

Hourly xp rates assume that you bury the bones using the Action Bar


10 bone spawns and 4 big bone spawns. Recommended to pick up the big bones. Good armour is helpful as there are level 25 skeletons around. Defence, Constitution and 43+ prayer helps. It’s free and effective. It’s located in level 19-22 wilderness. About 9,000xp p/h excluding AFK and pkers attacking. It’s the fastest F2P free method. The Bones spawn back after about 26 seconds

If you don’t have 43 Prayer you shouldn’t be using the Boneyard at all unless you have good enough Constitution/Defence levels to protect you. You can use Steel Skin requiring 28 Prayer, Rock Skin at 10 Prayer or Thick Skin at 1 Prayer

Chaos Temple

There are several regular bones that spawn here! Unfortunately, there are no Big Bone spawns here but there are a few advantages in this location than the Boneyard. Because it is located lower in the Wilderness, PKers are less of a worry. As well as that, there are no Skeletons or any monsters that can attack you here and there is a Prayer altar in the location. The xp p/hour is approximately 4,000xp. The Bones spawn back after about 52 seconds

Demonic Ruins

This is located very high in the Wilderness. Most players choose not to train Prayer here because of the danger! There are level 92 Greater Demons located here and a few Burnt bone spawns. The Greater Demons also drop Accursed ashes which are pretty good but they are difficult to kill! The danger of PKers is much worse here than the Chaos Temple or the Boneyard! I wouldn’t recommend this for training Prayer! The bones take about 52 seconds to respawn. This gives about 1,500-2,000xp per hour (Assuming you bury the bones while you’re waiting for them to respawn back). More xp per hour can be earnt by killing Demons

2.2 Safe Spawn Locations

Hourly xp is unpredictable for most of the below

Lumbridge Chicken Farms

In the north-east chicken farm in Lumbridge, many players leave the bones behind when killing chickens there because they are either too experienced to think they’re useful enough or really new and don’t know what the bones are for! There is no danger here except if you accidentally click on a chicken but it is highly unlikely you’ll die or even be hurt! You can also kill the chickens for the bones if you want but that’ll decrease your hourly Prayer xp but increase the combat xp you get

There is also a chicken farm located north-west of Lumbridge that has quite a few bone spawns but not as much as the north-east chicken farm. About 4.5k xp p/hour at either location

Lumbridge Cows

North-east of Lumbridge, there is also a field with cows and calfs in them. Players often leave bones behind there as well! You can kill the cows and calfs for more bones and combat xp! Also, you can get raw meat and cowhides from the cows which you can use for crafting, cash or/and cooking

Al Kharid Palace

Similarly to the Lumbridge Chicken/Cow Farms, players leave their bones behind so you can pick them up as well. You can also kill the Al Kharid guards for Bones

Edgeville Building

In a building in Edgeville, north of the bank, there are many bones that you can pick up. That’s because many players kill men inside that building and leave the bones. You can also kill the men for combat xp and pick up the bones if you wish

Edgeville Dungeon

At Edgeville Dungeon entrance in the north there are 5 bone spawns which give about 1.5k xp p/h! There’s also 3 bone spawns down to the south where the Hill giants are located

Sometimes, in Edgeville Resource Dungeons, players leave Big Bones behind them. On P2P worlds, there’s almost always Big Bones getting left behind here

2.3 Monsters

Weaker Monsters

Killing these monsters for bones gives a small amount of combat xp and average prayer xp. Because they are so weak, they will give you bones almost immediately but picking them up can sometimes be irritating

Rats – They only drop bones in the Stronghold of Security
Chickens – Usually a lot of bones left from other players around here anyway
Cattle – Usually a lot of bones left from other players around here anyway
Catacomb Monsters – Requries completion of The Blood Pact
Monkeys – Drops Monkey bones which give slightly more Prayer xp. Respawns are slow. Uncrowded
Snakes – Slow respawns. Uncrowded
Monks – Located at Monastery. Can also heal you if you’re injured

Stronger Monsters
(This section is currently under construction)

These monsters all drop Big Bones or Accursed ashes which give more xp than any other bones/ashes in F2P

Hill Giant…64…3.3k…25k…8.3k…No
Moss Giant…74…2.7k…26k…8.5k…No
Ice Giant…74…?…?…?…No
Lesser Demon…100…2k…30k…10k…Rune helm (11k)
Greater Demon…?…?…?…?…Rune full helm (20k)

2.4 Gravestones

At level 2 Prayer you can repair gravestones belonging to others which makes the gravestone last longer so whoever died can get the stuff back. At level 70 Prayer you can bless. Blessing is basically the same as repairing except you can bless at any time and the gravestone will last much longer. However many view blessing as almost useless on non-members worlds.

Blessing and repairing offers no experience, and no benefits whatsoever to the player who does the blessing and repairing. It is basically just a side-effect of the skill.

After The Restless Ghost, Father Aereck sells you gravestones that last longer

Memorial plaque – 5 minutes – 0gp
Flag – 6 minutes – Costs 50gp
Small gravestone – 6 minutes – Costs 500gp
Ornate gravestone – 8 minutes – Costs 5k

2.5 What Monsters Don’t Drop Bones!

During Dungeoneering
Mysterious shade (All floors)
Ghost (All floors)
Ice elemental (Frozen floors)
Ice spider (Frozen floors)
Icefiend (Frozen floors)
Dungeon spider (Abandoned/Furnished floors)
Animated pickaxe (Abandoned floors)
Dungeoneering Bosses (All floors)

Outside Daemonheim
Count Draynor
Spider except Stronghold of Security
Cockroach Drone
Flesh Crawler
King Scorpion
Deadly Red Spider
Cockroach Worker

2.6 Prayer Equipment

The Prayer equipment doesn’t usually require any Prayer levels with a couple of exceptions. They do usually have other requirements however! They give Prayer bonuses which allows the Prayer points to last longer! The Prayer points aren’t increased, but the Drain rates are decreased!


Mace…Attack Level…Bonus
Corrupt Dragon…60…+5
*Corrupt Dragon Mace only lasts 30 minutes and is not worth it. Rune is a better alternative

Necklaces + Amulets

Item… Requirements…Bonus…Other Effect(s)
-Holy Symbol…None…+8…None
-Twisted bird skull necklace…30 Dung, 30 Pray, 8.5k DG tokens…+3…Every time you bury a bone wearing this, you gain 50 Prayer Points
-Amulet of Power…None…+1…None
-Amulet of Zealots…48 Prayer, 48 Dung, 40k DG tokens…-8…Stat-boosting prayers increase by 5% (e.g 10 –> 15% or 15 –> 20%)
*Holy Symbol gives best bonus but people prefer Twisted bird skull necklace because of its’ other effect


Explorer’s Ring…Lumbridge/Draynor tasks…+1


Monk’s Robes…+11 (6 for Top, 5 for Bottom)
Shade Robes…+9 (5 for Top, 4 for Bottom)
Priest Robes…+6 (3 each)
*They all require nothing
*Monk’s Robes can be obtained for free at the Monastery with 31+ Prayer

2.7 Best F2P Prayer Bonus

Corrupt Dragon Mace: +5
Monk’s Robe Top: +6
Monk’s Robe Bottom: +5
Holy Symbol: +8
Explorer’s Ring: +1 (All 4 rings have the same bonus)
Total: +25

1. Rune Mace: +4 (Recommended)
2. Twisted bird skull necklace: +3
Total (With Alternatives): +19

60 Attack (40 Attack alternatively)
30 Prayer (31 allows you to get the robes at the Monastery for free)
Completed beginner tasks of Lumbridge and Draynor
(Alternatively 30 Dungeoneering (actually 48 with the token requirements) if you want to use the Twisted bird skull necklace alternative)

2.8 Wilderness Training Tips

When training prayer in the wilderness make sure to read this

1. When AFK (Away from Keyboard), either rest or go to the lobby. Going to the lobby is a good idea because you might get attacked while AFK. Resting will make your stamina and health increase faster. Don’t have prayers activated when AFK and keep auto-retaliate off so you won’t get skulled
2. Having high defence, high constitution and high prayer helps (43+ prayer and 50+ defence/constitution)
3. Have a teleportation item with you in case you’re low on health. Do not use a Lodestone teleport because you can’t use it whilst under attack (Explorer’s Ring 3/4 recommended and commonly used)
4. If you are at the Boneyard and run out of prayer, you can go to the Chaos Temple to recharge, if you don’t have a Twisted bird skull necklace. But don’t do this if you’re already high Defence/Constitution and if you have less than 43 prayer.
5. Use Protection prayers. If you can’t, use Steel, Rock or Thick Skin. You can use both together if you wish
6. Don’t kill the Skeletons at the boneyard for prayer xp unless you want combat xp mainly
7. If you are at the Boneyard and log out for a while & then log back in the skeletons may stop being aggressive towards you
8. Bring a twisted bird skull necklace if you know you won’t die & you’re not going to Chaos Temple
10. The best teleport to the Boneyard, Chaos Temple and Demonic Ruins is the Wilderness Volcano Lodestone Teleport

2.9 Combat Levels

Training prayer used to give Combat level ups but no longer do since the Evolution of Combat. This means that Skillers can now train Prayer and Skillers can use Prayer to protect them if they ever find themselves in dangerous situations!

The combat formula now is…
X + Defence + 2 (X = Highest out of Attack, Strength, Magic, Ranged and Summoning)

3.0 F2P Uses After 45

This part of the guide shows you why players may raise their Prayer level to, and beyond 45 Prayer.

1. Amulet of Zealots – Requires 48 Prayer, 48 Dungeoneering and 40,000 Dungeoneering tokens (40k tokens require 63 Dungeoneering with 7k xp from 64) – It has a -8 Prayer bonus BUT it increases the boost of prayers by 5%
2. Blessing Gravestones – Requires 70 Prayer – Not used as much in f2p but still useful
3. Longer Lasting Prayers – Some people don’t think it’s worth it but it is. If you have 45 prayer your prayers will run out much sooner than someone like me, with 70+ Prayer! The monastery altar gives 2 extra prayer points
4. Becoming P2P – If you’re becoming p2p later on, the extra levels you gained in F2P will come in handy. Don’t spend a lot of time training Prayer on F2P if you know you’ll become a Member though. You should only use lamps for xp if you know you’ll become P2P
5. Dungeoneering Doors – If you’re attempting to open a Dark Spirit door in Dungeoneering which requires Prayer levels, sometimes they may require higher levels than 45
6. Future Updates – If there are future updates giving f2p players new prayers after level 45, then you’ll have to train to get them but the other players who trained higher than 45 will already have them. It may not be future prayers. It could be future robes or quests or amulets requiring prayer levels
7. Patience – When training other skills, or playing other games, or in real life you may be more patient waiting for things
8. Twisted bird skull necklace – It only requires 30 Prayer but if you aren’t planning on training prayer, this might change your mind as it will restore prayer points as you bury bones. Also requires 30 Dungeoneering. This doesn’t encourage you to train at Boneyard or by buying bones

3.1 Extra P2P Abilities

This part of the guide will tell you about the extra abilities that P2P get that F2P don’t have

1. Training Methods – Training prayer on P2P is 10 times easier and it’s cheaper! You can use the ectofuntus and POH altars for more xp, use bones that give more xp, kill shades and ghasts for prayer xp (requires nature spirit for ghasts and shades of mort’ton for shades) and more easier ways to train! Plus it’s easier to get the f2p bones in p2p
2. New Prayers! – In the standard prayer book you only get 9 extra prayers but there is a 2nd prayer book requiring The Temple at Senntisten which has 20 extra prayers requiring 50-95 prayer
3. Retribution/Redemption/Wrath – If you have a high level over 46 or 49 or even 89 you’ll heal even more with redemption and damage even more with retribution/wrath
4. New equipment! – New equipment available if you’re p2p giving prayer bonuses and sometimes other bonuses
5. Prayer Potions – More prayer boosts available! The only available to f2p is at the monastery requiring 31 prayer & Twisted bird skull necklace requiring 30 Prayer and 6,500 Dungeoneering tokens
6. Prayer Quests – Some quests give Prayer XP which makes Prayer even easier on P2P! Some quests give access to new prayers which makes Prayer even more useful on P2P! Some quests give a story that is based around Prayer which makes Prayer more interesting! Some quests give new training methods which makes Prayer even easier too!

3.2 Bone Price History

If you want to find out how bones/ashes used to cost, this is the place to be. This is useful for checking if the price of a bone/ash is higher or lower than usual and if it’s too high, you may want to wait til it’s low to buy it. Untradable bones, Monkey bones, Wolf bones and Burnt bones aren’t added because they are the least popular bones or unbuyable. Prices put in brackets means that they are the lowest gp/xp and the best choice to bury cash-wise (but it may be the slowest xp), if they’re put in 2 brackets ((100)), then they’re the 2nd best cash-wise. 3rd best is put in three brackets (((100))). No brackets means that they are the worst (but it may be the fastest xp)

I will try to update this as much as I can, AT LEAST once a week, but possibly every day of a week


27th June – ((518)) – 455 – (((129))) – (49)
4th July – (((489))) – 447 – ((131)) – (60)
8th July – ((423)) – 411 – (((133))) – (76)
14th July – (((459))) – 405 – ((127)) – (79)
15th July – (((460))) – 404 – ((125)) – (76)
21st July – (((423))) – 382 – ((115)) – (58)
30th July – (((423))) – 381 – ((118)) – (52)
5th January 2013 – (((337))) – 382 – ((90)) – (61)
1st July – ((445)) – 389 – (98) – (((120)))
2nd July – ((441)) – 391 – (98) – (((125)))
3rd July – ((442)) – 391 – (97) – (((119)))
4th July – (((447))) – 386 – (97) – ((116))
5th July – (((451))) – 384 – (96) – ((119))
13th July – (((459))) – 385 – (114) – ((110))
14th July – 465 – (((378))) – (117) – ((105))
15th July – 471 – (((378))) – ((117)) – (100)
25th July – ((456)) – 440 – (((143))) – (98)
26th July – ((466)) – 446 – (((145))) – (99)
27th July – ((470)) – 446 – (((148))) – (99)
28th July – ((473)) – 452 – (((151))) – (100)

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