Rise of Mythos F2P Gamer Tips

Rise of Mythos F2P Gamer Tips by Dazed

I haven’t put a dime into this game, yet I’m a top 30 player(granted I started less than a week after release.) Not paying anything into the game slows you down but it doesn’t mean you can’t be competitive. You just need to take time to upgrade your deck and develop strategies to counter the cards that give you the most trouble. Priestess/feles assassin(any cards with holy damage/sunder) are great counters to those Velyn’s(don’t use priestess against this guy) and Desperate Souls. Archer and Mage are great classes to choose if you have issues with opponents full of legendaries. They have reveal weakness cards that double your damage, sunder armor , petrify, and charm spells. Learn the cards, find your opponents weaknesses. Also feel free to lvl up, if you want to play the ladder, you’re going to vs some very strong players once you move up in rank(sometimes sooner if unlucky.)

Buy the 5k packs, the 15k are a waste, upgrade your alch so you can fuse and combine higher lvl cards. This is how you build you deck, not by getting lucky with the packs(I never find anything worthwhile.) Do all of your activity quests, find an active guild(don’t bother with a top 10 guild unless you’re lvl 40+ they won’t look at you unless you know someone.) Make a guild with 5-6 active people, you’ll lvl up quickly. Contribute to the guild to gain perks like cheaper building upgrades, more rep/silver/exp from guild fights, and also higher % rates for upgrading gear and combing cards.

DON’T forget to upgrade your gear, it does make a difference. Feel free to auto bosses once you are able to field a decent deck. Try to use at least your 3 extra pick boss fights. I try to auto 10 bosses a day. Doesn’t take any time out of my day b/c I’m not actually making my moves. This gives great exp and great rep not to mention the loot items from the boss itself.

Not get out their and kick some ass.

Also do not waste gold doing both “buy pack with gold” and “levy taxes” for the Daily Activity, as it isnt needed to do all of them to have more than enough points to get the weekly chest (600 points).

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