Dragon Pals Devil’s Den Fast Clearing Guide

Dragon Pals Devil’s Den Fast Clearing Guide by R214105035

Event Time: 13:45, 19:15 & 20:45
Duration: 15 min (1 min for preparation and 14 mins for running the quests)
Quest to be completed: 20 Quests

Getting Start:

Click on the Devil’s Den Guardian location at center of each map:

Tips: You can click on the underline “Devil’s Den Guardian” located under the Quest Tracking for auto talking to the NPC.

Once You Accepted the Quest:

Each time you accept the quest, it will tell you that your targeted treasure chest is located at which map. View on the mini map and it will show you how far you are from your current location.
Tips: Click on the underline “Devil’s Den #” under Quest tracking for auto-tracking.

Types of Missions in the Devil’s Den:

Treasure Chest Digging:

Select the chest location – Total sum number of your whole team. (Your team members must give you their treasure point and you add all them out to select the chest location)
Tips: In case you got a AFK team player or a very laggy team member that takes very long time to load the screen, random select the chest location. You will still get the minimum amount of EXP and Amethysts. *Don’t Waste your time on this too much*

Types of Chest you recovered: The bonus multiplier you can get
Wooden Chest: Total Reward x 2
Silver Chest: Total Reward x 3
Gold Chest: Total Reward x 5
No chest (Wrong location chest): Total Reward x 1

Devil’s Den Quiz:

All members MUST chose the same answer together. You need ALL members to get the correct answer in order to get the Successful Party Answer Count + 1.
Tips: All members who know the correct answer, always type out the option answer to let other 2 members follow the same answer as you. If neither your member nor you know the exact answer, just random select one option together (sometimes you may jackpot the correct answer). *Don’t waste your time too much*

Type of reward multiplier you get: 
1 Correct Party Answer: Total Reward x 1
2 Correct Party Answer: Total Reward x 2
3 Correct Party Answer: Total Reward x 3

Doppler’s Fight:

Your mirror party fight, what stats and skills you equipped, your Doppler will also have the same. That is why ignore damage orbs should be remove when you are doing DD, you won’t want to see your Doppler keep ignoring the damage while you keep on getting the damage. Usually you will win 80% of the fights unless you get more stuns in your team compare to the Doppler’s team.

Type of Reward multiplier you get:
Failure (Lost the fight against Doppler): Total Reward x 1
Success: Total Reward x 4

Devil’s Den Guard:

Let your AOE skill members to finish off the monster. If all members are all low damage dealers, before start of the DD run, have all members set to AOE skills.

Do You Know?
The level of the Devil’s Den Guard is depends on your party level?
If you can get a average high damage dealer mage, let him go AOE skills with Thunder; they usually can one Holy Flames clear all 6.
If your team does not has any mage and you got 2 level 50+ players in your team; get a level 40+ member in your team. Your AOE skill member(16-17K Damage) should be able to one AOE skill clear all 6.

Reward: Total Reward x 1

Devil’s Den Elite Guard:

Team Member Levels: 2 Level 60+ and 1 Level 49

Team Member Levels: All members are above level 60

Similar to Devil’s Den Guard, this time it’s a 1 monster with more HP. Level of the Elite Guard is depending on your team member levels (Look at the levels of the Elite Guard above). But it can be quite easy when you get heavy damage dealers in the team.

Reward: Total Reward x 2

Tips: Things to that you may need to do to get prepared / Know to ensure you can run the full 20 quests:
1) Get a Team before you start your DD (Make sure that they are not AFK)
2) Use 2nd Dragon (Spyrious & Derga)
Using other dragons set will gives you a slightly longer time to complete if 50-90% of your DD quests are all fighting. 5th Dragon Set (Salazaar & Exodus) should be AVOIDED as you do not wish to prolong your fights for the Doppler’s fight.
3) Remove your Ignore Damage Orbs (Mountain, Pillar). Best is remove all defense orbs to have a shorter Doppler fights.
4) Prepare 2 Multi-skill (AOE) and 1 Single or 1 AOE and 2 Single skill in your team
2 AOE & 1 Single Team: Chose this format if your team does not has any members that can one skill finish off the 6 monster DD guard.
1 AOE & 2 Single Team: Since you have one member that can finish all the 6 monster DD guard, you just need the other 2 to finish off things fast (Example: Elite Guard and Doppler’s Fight)
5) Decide who to lead in your DD team (Allows chose the one that has smooth connection to the server.) Highest wing level in your team is a better choice for leading
6) Party Formation: All party members at front row with AOE (top), AOE/Single (Mid), Single (bottom)
7) Skills to be equipped: All damage dealing skills, do not put any support skills like Disarm, Healing skills, Thor Shield.

What you must always remember: You want a fast clearing of Devil’s Den Quest even if there is a lot of fights. 

Ended Devil’s Den 20 Quests with around remaining 3 mins (Encounter 2 Doppler fights)

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