Neverwinter Crafting Guide

Neverwinter Crafting Guide by advengerkos

Firstly let introduce myself, I am a GF who has maxed geared (16k GS) and plays on the Beholder server in the guild Nova. I currently have all crafts maxed to 20 and now working on leveling up leadership which is at 16.

Having just read the previous thread I was a little shocked at how little people understand about crafting. So below is my guide and views on this. The guide to begin with is a work in progress so go easy on me!

Crafting (Tailoring / Plate / Leather / Tailor)
– Huge money making potential
– Can craft shirts / pants for your guild friends
– Did I mention huge money potential?
– Requires huge amounts of start up capital (astral diamonds, roughly 4m-4.5m AD)
– Requires a lot of time spent in town (trading for materials)
– Requires a lot of attention paid to the AH trends
– Requires a lot of your precious capital to be tied up in Dragon eggs / stock (shirts/pants)
– Takes up a lot of inventory space

Sounds good?

Before you decide if it makes sense to craft please think if you are going to make shirts and pants. If you are not going to go the full way then I would maybe suggest this is not worth your effort.

Ok you have decided to level a craft. Follow the below steps 

– Count how many profession slots you have and then buy that amount in workers (craft assets IE platesmiths / Tailors / Leatherworkers / Mailsmiths). If you have decided to make epic shirt / pants then buy all blues as it is worth your time but it can be green ones also.
– Now check your bag and see if you have a green material called “residuum” you will need about 300-500 of these. So to begin with make sure you have 50 ready. I buy them for 20 silver each. This is a huge cost while levelling your craft.
– Now check the price of basic materials on the Auction house. If they are cheap and plentiful buy them. If not sadly you will have to gather your own. In this game you will first gather a basic material then upgrade it to a better version which then makes items.
– Once you have enough materials it is time to begin crafting!
– Make whatever white items you fancy, I am sure there is more cost efficient items but try to keep to shirt / pants. Make sure you SAVE all of these items!
– With your white items safely saved in your bag, once you have the level for them turn them into green items using residuum which you hopefully bought earlier. Note in this game the progression path is
o Gather Ore
o Upgrade Ore with an npc item
o Craft a white item
o Use white + residuum
– You can skip using residuum but it will cost you a huge amount of time so the investment is very worth while.
– Once you hit 14 you get your last “ore” to gather and from then on shirts will net you 400 exp and pants 500exp. (to hit 20 you need 150k exp)
– Save all the “fancy” shirts / pants you have, as you plan to use this to make the 60 epic versions. I mail them all to myself, you can buy them off the AH later but it makes sense just too stock pile the lot ready for level 20!

Right you have just dinged 20 prof in your chosen craft what now?

Tips while levelling to 20.
– Do not at any point train / upgrade workers – buy them from AH
– Buy residuum while in town constantly, you will never have enough
– Open up extra slots! Craft a blue item when its available at 100% speed (using your 4 blue guys) and this will open a slot. Craft a t3 item and this will also open a slot…2 new slots!
– Keep checking and buying basic materials to craft with via the AH, gathering is a huge waste of time.
– When in town do gathering on mass and stock pile basic materials
– When hunting focus on making white / green items as to not annoy your group you are with.
– Keep an eye out for Profession assets – IE your chosen crafts tools that increase quality. It is not wise to ding 20 and then buy all your tools at once as you will push prices sky high! Try to buy them daily, you will need 16 blue assets to turn into epics!
– There are 3 kinds of proffesion tools for your craft, a “low level” tool and a “high level” tool and a tool that will work across 2 kinds of craft. IE for Plate – Mithral bellows are the high tool / Mithral Anvil is the Low tool and Mithral hammer works on both Plate and Mail.
– Ideally you want for Plate 1x high tool and 3x the tool that works across 2 professions (Mithral Hammer / Mithral shears).

Now your 20, what now?

Sadly due to little information very few people understand what it actually takes to make an epic shirt and pants. You will need 

– You need the “rare” craft options to have the epic shirt / pant available to be able to make it. The rare craft option is those craft items that change every 1 hour!
– 4 x Epic tools (around 4m AD)
– 1x Epic worker (you can use a blue but due to the “finish now” mechanics you must use an epic one)
– 1x Fancy shirt / pants (1-3k AD if you buy off ah / 5k if you click finish now +4 residuum)
– 1x Dragon Egg
– 48k AD. This is the fee that no one expects. You have to click “finish now” if you want to make gemmed pants, you can wait the time but 12hours to then see what you will get is not viable.

– Epic shirt / Pants come in 3 tiers. With 4 epic tools you will have a 40% chance to make a tier 2 item and 60% chance to make a tier 3 item which comes with a slot.

Dragon Eggs what are these?!

– Epic item needed for crafting
– Comes out of profession packs
– Majority come via people opening nightmare boxes which contain leadership prof packs
– This item is the reason you must stand in town all the time sadly!
– You can buy these off the AH but they are way over priced and best bought for keys. On beholder I pay between 2keys 10g to 3 keys each. This is a great way to buy them because it is cheaper than AH and also the “buyer” gets a good deal as he does not pay AH commission. Also low levels who buy packs of keys don’t understand how AH works so are happy to get more keys!

How do I sell my shirt and pants?!

– It really frustrates me people have no idea how to sell these. A lot of people go too cheap and just waste there time.
– Remember you have invested around 5-6m to make this….its time to get PAID!
– My method of making and selling them is follows
o Craft 2 Gemmed versions when the “rare” option allows it
o Place ONE and only ONE on the AH. Some annoying crafters wham 3 or more on at once and it literally ruins the market for a couple of days for EVERYONE. By placing one on the AH it keeps the prices healthy.
o When your item sells you replace it.
o I undercut a lot but I do my best to go to a low enough price that it is bought instantly and therefore does not ruin MY market or not so low it ruins the price.
o Non gemmed pants sadly sell for a loss – deal with it
o Gemmed pants make you your bulk cash – celebrate!
o I aim for 125k for non gemmed and 375-425k for gemmed pants and shirt.
o With the above numbers you make 500kish for 2 items. If you therefore made 10 epic items you will generate 2.5m in revenue. When you factor in
 48k for finish now x 10
 12% AH cut / 50k for under cuts
 Around 90-110k x 10 for eggs bought via keys and gold
 You will generate around 100k per shirt / pant made for a nice 1 million profit.
– I sell around 4-6 Shirts / Pants per craft a day so please do not spam out shirts / pants as it will tie up your capital and potentially ruin your market.


– This profession honestly sucks. Time invested is insane and rewards minimum. The box you get at 19/20 look to be around 10-20k per box.
– Best exp per hour per slot is around 40 and this is does not change as you level.
– I have 3 heroes and 17 adventurers + 9 open slot and this craft is taking an age to max and gives barely any reward. My plan is to max it then have 2 heroes per slot which could potentially earn me 90k for all my slots every 8-12hours.

Ok the above guide was written 3am UK time so forgive my grammar. I hope this helps as it has made me in excess of 50m AD. I currently have maxed gear (lots of rank 9 gems/8s/great tene etc) with 30m in my bag with 6m in eggs/stock and over 15m + in craft assets. The money potential is there but sadly you will also need to put a lot of time into this. My /played is pretty sad but I do have a full time job and the gateway really helps with professions.

Good luck and if you have an egg message me (ZhouMi)!

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2 Responses

  1. Ad says:

    First of all thanks for helping the players with this guide.

    [rant coming]
    I don’t understand why people waist their time on something like this. Don’t you understand that this is just a temporary game? You’ll never know when Cryptic decides to end it. Then what? You go cry cry “I wasted all my time on this shit”? I’ve seen So many players on forums crying and whining about how unfair it all is that THEY made them waist all their time and that they’ll never play a game made by them again.

    See where I’m going with this? Just try to have fun! Don’t waist time on stuff like this.

    But I also know the problem. Many players are selfish to the core and only want to be nr.1, so they can be worshiped. They can not stand coming 2nd.because most other players will simply ignore them. These players do it to themselves and they don’t even know it. And gaming companies know and love it.

    Market prices? Fuck it! Don’t you see? YOU want good market prices so YOU can make more AD trying to stay nr.1 while Cryptic is laughing their ass off. They love people like you, and you’re just playing ball with a company that’s only interested in your bank account. Why? Are you insane? Or do you maybe have a vested interest in this company?
    [No offense intended.]

    Games should again become one time purchase, and people should just have fun playing it without wasting time and money. MMO games as they are control many peoples lives. That is SO not good.

    Another thing [unrelated to this topic] about MMO games. Why are all these skills and powers and stuff so freaking confusing to any non math professor? Money… OUR money to be exact.
    The more confusing it is, the more time players will spend, the more money they’ll waist on respec tokens, character slots or whatever just to limit their time spend…

    Do you know how I play a MMO? I’m just having fun while playing PVE. Do I play PVP? LOL, of course not. PVP is THE tool for these companies to get your money.

    I remember PVP in Neverwinter Nights 1 [custom online modules]. The first MMO which was completely free if you had the game. Now THAT was fun.

    Remember, YOU play the game. Don’t let these game companies play with you…

  2. Robowski says:

    Hey, thanks for the info, this seems like a great guide that I’d like to follow but have two questions before I start sinking huge amounts of AD into the wrong places:
    1) is this still a viable option with current AH prices on epic gear at the moment and will it be in the future as more people pick up more epics?
    2) what’s the most profitable crafting tree to follow, ie which class’s epics are the most profitable? As a CW I was going to focus on tailoring but not sure which to follow.

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