Marvel Heroes Missions Worth Doing Again List

Marvel Heroes Missions Worth Doing Again List by cweaver

I’m compiling a list of which missions give a reward the second time around, when you run them on an alternate hero. For example, the first time you run the Raft and do the ‘Claim your reward’ mission, you get a free starter hero / fortune card. If you reset your mission progress and do that mission again on a second hero, you don’t get anything, though.

Here’s what I’ve gathered so far, remember these are mission rewards for doing the mission a second time, on a new hero:


Trouble at the Raft

Finishing the Job

Claim your Reward

Chapter 1:

Learn crafting system – shows already completed even after you reset

Cleaning up the Kitchen

Tablet of Life and Time – permanent +25 health bonus

Intrepid Reporter

Secrets of the Maggia – 30 exp

Avengers History

Chapter 2:

Mysterious Old Video

Pusuing the Hood – +1 power point

Experiment Q-36

Taskmaster’s Lesson – Rarity boost potion

Secrets of AIM – 30 exp

Chapter 3:

The Eyes of SHIELD – SHIELD artifact

The Lost Patrol – Vendor summon

Snakes in the Grass – permanent +5 spirit

Repel Brood Scouts – Crafter summon

The Muramasa Blade – Yukio artifact

The Tablet Chase – exp

Secrets of Madripoor – exp

Chapter 4:

Poison on the Streets

Corruption in Blue – Retcon potion

The Kingpin Falls – +1 power point

Trouble at Xavier’s

Chapter 5:

Purification Crusade – permanent +50 health

The Meanest Streets

Secrets of Mutant Town – 30 exp

History of Mutants

Chapter 6:

Stryker Under Siege – permanent +5 spirit

Cleansing Wrath

Data Loss

Dangerous Tech

Beyond the X-Men

Chapter 7:

The Great Bug Hunt – Artifact

A Sinister Plan – exp potion

Little Lost Jungle Lord – Ka-zar artifact

Infestation Most Vile – +1 power point

Mutate Genesis – permanent +50 health

Prisoners of the Brood


A Visit with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Chapter 8:

Starktech on the Loose

Defeat the Intelligencia

Smash HYDRA!

Hulkbuster Armory

A Doomed World

Doom’s Lethal Legion

Secrets of Latveria

Lingering Threats

Unlock PvP Beta Test

Victory Lap

Claim Your Reward

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