Dragon’s Prophet Dragon Lair Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Dragon Lair Guide by Dagron

The dragon lair is a very useful tool in the game and can greatly benifit a player. The lair is used to improve your Dragons and gather materials.

Step one find a lair manager

You can find a lair Manager in most major towns, talk to them to access the lair

Lair Manager

the lair manager icon is an egg in a nest (as shown above)

when you open the lair you will see a screen like this:

dragon lair tabs

there are 6 tabs in the middle of the window starting at the top they are: Dragon Info, Dragon Process, Dragon Training, Field training, Lair Storage and Lair Journal

Dragon Info

the Dragon info tab shows the stats and skills of the selected dragon

Dragon Processes

In the dragon process tab you are able to put your dragon to work and train it.

dragon process

Starting a Process

to start a process click the add process button.

add process

after clicking the add process button the screen looks like this. The 8 pictures at the top are the different things you can have your dragon do. In order from left to right these are Dragon Training, Skills Training, Gather Ore, Gather Herbs, Gather Wood, Gather Leather,Gather Cloth, and Gather meat. The first drop down menu below the pictures differs according to what you are trying to do in the Training menu it is what level of training you want to use, in skills training it is what skill you are going to work on, in the gathering ones it is what type of material you are going to gather. The second drop down menu is Schedule Details (duration of process) you can select 1 or 5 hours for free if you want to go over 5 hours Station Cash is needed. under the second drop menu is a window with a percentage in it. this percentage is the mastery bonus certain dragons are good at gathering and have a mastery skill that give them a bonus that bonus will show here. under all that is what you will get from completing that process. in this picture my dragon would get 60 taming experience for 1 hours worth of work.


Dragons stored in the Lair may be used to gather resources, even while you are offline. Those dragons with an applicable Elite Skills provide an increase to gathering efficiency. You must raise the dragon’s taming level to gather

Example: Herb Collection


In the included photo, this dragon has both Level 1 (10% Boost) and Level 3 (25%) Herb Knowledge Mastery for a total 35% Expertise bonus. Instead of yielding 20 Doran Grass, after a processing time of 1 hour, 27 Doran Grass will be returned.


this image shows the rewards for gathering ore. For gathering you get 4 things: the mat you are sent your dragon to gather, in this case it is Unrefined ore, an unknown mat, you can extract these and get rare mats, Taming experience, and Dragon fodder i will explain dragon fodder in a little bit.

A key thing to point out is that the processes continue even when you are offline so you can set you dragons to gather while you are at work or sleeping

Dragon Training

The next tab is Dragon Training this is where you increase the stats of your dragon i will go into more detail about this in my next post i am tired and want to make sure i don’t lose what i have done so far.

Field Training

You can have dragons teach each other skills. Select two dragons for the Field Training, at least one must have an empty Skill Slot. Possible results from Field Training are displayed. Results are random. You cannot target a specific skill OR which of the two (assuming both have an empty skill slot) dragons receives the skill.

Lair Storage

Pick up the mats you got from gathering here. You can remove a partial stack (and use the Lair for storage) or all at once by clicking the infinity symbol.

Lair Journal

A list of activities done in the lair recently

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