Blade 9 Wings Guide

Blade 9 Wings Guide by Jerome

Wings, an extremely rare form of special equipment exists, it has a cool appearance, but also to the holders of strong stat.
Those who have wings, not just the lucky one in a million, is a strong powerful symbol.


Gain Wing

Combine conditions:
1: Owned and acquisition wings combine formulation(in mall)
2: With wings of Feather fragments (The boss of tower of Choas)
Combine process:
1:Find the NPC in Dragon City –Zachary<BlackSmith>,open the Items Forging.
2:In the list on the left, select” Wings recipe” which you wants to combine
3: If the combine conditions are met, you can click on the “Start” complete the wings combine operation


After the success of the combine can be obtained psychic quality +0 wings.

Enhance Wings

The game inside the wings Enhancing operation, the wings can Enhancing to +9.
Enhancing Wings consumed “Enhancing Gem”
Put “Enhancing Gem” into Wings,Open the Operator interface to enhance.


Refining Wings

The Wings also be able to upgrade, the highest Wings upgrade to the awakening quality.
Refining need to consume “Refining Crystal”
Put “Refining Crystal” into Wings,Open the Operator interface to refining.


All these materials can be used of honor to buy in the mall


Getting Snow Wing

Requirement, you need to get the quest item “Frame of Wing” . Drop from any mobs Lv35+

After you get it, right click to accept the quest. it’s a series quest and totally have 10 sub quests.

1. [Sub]Shards’ Whereabouts I
2. [Sub]Shards’ Whereabouts II
3 [Sub]Shards’ Whereabouts III
4 [Sub]The Snow Wing Formula
5 [Sub]Damned Sorcery
6 [Sub]Warrior Zinge
7 [Sub]Recipe’s Whereabouts
8 [Sub]Demon Square’s Trial
9 [Sub]Make The Snow Wing
10. [Sub]Upgrade the Snow Wing

You will get log exp rewards and a Snow Wings after the quests.(15 days)

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