Blade 9 Newbie Guide

Blade 9 Newbie Guide by xLegend

A Short guide for starters in regard of leveling.

Binding Coins – Daily needs ( HP potion / MP Potion / Repair )
Honor – would use to obtain the skill for other class such as Harp

1.) Main Quest (Provides High EXP,Binding Coins,Honor)
2.) Sub Quest (Provides Medium EXP,Binding Coins) / Some of the Sub quest provides Honors..
3.) Daily Quest for 25 above – Golden Cup Quest
Take Note: I wouldn’t recommend doing autobot for the whole 30 mins with this quest.
If you already have Config II, I would suggest using a bow class and staying at 129,161.
Doing it that way you’ll get 6 Sarcophagus and enough Tomb Guards for additional Iron hooks
(what I usually do is using autobot in the center for 15 mins killing Tomb Guards before doing the step above)
4.) Doing Demon Square(Solo/Party) – Would provide you Huge experience with 3 attempts.
P.S I would advice to get the daily double EXP on the event manager for higher exp for this 3 attempts.
5.) When you reach lvl 25 you’ll get to enter the first dungeon Raiders of Chasm of Ancient Tombs.
(This is the place where you can get the material for crafting Excellent equipment *Golden Rune*)
6.) Hourly Devil Spawn – Drops Rare Materials that can be obtain from Dungeon, 25% Additional exp can be stack with EXP pill/daily double exp, Bounty letter, Lucky Sachet.
—6.1 Investigate Rebel Armor – Synthesize Bounty letter(difficult) and exchange it to The Source NPC
Materials for Synthesizing Bounty letter(difficult)
3 pcs of Bounty letter
—6.2 Investigate Demon Lord – Lucky Sachet x3 exchange it for huge EXP at The Source NPC.
7.) Devil Invade event 9 pm PH time – 10 pm – you just need to do an autobot in this event where you can get 200 exp and 150 binding coins per hit.
rarely provides Drill, Forging Box.
P.S Forging Box open it when your 60 it would be more efficient.
8.) Daily Charge Stone – Party up and get all the required colors provide huge EXP. (If you have a different color, you may abandon the quest and get the event quest again to have a different color)
9.) PT Grinding – just party up to 6 people and form a square form for faster EXP and cover larger amount of space.

Enough with the leveling guide.

How to get rich in different methods

1.) Golden Cup Quest
2.) Ice Core Quest
3.) Crafting (Effective for 30 and above equips)
4.) Dungeon excellent items (Effective for 30 and above equips)
5.) Level 2 Gems,Crystal – Can be obtain in several ways
a.) The Valuable Stones
b.) Treasure Map
c.) Hourly Devil spawn
6.) If you’re rich in real life (Become a VIP user and sell mall item shop to other players)
7.) World Boss

Just a piece of advice, all of the equipment that would be dropped by the monster such like Spirit,Fine,Normal. Extract it and Hoard the White Soul Fragment since it would be useful when you reach higher level.

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