Blade 9 Getting Coins from Daily Quests Guide

Blade 9 Getting Coins from Daily Quests Guide by Jerome

How to become a millionaire in the game? or how to obtain coins easily? I simply talk about the game
system to do Daily Quest for obtain coins, these quest can only do once a day.
“The Gold Cup” quest in the ancient tomb, this quest requires Lv25 to get it, you can find the quest at the top
right corner of the screen for each level guidelines.


After receiving the quest, there is a 30-minute time limit, you will have a specific quest item place in your inventory. # you need kill the specific mobs to get a quest item,


and then go to Ancient Tomb 1st Floor and kill the Tomb Guard, you will have chance to get “Weight iron hooks”,


right click the “Meteor tube” to combine the Wrought Iron Hooks,


then attacking the sarcophagus around the tomb


you will get the gold cup


Gold Cup sell NPC to get coins, price is 5000 / someone if good luck after 30 minutes, can get 20, it is recommended to run autobot in the ancient tomb around 129,161, close to 4 sarcophagus, and the Tomb guards refresh soon.

Then “The Ice Core” of daliy quest, this quest only get it once a day too, also have 30 minutes to complete, the operation almost the same as “The Gold Cup” , this quest recommended levels are 42, each Ice Core worth 20,000.

Completion of the above two quests, if lucky,it can obtain 300-400 k coins a day, added with other income from quests and farming , player may easily get 500k a day.

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