Wartune Earning Gold Guide

Wartune Earning Gold Guide by Rain

Gold as the main source of income in-game, players would want to spend their time accumulating it since most of the economy revolves around GOLD. Uses of Gold listed below:

-Gaining Astrals (the most gold burner)
-Enchanting (second gold burner)
-Guild Contribution (third probably?)
-Removing gems
-Buying seeds
-Upgrading buildings

Earning Gold

There are several ways to earn gold enumerated below:

I might miss some. Just comment below if I missed something :P

1. Balens


Strictly for cashers! But for non-cashers, you may also get free balens by simply clicking The GET FREE BALENS at the upper right
corner of the screen and completing the offers. Well, good luck with that.

2. Events


Always be active if you’re a hardcore gamer if you don’t want to miss EVENTS!

3. Guild tree = Guild Chamber

guild chamber

Every time the guild leader calls you to go at the guild chamber why not go and energize your tree? For going, you will get free exp and a
chance to gain free contribution!

4. Levying = Town Hall


This ain’t bad source of income. The higher the level of your Hown Hall the greater GOLD LEVIED.
You have 5 attempts each day and resets every 5:00 server time

5. Quests


You won’t leave the game without completing at least one of course!
a. Daily Quests
-these quests also help you a lot to grow more exp and GOLD
b. Main Quests
-includes campaign dungeons
-every time you complete all the dungeons on a Map, you will receive items, high amount of Daru and GOLD!
c. Event Quests
-event quests aren’t similar to events itself
d. VIP Quests
-for VIPs only.
e. Bounty Quests
-you can get bounty quest via Bounty Scroll or Bounty Hall

6. Selling


Always sell unneeded items like low battle rating equips. Also equipments that you previously used even though enchanted that you don’t
need anymore.

7. Alchemy


If you have balens to burn then go with this. For stable cashers to earn gold.

8. Campaigns/Dungeons


This also provides some hefty gold when battling monsters or opening chests.
Traveler’s coin purse, Bronze and Silver Chests, etc.

9. Plunder a City = World Map


Another good way. If you’re lucky, you can plunder 100k gold or more!
If for some reason you lost, you won’t lose anything but your attempts will still be deducted. Plunder wisely.

10. Plunder a Gold Mine = World Map

gold mine

This is a must for every player to boost up income! You generate gold even though you’re offline.
Don’t forget the higher the level of Gold Mine you choose to plunder, the higher the gold it generates every hour!

11. World Boss

world boss

World Boss battle will only be nice for income when you can tank the damage at least twice not to mention reaching 1% damage,
double hitting and last hitting the boss will net you millions of gold.

12. Guild Blessing = Guild Altar

guild blessing

The roulette depends on your luck and the more guild contribution you have the more chances of having gold and other goodies!
You use Contribution points to use the roulette and the number of attempts depend on the level of your Guild Altar.

13. VIP Tokens


This option is only available for VIPs. But who knows, you may stack up these coins if you’re not a casher and decided to be a VIP!

14. Upgrade Gold Refinery


A must every time you level up your town hall!
Here you earn gold overtime depending on the current level of your building so keep it upgraded with the level of your commander!

15. Upgrade Town Hall

town hall

Every time you upgrade your town hall, gold produced overtime and levied will also increase! A must every time your Character levels up!

16. Arena Rewards
Sometimes in arena, the shuffle thingy will provide you gold rewards.
Every three(3) days you will receive a reward depending on your current rank.

and the best way for beginners and non-cashers, yeah you heard it right, the best way~!

17. FARMING!!!


To level up your farm you must help your friends farm by weeding, reviving, recharging the tree and steal? xD
The more you level up, the more you unlock higher value of seeds and the more farm squares you can plant on! GOLD SEEDS!

Farming is the most easiest in-game non-event related to earn gold for everyone since the more active friends you have the more farm plants you can STEAL! The maximum friends you can add is 200. Add only active or semi-active players.


Not only that. Once you have a high level farm like lvl 30+, you can upgrade your land and improve your production rate and reduce the time for maturity! You use vouchers or balens to upgrade your farm 


upgrade land

Every time you energize your friend’s Tree of Ancients you will also earn some gold, farm exp and friendliness points not to mention if you have complete 200 friends, ain’t that convenient?

tree of ancients

You must also time maturity rate of plants from the farm you want to steal. Make sure they have GOLD producing plants though. :P Just steal any plant that satisfies you.


Steal until this message shows up. Hmmmm…. Well, too bad. You have to wait for Ancient tree reset event at 23:59 server time. 


[L2]Gold Seeds are better than [L2]Superior Gold Seeds in terms of value.
Since [L2]Gold Seeds mature in 1hr and [L2]Superior Gold Seeds mature in 4hrs
[L2]Gold Seeds produce 4500 gold and [L2] Superior Gold Seeds produce 15000 gold
Provided that you already have 9 squares of land to plant on:

[L2]Superior Gold Seeds for 4hrs produces:
15000gold*9squares = 135000 gold

[L2]Gold Seeds for 1hr produces:
4500gold*9squares = 40500 gold

For every 4hrs:
40500*4hrs = 162000 gold

162000 gold – 135000 gold = 27000 gold difference!

If you don’t want to spend some time in harvesting every 1hr then go with [L2]Superior Gold Seeds

So all you have to do is farm steal farm steal farm!!!

Make sure to time the maturity rate of your plants so you can get them full of value or else some of your friends will steal and benefit from it too!

*Think before you click. You may sell items like Socketing rods, Gems, Purple/Legend Equips, Gold astrals and other items that you need. Everyone knows how it feels to lose a Rare item and just selling it by low price gold. Always remember to budget your gold to maximize its value especially in Astro.

Hope this helps

Character name: Rain
Server: S59 Easkerton Camp

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