Wartune Being Strong for Your Level (Slow Leveling) Guide

Wartune Being Strong for Your Level (Slow Leveling) Guide by GingerTheHutt

This guide is brought to you with the assistance of CreamySaucepan. A dirty cheating haxxor. But I lurves her. I can’t help myself.

There are two ways to play Wartune in our opinion.

The first way is to rush for the top: To be the first to achieve every accolade: Biggest, strongest, highest defence, highest rank etc. While there is nothing wrong with this playstyle, to maintain that #1 position eventually is gonna start costing you balens. Lots of balens. More balens than I can afford to throw at this game. The other problem is that with a new server – playing this style is fine within the realms of your server. It instantly becomes a problem as soon as the cross server things come into play and you discover that there are others your level, with much stronger builds as they’ve gone slower.

The other way is to take your time and play at a slower pace. You get time to prepare in advance your gear, plan your build. Learn from others about strengths and weaknesses of new maps, gear, boss’s etc – without having to be the guinea pig working it all out. Level has its advantages – in that as you advance, you open up new gear, troops etc. But overall – we think slower leveling is more rewarding and has a slower burnout potential.

This list of ideas is to show you ideas and suggestions regarding how you can level more slowly, and thus build more strongly than your same level peers. We decided to split it into two sections. The first section will deal with ideas that everyone can utilise. The second part (in post number 2) will deal with more items that are more specific to cashers.

Section 1: Ideas for Everyone:

  • Goals: Set yourself some mini goals to achieve. Be positive about reaching them. It’s important that you set something achievable. Rather than set your sights on #1 on the lists – set yourself a BR goal to hit before the next level. For example, at the time of writing Ginger was trying to achieve a 38500 BR, before he hit level 49. Other ideas for goals: Aim to get an astral leveled up, or a certain BR total, or maybe a guild skill done. Once you have your goal decided, put everything into achieving it!
  • Plan Ahead: Look into purchasing your armour sets (or the components of them) in advance. Purchase your rings and jewels in advance too! This gives you time, potentially to have them enchanted to the max level, fully socketed & refined, before you get to the level required to wear them. Then it’s simply a case of swapping your gems over and you’re away!
  • Battlegrounds – A Gem Fest: Most players scramble for honour. While it’s true a higher honour title allows for a better medallion, which in turn increases BR. We personally prefer to look at the other asset of BG – carting! You only get your first two runs per day to cart. If you keep your head down and remain inconspicuous, you can average enough crystals for 3 chests from the BG’s. Coupled with your daily 95 gem, you can be relatively certain of at least a level 3 gem every day! If you’re good, that’s approaching a level 5 gem every 2 weeks.
  • Avoiding Unnecessary Experience: I think it’s pretty obvious to say that to level up slower, you need to avoid unnecessary experience. Take for example the guild tree: Huge amounts of experience, for very little return. Sure energise the guild tree as soon as it spawns – but then leave the guild chamber. Likewise don’t do more than you need to of the daily quests, pick and chose the ones that benefit you most, or return least xp. Don’t do the spire, don’t do the bounty quests, or again if you have to pick the white ones that return the least experience.
  • The Catacombs: are a fantastic source of gems and are pretty much exclusively the only source of crypt tokens. Much as I hate the catacombs huge experience rewards – I do love the other glittering prizes. I tend to limit my catacomb runs heavily. Though if I stay at a level longer than I plan to – I tend to party in the catacombs, earning extra gems and crypt tokens. For the daily devotion for the catacombs – you only need to enter the catacombs, there is no requirement to complete a level or anything. So you can just enter and leave.
  • Farming: Depending on how much time you have to log in and sit behind a computer all day: depends how effective your farm can be. Hourly seeds are more productive than the 4 hour seeds – so if you can do hourly seeds all day – do. Also I tend to steal only the 4 hour seeds as you get more return for your click.
  • Your academy: While it may not seem it at first, it eventually forms a big factor in your strength. Its potential keeps increasing as you level up. However: It takes a lot of kyanite (and time for non VIP) to max out, slow levelling helps this process as you’ll get more kyanite and time per level.
  • Refine your gear: Your gear comes (most of the time) with 5 random stats assigned to it. These are the usual suspects, attack, defence, HP etc. These stats add to your BR and contribute to your build. Refining these stats can make a chip in the window into a great big crack. Properly refined gear helps. For example – a mage using will destroyer has no need of any crit – refining will let you remove the crit and replace it something else. Refinement crystal shortage? Try using some excess insignias to purchase the 300 insignia brooch from the arena shop for a refinement roll!
  • Astrals: A major gold sink hole. Astrals can form a significant portion of your battle rating. As such it’s important to keep spending gold on them, be it in huge chunks over days, or a little bit everyday. This will keep them levelling up and making them stronger. There are many guides here about the best way to capture astrals, as such, I’m not going to expand on that here. But simply leave it at: you should spend more gold on astrals.
  • Guild Skills: Like astrals, this is also a major sink hole for gold. Again like astrals and also like your academy, your guild skills eventually tally up to form a significant chunk in your battle prowess. They are however limited by the level of your guild. So at the risk of sounding quite shallow, a higher level guild is advisable for when you take the time to concentrate on these.
  • 95 Devotion Chest & Daily Check In: Everyday online rewards you. Either through checking in enough days of the month or through the daily devotion system. There’s a long list of daily chores to work through. But trust me it’s worth it to fight for that 95. Currently for 95 devotion you get: 5 bullhorns, a 50% exp scroll, 50k daru, a rose, 50k gold, a level 5 luck stone, a skeleton key, a horse training whip, 5 soul crystals and a random level 2 gem. Over a 30 day month, you can see that it soon adds up. Every month for checking in 26 times you receive: 5 level 2 gems, 105k gold, 58k daru, 18 skeleton keys, 1600 vouchers, 4 level 3 gems and an outside chance at a level 4 gem.
  • World Boss. The single biggest source of gold and daru in the game. Attend as many of these as you can. If you can spare the vouchers, use a few to give yourself a boost to your income. Gold is the most important commodity in the game, the game revolves around gold. I can’t stress enough how important gold is to maintaining character development. In need of some extra gold? Got a load of insignia sitting around? Purchase a load of lvl 3 XP books from the arena shop. A bargain at 10 insignia each it’s quite cheap to get 100 of them (1k insignia). Then sell them. That’s a quick easy 200k gold in your back pocket.
  • Solo and MP Dungeons. Running dungeons that are a lower level than your character, reduces the amount of xp they give. At level 48 I tend to run Delphinian Swamp and The Graveyard, as they give very little xp and high yield rewards.
  • The Free Balens Button: There is some respite for the non casher with the ‘get free balens’ button – now while this is not perfect for everyone as it is quite region/country specific – I can supplement my account with as many as 30 or 40 balens a day, just watching videos. Although it probably averages around 18 to 20 or so a day. The one off offers are also very good – especially if they have things you’re after, or if it’s just a questionnaire where you can lie through your teeth about everything. However I would offer some advice when doing these offers: firstly use a dummy email, and never give out accurate personal information, avoid anything that wants to install anything or download to your computer.

Section 2: Ideas for Cashers/Balenors:

  • Being a VIP: is a great way to help reduce your experience gain. Yes VIP adds to your experience gain in places – but more importantly, from level 3 onward it adds a bonus to your daily devotion total. This initially allows you to skip on completing the bounty quests and the daily quests portion of your devotion. VIP continually rises as long as you keep up the payments and so does the daily devotion contribution as you ascend the VIP ranks. This makes it possible to skip on all the experience heavy portions of your day. Daily quests, 10 solo arena challenges & bounty quests.
  • VIP Weekly Gift Pack and VIP Wheel: These are a god send! I feel many players overlook the value of the gift pack. I love the soul crystals, the VIP tokens and the skeleton keys! Soul crystals add to your gems effectiveness through the soul engraving (a small bonus but it very quickly adds up), the skeleton keys open chests and also allow you to farm the summoners (for legendary stones / crystaloids) later in the game and finally the VIP tokens give access to the VIP wheel. Many people dismiss the VIP wheel as being useless and rigged. While I agree it’s rigged – it’s also a fantastic opportunity to the slow leveler. I keep refreshing the wheel till I find a wheel with 1 or less shadow crystals and 580k gold – the gold is guaranteed – so that’s a nice boost toward your guild skills or astrals. Also, there’s also a low chance you can get a low level gem (usually level 2) out of the wheel on an irregular basis.
  • Wings and Clothing: Wings add a beefy boost to your BR, and can be levelled up further to increase said boost. Clothes provide initial starting rage, and also can be levelled up to further increase that starting rage benefit. Increased starting rage, combined with a strong build is a devastating combination.
  • Mounts: The wonderful thing about mounts is that their stats stack. So if there is an event going on where you can get a special mount, and you do not mind spending your balens to be able to ride something funky, consider going for that mount. Or buy one from the shop.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Id recommend against ever using insignia for gold. Let it stack up… the lvl 60 epic shards are 800 insignia each and you need 15 per legendary gear piece. 48k insignia can take a while to stack up when youre buying crusader-LD medals weekly.

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    I have question about free balents, it doesen’t offer me to watch any videos, what country do i need to choose for watching videos and gaining points?

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    you can now add talents to your guide. after lvl 50 you can sink a lot of experience points into talents.

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