Wartune Archer Detailed Guide

Wartune Archer Detailed Guide by S49_JTPM


Greetings Wartune players.

In this Archer guide i will be covering the following sections:

1. Archer info and tips for beginners.
2. Archer stats priority
2.1 Bonus stats on items priority
3. Astrals info.
3.1 PvE/PvP Astrals
3.2 World Boss Astrals
4. PvE/PvP Gems
4.1 World Boss Gems
5. PvP Skills build and their priority
5.1 PvE Skills build and their priority
6. Academy skills priority
7. Mount stats
8. Troop enlightenment and troop leveling
9. Forgotten Catacombs floor 50+
10. Equipment
11. Guild Skills

1. Archer info and tips for beginners

For those of you who are new to this game i would like to point out that the archer is a very easy class to play with… i the early 1-45 levels archers are the best , but in order to keep up with the knights and mages after level 45 either you have to be top player on the server or you will need a lot of cash to keep up.
The archer class has a very good burst dps and this is one of the main reasons for them to be the best option for world boss.
The bad thing about the archer is that he doesn’t have enough AOE skills , the only AOE skill he has is Lunatic Fire (Multi-Shot doesn’t count as an AOE since it’s random and it can hit 1 target twice)

Conclusion: If you play for fun , don’t care about being the best on the server and you are used to pick archers in most of the MMO’s then go for it.
If you are a serious player looking for reaching the top ranks without using cash then i don’t recommend you picking the archer class.
If you are a serious player looking for reaching the top ranks and can allow yourself to pay “some” cash then i definitely recommend you picking the archer.

2. Archer stats priority

Best Stats :
1) Power (gives 4Patk and 1 Pdef for every Power point)
2) Critical (Archers work mostly off of crits its how they gain rage fast)
3) Armor (gives 4 Pdef and 4 Mdef for every Armor point)
4) Endurance (Archers have a passive 20% HP gain from skill tree)

2.1 Bonus stats on items priority

item stats

Those are the stats you would like to see on every single equipment.
For those of you that don’t have the opportunity to get those stats , try refining till you get the most useful stats out of those 5.

The stat priority is:
1. Power (strength)
2. Patk
3. Crit
4. Defense (armor)
5. Endurance
6. Mdef/Pdef
7. HP
8. Charisma

Note: Using the Defense stat makes your life easier since it adds both Mdef and Pdef and at the same time it opens a slot for one more stat bonus. I have seen a lot of people (all classes tho) going for Mdef and Pdef bonus stats which is a waste of one more bonus stat to be added to that item.
Endurance is better then the HP bonus since 1 endurance = 20 HP , and if you make the calculations you will find out that the difference between Endurance and HP at level 10 star will be x1.5-x2 more HP if you use the Endurance bonus.

3. Astrals info.

Boost your stats with the help of Astrals. You can either choose to focus on one stat or you can customize your character any way you want with different kinds of stat boosts.

1. Click on the Astro button to view the Astro interface. (hot key: H)
2. The Astro interface holds five different orbs. Orbs become higher in level as you progress from left to right.
3. Click the first orb to receive a random Astral. The higher the level orb, the greater chance players will receive a rarer Astral.
4. Using the Astro System consumes gold. Higher level orbs will consume larger amounts of gold. So be sure to watch the cost of each click.
5. Grey quality Astrals cannot be picked up and can only be sold. Players may only hold up to 20 Astrals in the Astro interface at a time.
6. Engulfing other Astrals will increase an Astral’s experience. To engulf an Astral, simply drag one Astral to another. Once an Astral’s experience amount has been reached, the Astral’s level will be upgraded. To effectively utilize the Astro system, players will want to engulf their lower level Astrals with their higher level Astrals.

3.1 PvE/PvP Astrals


Here you can see the main PvP/PvE astrals you need at level 50.
At level 60 i would add

Level 60 astral

Here is the priority in astrals:
Level 25 = Patk and Pdef/Mdef
Level 30 = Patk , Pdef and Mdef
Level 40 = Patk , Pdef , Mdef and Crit.
level 50 = Patk , Pdef , Mdef , Crit and Increase crit damage by x% (on the level 50 astrals if you know who are you facing and in case if you don’t need Mdef or Pdef vs that opponent then replace one of them with Goddess Blessing astral)

Note: Some people prefer adding the Illusion astral (chance to dodge damage increases by x%) to their PvP spec in 3×3 arena fights. If you feel that it suites you better then go for it.

3.2 World Boss Astrals

WB astrals

Those are the Astrals you should use on WB at level 50.

Some people use the reflect damage astral as well (tbh i don’t think it works on WB).

Astral priority:
Level 25 = Patk and Crit
Level 30 = Patk , Crit and Crit damage increase
Level 40 = Patk , Crit , Crit dmg increase and Floating Damage

At level 60 you can add Pristine Brilliance for more HP if you are going to tank the 5 boss hits.

Note: I suggest using the charisma astral only on level 50 not earlier since it wont boost your overall damage done as much as the rest of the astrals do.
For those of you who can survive 5 boss hits , you would like to put yourself in front and your knights/angels in the back for more damage outcome.

4. PvE/PvP Gems


You have 2 options of gem combinations and it all depends on what is your character missing mostly.
Some people may argue with me on that i am not including the Crit gem but as i said use the most needed stats.

legendary equipment gems

Here are the 4 gems you need on your legendary equipment.
And for those who prefer Crit, you can use it too , as i said it’s optional for everyone.

Note: From reading a lot of topics on the forum i learned that when you reach the Tormented Necro. You might want to maximize your Crit stat as much as possible and in that case i suggest you remove either an Mdef or Pdef gem (depending on the boss you are facing) and add crit gems as much as you can in every item.

4.1 World Boss Gems

WB gems

Here are your main 4 gems that have to be used during WB fight for maximum damage outcome.
That’s for Legendary equipment tho.

WB 3 socket items gems

Here are the 3 gems you are going to use in all 3-socket items.

Note: All gems mentioned above are for players that aren’t receiving more then 2 hits from the boss (unless you have 35k + base hp which is far at level 60+)

5. PvP Skills build and their priority

PvP skills

These are my skills on level 57.
Many people may argue on that i am using Bloodthirsty but i will go in details about it a little bit later.

The priority on the skills is:
1. Arrow Strike (keep on max available)
2. Multi-shot (keep on max available)
3. Eye of the eagle (upgrade to the max)
4. Acumen (upgrade it once to open Focused Attack)
5. Focused Attack (upgrade to the max and get back to Acumen upgrade in order to unlock level 3 Focused Attack)
6. Delphic Sniper (upgrade step by step together with Lunatic Fire)
7. Lunatic Fire (keep on max available)
8. Bloodthirsty Strike (try to upgrade it when there is nothing else left from the mentioned above)
9. Battle Prowess (it’s a good passive skill but it’s more for long fights , that’s why i prioritize it less then the rest of the skills)

Note: For those of you who don’t agree on using Bloodthirsty in PvP i would like to prove otherwise. Bloodthirsty is a very useful skill if your damage is good and i use bloodthirsty mainly only in Battleground PvP since keeping your HP high there is a must , you cant use your points all the time to refresh HP. And so by picking the right opponent that you can do most damage to , you would like to use your bloodthirsty skill on him or his troops to regen your HP.

5.1 PvE Skills build and their priority

PvE skills

By PvE here i mean Catacombs floor 50+ and 45+ MP’s. I’ll go into details about the catacombs tactics during boss fights a little later.
Solo dungeons work just perfectly with the PvP spec that i posted above.

The priority of the PvE skills is:
1. Arrow Strike (upgrade to the max available level)
2. Eye of the eagle (upgrade to the max)
3. Acumen (upgrade it once to open Focused Attack)
4. Focused Attack (upgrade to the max and get back to Acumen upgrade in order to unlock level 3 Focused Attack)
5. Poison Arrow (upgrade step by step together with Deep Freeze skill)
6. Deep Freeze (keep on max available)
7. Battle Prowess (upgrade it once to open Scatter Shot)
8. Scatter shot (don’t upgrade it more then level 2)
9. Bloodthirsty Strike (i suggest upgrading this skill at any point you can , the earlier the better since this is one of the key skills used to pass 50+ cata bosses which increases your survivability)
10. Multi-Shot (many people will not agree that MS is left behind , but in order for the rest of the skills to work and to have enough rage there is no place for loosing 5-10 rage by using MS)

Note: All the skill above are done based on PvP set equipment.
Multi-shot can be used as one of the main skills if you are using the PvE set since only then you will have enough rage regen to allow yourself using MS together with the rest of the skills mentioned above.

6. Academy skills priority


The Academy skills have to be picked very wisely since you will probably never have enough Kyanite to upgrade them all (or even you have then it will be only after level 60)

What you want to do is mainly focus on the most important skills that will benefit your character.

Here is the priority of the skills:
1. Hero Patk (keep this skill equal to your character’s current level)
2. Hero Pdef (keep this skill equal to your character’s current level)
3. Hero Mdef (keep this skill equal to your character’s current level)
4. Hero HP (i am suggesting to upgrade this skill to level 30-40 and then leave it since the bonus from every upgrade isn’t worth the kyanite you pay for it)
5. Troop Patk and Troop count (upgrade those 2 skills as much as possible if your troop enlightenment is Patk)
6. Gold Production , Troop Pdef , Troop Mdef and Troop HP (upgrade them at the same time and try keeping them at the same level)

Note: Use your Kyanite wisely and you will feel the difference.

7. Mount stats


As soon as you reach level 40 you would like to throw all of your Mount Training Whips into the Strength stat and upgrade it till level 10.
When your mount’s Strength stat reaches level 10 , you would like to start doing the same with Endurance and Armor stats , start with the stat that your character is currently missing most.
After reaching level 10 on all 3 stats , start focusing only on Strength unless your character is missing more Armor/Endurance , in this case you know what to do.

Bonuses for every upgrade:
For every strength upgrade you get 20 Patk and 5 Pdef. (Example: Mount Strength level 10 = 200 Patk and 50 Pdef)
For every endurance upgrade you get 100 HP. (Example: Mount Endurance level 10 = 1000 HP)
For every Armor upgrade you get 20 Pdef and 20 Mdef. (Example: Mount Armor level 10 = 200 Pdef and 200 Mdef)

8. Troop enlightenment and troop leveling

Lets start with troop leveling first since there are lots of troops and for every kind of troop there is something to mention.

1. Lancers

Lancer troop

As soon as you reach level 20 on your lancers , stop there and wait till the Paladins unlock.

2. Paladins

Paladin Troop

Upgrade your paladins to level 20-30 and wait for the Gryphons to unlock

3. Gryphons

Gryphon Troop

Upgrade your Gryphons to level 30-35 and wait for the Knights/Angels to unlock

4. Knights

Knight Troop

Try to keep your Knights/Angels on the same level as you character.

Note: I suggest you to stop upgrading the Gryphons on level 30 , because you will need around 10 000 000 Daru to upgrade Knights/Angels till level 40.

Troop Enlightenment

Troop enlightment

Troop Enlightenment is very useful only when it is level 3+
I recommend using the enlightenment only when you have your knights/angels at the same level as your character.
For Archers the best enlightenment skill is Patk (At level 1 it boosts your Patk by 1% of troop’s Patk and for every level it gains an additional 1%)

9. Forgotten Catacombs floor 50+

Forgotten Catacombs

Skills needed:
1. Deep Freeze
2. Multi-Shot
3. Bloodthirsty Strike
4. Arrow Strike
5. Poison Arrow

Runes needed:
1. Healing rune level 4 or 5
2. Rage rune level 3 ,4 or 5
3. Guardian rune level 4 or 5
4. Group Heal rune level 4 or 5

Boss Fight:
Start the fight with Deep Freeze and Multishot after it. After that start regaining rage by using Arrow Strike 2-3 times and use Bloodthirsty after that. At this point your Deep Freeze will be on 3-4 seconds cool down , go for one more Multishot and Deep Freeze right after it.
Keep on repeating this and you will see the boss gone before you even realize.

Key Factors:
1. Use Deep Freeze as soon as it goes off CD
2. Use Bloodthirsty on CD to increase your survivability
3. Use your runes whenever you feel like you need them

Note: If you are facing a boss that you are very close to beat , try using your Healing Rune as soon as possible in the beginning of the fight just before you use your first Bloodthirsty , by doing so your Rune CD will be off by the end of the fight which will give you the opportunity to use it twice. Another tip , use your Guardian rune right before the AOE of the boss , this will save you around 2-4k hp.
Before you face any boss , make sure you start the fight with 100 rage , in order to do that regen rage on the pack of monsters a couple of floors before the boss himself.

Hint: The double hitting works just as on the World Boss , so you may want to use it in your advantage when regenerating rage.

10. Equipment

As you all know there are two types of sets in this game and they are PVE and PvP.

PvP set:

PvP level 55 set

PvE set:

PvE level 50 set

Nearly no one is using the PvE set in early levels since there is no point in that and you will gain levels pretty fast anyways , so what you want to do is stick with all PvP sets till level 50.
Starting from level 50 you might want to start thinking of buying the level 50 PvE set since it’s set bonus is very helpful in the Catacombs and on World Boss fights as well as it’s base Mdef and Pdef are more then the PvP 55 set. (When enchanting the PvE set , at +18 it gives more Defense then the PvP set does as well)

But i don’t recommend anyone using the PvE set in PvP fights (Arena and Battleground fights).

Note: For those who don’t know , the 4 set bonus of the PvP set doesn’t work on bosses and monsters , there for the PvE set is better.
With the PvE set you will have the opportunity to use skills that require 30+ rage more often since the rage regen with it is amazing.

Pros and Cons

PvE set Pros:
1) Very effective in regenerating rage
2) More Pdef and Mdef
3) Gives you a great boost in the Forgotten Catacombs
4) Best for world boss

PvE set Cons:
1) Not good for PvP
2) No initial rage to start the fight with
3) Doesn’t give the 2000 HP bonus that the PvP set does

PvP set Pros:
1) Initial Rage of 30 at the start of each battle
2) Ignoring enemy target’s armor by 1500 Pdef
3) Adds 2000 HP

PvP set Cons:
1) Less Pdef and Mdef
2) The 4 set bonus doesn’t work on bosses and monsters

11. Guild Skills

Guild Skills

Order of upgrading: (cost)
level 1 Power (200)
level 2 Power (500)
level 1 Defense (200)
level 3 Power (1000)
level 1 Endurance (200)
level 2 Defense (500)
level 2 Endurance (500)
level 4 Power (2000)
level 3 Defense (1000)
level 5 Power (3000)
level 3 Endurance (1000)
level 4 Defense (2000)
level 4 Endurance (2000)
level 1 charisma (200)
level 2 charisma (500)
Total Cost: 14800 contribution = 14 800 000 Gold (this excludes the cost of the gold production)

Note: Try to upgrade the gold production to level 5 or higher as soon as you have the opportunity.

At this point you might want to stop the guild skill upgradings and start spending your gold on your astrals till you get your main 3-4-5 astrals to level 4-5 (it all depends on the gold you make/day)
After you are done with your astrals , continue upgrading your guild skills in the same order as mentioned above.

Note: For those of you who has already upgraded his guild skills to the maximum , you might want to consider upgrading the intellect skill since for every point of intellect you receive 1 Mdef point.

Some guilds may have a lower skill tower for an Example: skill tower level 6 like the one on the picture , in that case do as mentioned above and when you come back on upgrading the guild skills again , you would want to go for max Power , max Defense and Max Endurance the charisma is optional for everyone , if you feel you need more troop count and you have some extra gold to spend then go for it.

That’s it from me. I hope this guide was helpful.

If anyone has any questions , please feel free to ask.
You can criticize any part of the guide and i’ll be happy to agree/disagree with you.
If i missed any important section that can help an archer develop , please let me know and i will add it to the guide.

Note: Some things mentioned above in the guide are concentrated more on cash Archer (like double skill build) , but in general the guide works for both cash and non-cash players.

Thank you for reading.


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  1. Katniss14 says:

    What is the best sylph for archers? I’m thinking Pan, but I’m not sure…

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    Rice the dmg u give is 44% it keeps giving that dmg, but if u crit on first hit it would be base dmg not dmg with the crit

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    Very nice guide. Took a while for me to find something that explains everything step by step. I just have one question, how does Poison Arrow work?

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  6. Galadriel says:

    Owen Potter best bet is base this on your archer build preference.

    Knights are high physical attack(like archer) and some pretty high defenses but they are damage based so can’t heal at all only dps.

    Angels are Magic Attackers (like mages) they can heal a random target and after that the target with the lowest hp. Angels have high MDEF and MATTACK but LOWER PDEF then knights.

    Basically if you can afford the Daru to level both to your level then use Knights to dps mages (who usually have low Pdef and high MDEF) and use angels to fight KNIGHTS AND ARCHERS as they can heal you, tank decently, and do MATKS and MDEF is usually a knight/archers lowest def stat.

    Many archers swear by angels all the way because of heals in pvp. Others swear by tanky knights who do some nasty Physical dps very fast.

    Heals or damage which do you prefer?

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    Thankyou for you advice.. which i will be following to the best of my ability as a none cash user, info like this is a god send.

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