Ragnarok Online 2 Cooking Materials Locations

Ragnarok Online 2 Cooking Materials Locations by Ahjussi

I decided to make this for the convenience of all chefs. If anyone knows which monster drops Edible Antenna, please post and I will add it to the list.


West Mt. Mjollnir

Posted Image Edible Jellopy – Poring

Posted Image Edible Pollen – Flip

East Mt. Mjollnir

Posted Image High Protein Collagen – Fabre / Thiefbug

Posted Image Grasshopper Hindleg – Rocker

Posted Image Edible Antenna –

Posted Image Tough Leaf – Andanora

Posted Image Butterfly Tube – Creamy

South Plain

Posted Image Green Jellopy – Poporing

Posted Image Flip’s Stamen – [Red Plain Flip, Plain Flip, Breeze Flip]

Posted Image Low Fat Omega 3 – Rabong

Posted Image Tough Meat – Blue Rackuf / Brown Rackuf

Posted Image Peco Peco Meat – Peco Peco

Posted Image Edible Gondre Stem – Wormtail

Posted Image Frog Egg – Rodafrog

Izrud Hill

Posted Image Crab Pincer – Coraltus

Posted Image Fresh Fish Meat – Mermen & Mermaids

Posted Image Edible Grasshopper Wing – Trancer

Payon Forest

Posted Image Million Mushroom – Spore / Truffle

Posted Image Smoldering Heart – Horong

Posted Image Toad Webbed Feet – [Toad, Poison Toad]

Posted Image Snake Backbone No. 5 – Boa

Posted Image Solid Bear Front Paw – Bigfoot

Maple Forest

Posted Image Herbal Eggplant Peel – Mandragora

Posted Image Large Slippery Scale – Python

Posted Image Hot Mantis Urine – Mantis

Posted Image Gremlin Wrinkle Feet – Gremlin

Divided Plain

Posted Image Tail Skin – Pereiz

Posted Image Snake Tongue – Male & Female Boa

Posted Image Crunchy Shell – Potemkin

Posted Image Antibacterial Pig Tail – Savage

Posted Image Chewy Antenna – [Castoff Hellbug Warrior & Worker] / Powder

Verta Delta

Posted Image Senticosus Fruit – Francoou

Posted Image Root Tentacle – [Nependeath, Nependes]

Posted Image Water Soluble Sweetened Sap – Manderu

Posted Image Topshell Horn – [Feartus, Hermitus, Pearltus]

Sogratt Desert

Posted Image Frog Fin – Sandfrog

Posted Image Striped Nose – Sand Stalker / Fennec

Posted Image Anaconda Poison Gland – Anacondak

Road of Bless

Posted Image Light Inner Wing – Gold Creamy / Mettler / Gold Powder

Posted Image Marblingbling Sirloin – Desert Peco / Desert Wolf

Posted Image Tender Tail Meat – [Hazel, Wazel, Gerbil]

Posted Image Fugu Flank Meat – Desert Fugu

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