Neverwinter Trickster Rogue Stats Guide

Neverwinter Trickster Rogue Stats Guide by gravethought

Hey everyone, I decided since it gets asked alot to breakdown what stats do and how they work for the trickster rogue. Hopefully people find this helpful.


Power: This statistic increases the damage of each skill by a flat amount. The amount varies for each skill depending on a coefficient. Unfortunately after testing this stat seems to scale horribly, especially for our larger hitting attacks. For example, 125 power added a whopping 7 damage to lashing blade, our hardest hitting non daily attack. The 7/5099 (5099 was the damage before the 125 was power was added) = 0.13% damage increase. This means thats even if you added 2500 power, you would only see an increase of around a 2.6% in the damage of lashing blade. Unsure of power coefficients for duelists flurry mini-hits and bleed, could make the stat more pve worthy.

Crit: On the other hand this fairs a little better. This increases your chance to critically strike, which adds a baseline 75% damage, further modified be critical severity boosting feats. For a execution specced character, there is no better stat. (This is because of overun critical, which gives you a boost of 30% of your critical severity, which is probably 30% if you are stealthed.) Base line every 1% crit will add .75% damage, more for executioners.

Recovery: This stat is almost impossible to mathematically quantify, as it increases action point gain and decreases cooldown times of your encounters. Since different encounters generate different amounts of action points this further complicates evaluating the stat. Overall I think it is better than power, simply because lurker’s assault is so **** good.

Armor penetration: The most underrated and possibly most powerful stat in the game. Most people don’t even know how this stat functions. The % of armor penetration is directly subtracted from the defense % of the target. YES SUBTRACTED. This means if a target has 50% mitigation through defense and you have 50% armor penetration, their defense does nothing and you effectively do TWICE the damage than if you had 0 armor penetration. However this stat is completely dependent on the defense of your target. As far as I could tell parsing through the combat log, this will not reduce defenses below 0%, meaning if you have 20% armor pen vs a 15% defense target, 5% is effectively wasted. Pve mobs seem to have around 15% defense, but mobs vary by type, certain mobs have more or less. In pvp almost everyone has at LEAST 20%. Also 125 armor pen added 1% armor pen even at 2k+ armor penetration, making this possibly the best stat for any non executioner and the 2nd best stat for executioner as long as extra armor pen isnt being wasted.

Note: Does not currently work with our bleed from duelists furry (this is currently considered a bug). This will degrade this stat in pve.


Defense: If you want more survivability, this is pound for pound the best place to start putting it. This decreases the amount of damage taken by a %, and while this stat will have diminishing returns on you as it’s value gets higher, mitigation increases exponentially. (Going from 0 to 50% cuts your dmage taken in half, but it only takes 50 to 75% to cut it in half again). However, pvp’ers beware. Armor pen cuts through this like butter, and other classes may already stacking armor pen to take down clerics and GF’s.

Deflect: This is another stat that scales badly. However, have you ever lashing bladed another TR for like 3k with no astral shield in sight? Well you got deflected. Due to some really bad translation or otherwise I have determined that a deflected blow makes you only take 25% of the damage and not 25% less as the tooltip in game would have you believe. So a deflected blows mitigates 75% of the damage. This makes me feel a little less bad about popping impossible to catch without the stealth bonus.

Life Steal: This is our main form of self healing, it isn’t gonna be super amazing but it can help top you off or sometimes save your ***. I’ve healed myself for considerable chunks with lashing blade. It is a % of the damage you deal.

Regeneration: Not only is this pretty bad, slow, and not really found on any TR gear, but you only get the full bonus if you are getting your *** kicked. Don’t look for this stat, just……don’t.

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  1. Anon says:

    Nice attempt at fooling people to make noob TR’s so your is good… DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS GUIDE

  2. Saleen says:

    What about Movement? I have a few pieces with Movement on them, how do they work with Trickster Rogues?

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