Neverwinter Trickster Rogue PvP Guide

Neverwinter Trickster Rogue PvP Guide by saythin

Hello all my fellow trickster rogues and fellow trickster rogue haters, I am a PvP freak, in any game I ever play I pvp, If I can level through pvp I LEVEL THROUGH PVP. And I rage at things that erk me LOL

Hopefully this can be helpful for any rogues good or bad wanting to troll or wanting to learn. First off my I say that this will ONLY be based off pvp. I have no concerns nor do I care about any PvE so do NOT ask.

Watch video till end for surprise!

Available in 1080P HD!

Stream – 1080p+ Trickster rogue PvP
Some Pictures –



What comes to mind when you first think of a rogue?

Before you can even dare play a stealth based class commonly known as a rogue, What do they even do? In every game I have ever played that consisted a stealth base class, what first comes to mind for me is,Invisible, Ganker, High burst of damage, Sneaky and last but not least What I mainly feel a rogues role is a PUNISHER. Yes thats right, a punisher. Why?

A rogues job is and has always been the “harass” role, sneaky, irritating, just want to get you off. But most importantly, the rogue has the ability to punish, Punish people for their mistakes. Every class consists of this, but rogues can punish someone to the point where they don’t want to even play.

What differences dictate whether someone is a good rogue or bad one?

In every game, every class, in pvp it ALL comes down to one thing in the end, Attention to Detail. You need to have amazing awareness skills in order to get far in any game in any pvp, in Neverwinter’s case, You must have the ability to know when to use what when, where, and WHY. You must have the mentality to outsmart the other person. This early into the game not many people know every class’s excact abilities, but paying attention will dictate what makes a rogue good or bad. A good rogue will know what to do when the enemy makes a move.

You suck, you are playing an overpowered broken class, GTFO?

First of all, if you were any PvP literate you would know that Rogues so far is up there for the highest skillcap. A bad rogue will be utter poop. A good one will destroy anyone who sucks and does not know how to play. There is games where I completely destroy the game because people dont know how to use their fingers and dodge. And there is some games where OCW’s (out of control wizards) actually know how to play and will completely deny me forever and always, and game mechanic wise I can do nothing about it.

Powers, feats? What do I even use?


Sadly although many of you might not care or even listen. This games rogue PvP spec is VERY linear. With everything I have tried. Majority of all rogue skills, are useless in pvp.

The basic build which probably won’t ever change, is :

Encounters – Dazing Strike OR Smoke bomb / Lashing Blade / Deft strike (with exception of Impossible to catch)

This is the linear part. You NEED as a rogue, some sort of cc, disorient, which is where dazing or smoke bomb comes in, The stun is to ineffective lasts for about 1 second and you NEED to be opening with stealth in order for it to stun
(impact shot) Completely useless and not worth it, The daze from dazing strike lasts longer. You NEED damage, Lashing blade is great damage, hardest hitting encounter ability, You need an instant cast hard hitting ability to get off quick, Auto attacking is VERY hard to get off on good people. And lastly, you NEED a gap closer other than dodge, and deft strikes shadowstep mechanic is PERFECT also slows the target briefly allowing you to get some hits off.

Auto attack’s
Duelist’s flurry / Cloud of steel

DF is GREAT, it may seem like it sucks when you first start using it BUT, The last strike does bleed damage AND also acts like a gap closer if landed. You will stick to the target while your last strike is being animated UNLESS he dodges and if he dodges, that is GOOD for you. Cloud of steel because it’s actually good damage as a finisher for someone running away from you with low health, VERY fast so if someone is mounted you can easily get 3 strikes off within 5 seconds to mount them off. And quite frankly the others just plain SUCK.

For Class features I use Sneak attack and Skillful Infiltrator. Depending on wether you want to go a crit build or glass cannon, these are not set in stone. use to your discretion it jsut works best for me because I like to haul @$$ and get to places where I need to be.

Daily Powers Lurker’s Assault and Shocking Execution
Increased stealth gain AND damage, shocking execution? I don’t need to say why … .

Use Shocking Execution as anEXECUTE. I see rogues using it on people with full hp and I’m like…. wth is wrong with you. Use it on someone with full hp, hit them for squat and watch them get healed back up…. I just laugh

Paragon – My biggest mind **** of this game is whether to go scoundrel or executioner. Now with great decisions comes great min maxing, Basically PVP wise, If you want to go a more crit build BAM executioner , a more base damage power build, go for scoundrel.
Want to be like me because I couldn’t make up my mind? Go for Max power/armor pen and spec into saboteur.
The paragon feature is purely based on your play style. Do you prefer being in stealth more? or do you liek to see big numbers crit. all depends on YOU

Enchantments I’m going to be very clear. If you are going to stack any particular stat. Stack Armor Penetration. By far the most beneficiary stat to stack. OR you can spread out your stats like me. I have couple for crit, couple for armor pen, and a couple for power. I want it all.


When you play a rogue, focus on what is going on around you, obviously Red is Dead literally, kill red and red stuff on the ground will get you killed. Pay attention to what people are using.

So I will give a brief explanation of what are some basic thing you can do for each class. But before that let me a explain a nifty thing to you. Try to practice to move forward for about .5 – .7 second in between each auto attack. It’s good to learn early so you can know excactly how much time you have to move , this pertains to Duelist’s Flurry. you can start setting up some strikes to be able to land a third strike on someone, Just have to learn it you’ll understand when you put it to use.

ALSO A BIG TIP. JUMPING! YES! JUMPING IS MY SECRET THAT NOONE USES, AND I WILL SHARE IT WITH YOU ALL. Everyone hates the fact that you have to stop when you use a skill. Jump. no joke. practice jumping when using skills. try it with cloud of steel. Thats the best practice. If you want a GOOD explanation and to see it in action COME to my stream above and watch me play! I might make a video / tutorial on how to do it and why.

Control Wizards

Before we start this class because this is the class EVERYONE has problems with. Just know that against an actual OCW who actually knows what he is doing. It is 100% Impossible to kill him. So do not get discouraged if you meet one you cant kill. I personally think their class is a bit on the strong side, amazing CC, utility, suvivability , and Decent damage.

You can easily find out who a good or a bad control wizard is. NEVER open out of stealth with a lashing blade. UNLESS!!!! he has literally a sliver of health and you know you will get the kill. than by all means do it. You must open with a dazing strike, immediately use lashing blade and the hunt begins. The issue with control wizards is their cc and the fact that they can blink 3 times. Think about it, you have 2 dodges and a deft strike. the only thing he has over you is the cc. You must outplay him, if he blinks, you roll, dont give him a chance to cc you, most control wizards freak out and just want you off them so instantly use a cc, Whenever he blinks use a roll, and for his last third blink, use deft strike so it slows him and proceed to put out as much damage as you can. once he gets away and you used up all your gap closers. you are done. he won. just run away and try to restealth.

every other class is fairly easy to stick to.


Simple class, acts just like a wizard with less cc and only 2 blinks. Put out as much damage as you can and when you see them surround themselves with chains Deft strike and dazing strike. Thats the ONLY thing that can stop you from getting to them.

Great Sword fighter

I’m going to be real, Run circles around him and mongoloid damage. you should NEVER have an issue with them.

Guardian Fighter

HOLY CRAP I used to poop on them and than someone moron started the crit build and jesus christ they hit harder than me and can tank my damage. YOU MUST and I repeat you MUST stack DF bleeds and keep them rolling, it will crank at the block gauge. They were easy mode till about 30 – 39 bracket and I start getting crit for 3/4ths my hp.
They have an INFINITE gap closer. Take that into consideration when running from one. I met a GF namedSLAMBEEF which I am friends with now since he actually decent. This is proof that they take forever to kill. He was chasing me and would NOT let me go. I kited him around the map and had to pick up 3 map potions before finally being able to kill him. stack bleeds and use dazing when they drop their shield down and pray to god that he doesnt crit you for 3/4ths your hp because its unevitable, do not let him knock you down, pay attention to red and you are good to go.

Trickster Rogues

I specifically made this guide for all you other rogues out there. I have YET to lose to another rogue in a fair and square 1 v 1 I do not understand what in your brain tells you to open with a lashing blade out of stealth on a full hp person….

The BIGGEST thing to remember is. Dazing strike has by far the longest animation in this game hands down you can see it coming from a mile away! he turns purple and jumps in their air crosses his swords. If you have fingers you can easily press dodge or deft strike and his life is ****ED. Who ever gets the first dazing strike off wins.

So I am going to give you guys some tips
firstly always try to use dazing strike while in stealth for the 50% reduced animation, Its our BEST skill. using outside of stealth is to much of a risk and a waste of a cd if you miss it. only use if you KNOW you will get it off. A neat trick is when a control wizard on your team uses his black hole move, run to the black hole and as soon as you seem their entire team go UP use dazing strike IMMEDIATELY you will daze their ENTIRE team. than you watch them all scramble

So for rogues

If he uses dazing strike. dodge and spam cloud of steel.

if he comes up to you wait for him to use his first two strikes of DF and the moment his third strike starts use dazing strike. Gets them EVERY time. you can even get it on the second strike. Just DS as soon as he starts casting an animation. if you see him deft strike, IMMEDIATELY dazing strike behind you, Gets them everytime. Don’t even bother chasing him if you got him with a dazing strike and hes running circles. Stop and spam Cloud of steel.

If you get him with a dazing strike and he stands still for some gawd awful reason, DF him and stack the bleeds, I’d them deft him to put the slow on him and Weave your DF and movement to try and land some auto’s on him.


Rogues are OP nerf them

In reality rogues are by far not OP like people are claiming, so to give a better understanding as to why, let me break it down in pros and cons for you all.


-HIGH damage
-Ability to Punish someones mistakes (when played correctly)
-Shocking Execution hits like a TRUCK use it when enemy is at 1/4th 1/5th hp and it hits HARD. It’s an execute… what do you expect?

-Easily kited
-Horrible survivability
-No Mobility due to having to stop in place to use an ability
-Linear PvP spec, (1cc,1 dmg, 1 gap closer encounters)
– 1 gap closer (not including dodges)

By far rogues hit the hardest WITH a daily. I have GF’s critting me for more than my lashing blade crits. Why is it that someone that can tank, block, cc be able to do more damage than me? Why is it that a CW that can control an ENTIRE team by himself while being able to keep up on damage with me? And of course if rogues are so overpowered and can one shot anyone 100-0, than why can I never kill a cleric who knows how to play his class, in a 1 v 1? Rock paper scissors. But let me ask you guys something, if EVERY class can kite me by simply moving, and with knowledge, dodging the correct abilities that give me an advantage, Every class has something to get away from me and kite me, so let me ask you. If I am paper, who is rock? what class is rock?

The possible balance changes I would suggest is, for purely rogues only, I will not complain about any other class and how to nerf them.

1. If you want to nerf damage, make it so that we can cast abilities on the move and not having to stop, If you want to take away the only thing we have going for us, you must pick up in where we lack the MOST…MOBILITY What people don’t want to realize is that you can kite us forever. Hell even a GSF can kite us if they wanted to. GIVE US MORE GAP CLOSERS at least one more.

2. If you want to nerf our damage, you must make it so that we are not visible while in stealth and cant be heard. You can see if a rogue is invisible due to there will be a shadow and a floating “glow” as to where he is. look like the outline of a dagger. Creeping up on someone in stealth jsut for a control wizard to magically cc you somehow is beyond me.

3. Let us be able to use encounters in between DF strikes, OR make the second or third strike a “shadowstep mechanic” Like stated above the biggest issue a rogue has is sticking to someone and thats what MAKES a rogue, the ability to harass.

Ideally I would like atleast another gap closer, everything else I can live with, but all the balance issues is purely based off of if you decide to nerf our damage. If you take away the only thing we have you have to compensate us somewhere else or we will be complete poop in pvp. It would go from,

No mobility, finally get to someone can put out some good damage


No mobility, finally get to someone, didnt hit them for ****, I get kited and do no damage what is the point.

The sad part is that ALL of our damage is COMPLETELY avoidable as the game stands, so HOW can someone complain and say rogues are overpowered WHEN YOU CAN AVOID ALL OF OUR DAMAGE. We have cooldowns on our encounters just like everyone else, when our gap closer is down we are like a bunny in a pit of lions.

You can’t nerf one class because they do too much “damage” We are a damage dealer. Nerfing our damage turns us from “damage Dealer” to “Practice dummy”

So before you decide to nerf rogues damage, I hope you take a look at the damage potential of other classes as well of the mechanics needed to play the role of a rogue. Because quite frankly…. other classes are hitting just as hard as me outside of Shocking execution.

Not complaining, but seeing a good CW out run and kite 2 trickster rogues while controlling the other 3 members in a mid fight… Man I could not believe what I saw. I added that person and by far the BEST cw ive seen play, name is Leo Stormborn on Mindflayer.

Other Classes:

To be perfectly honest I see everyone good in their places, What would really balance this gmae is a nerf to rogues damage slightly especially Shocking Execution, and a nerf to cw’s damage, sadly they can one shot me. 100 – 0.

Clerics are fine, gf’s are fine, gwf’s are fine, they do GREAT at their role when played well. All the roles tie in together so cw’s staying in clerics god mode buff is a example, protecting the squishies. Rogues try to kill squishies GF’s try to keep them off, rock paper scissors.


Screenshot of build:


Screenshot of Powers:

pvp powers

Like I told everyone. Executioner IS the PvP spec, purely based on critting HUGE numbers! This spec revolves around speccing into executioner and “Speed Swindle” in the Saboteur tree. And sadly, the skill level of this bracket is horrible. Leveling bracket was harder than this. Everyone got lazy and don’t even dodge or nothing. But still practice my techniques because when all the competition comes, you will have that edge. Learn to force people to panic, it really messes with them, BUT know your limitations.

My build is based on having GOOD positioning skills, attention to detail, and knowing your limitations. If you have a hard time with it, I’d suggest picking up an IoC build to practice with.

Your main Encounters are Dazing Strike , Lashing Blade, Deft Strike.

I have used IoC, Smokebomb, and Shadowstrike and by far, My build conquers all. (not degrading other peoples builds, just based off of personal testing, I’ve played the other builds. This shines more in more situations)

Simply run out of a smokebomb, Kite the IoC, and ride out the shadowstrike.

Duelists flurry SURPASSES Sly Flourish, Third strike allows you to follow the target and acts as a GAP closer. Of course you use Cloud of Steel!

Passives Skillful infiltratorSneak attack. You run TEH FAST! Helps a lot with mobility which is what you NEED.

Practicing my “weaving” technique will give you the HUGE edge you need in the level 60 PvP bracket. You will completely dominate the bracket. Watch my stream linked above and chekc out past videos to see how I take my technique and maximize its potential.

You must practice not needing IoC and you have to learn how to have good positioning! Attention to detail will dictate whether you are a good rogue or a bad rogue. Always know what you have up, and what youCAN do.

Ability Points:

If you haven’t made your toon yet. I’d suggest doing 18 str 18 dex.

If not go for max dex and str secondary. while leveling MAX out str and dex.

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13 Responses

  1. Korijan says:

    TR don’t lack mobility whatsoever, no idea where you get that from. Also, there is an ability that works like CoS does in WoW with an extremely short CD. Also Lashing Blade hits harder than CWs Ice Knife and it’s a daily. I have a lvl12 TR that hits 5k with LB with just Mulhorand weps. you can stack recovery and never leave stealth. But the damage doesn’t need a nerf. I playWoW I am used to rogue damage. Just don’t see how they have a high skill cap in a game where you get to use 5 abilities. It’s a simple opener and timing.

  2. tatertot007 of dragon says:

    sentinel GWF here and TR, any build, is my least of worries in pvp. They are so squishy. As soon as unstoppable is set to go I unleash my first set and half of their life is gone- if my daily is up i finish them off easy… in one set. I actually feel bad for TR and will actually bring a TR to 10% health and hop in circles around them till they run off.
    The only thing that gets to me sometimes is when they initiate 1 on 1 and then use perma-stealth to get away at 10%… leaving me with blueballs.

    Dont get me wrong, i think they are good at killing unsuspecting CWs and assist on killing a leet DC.

    When i encounter a perma stealth i just pop GWF daily:Slam and it keeps TR in melee range as they hop around and try to get an advantage over their prey.

    Once i was battling a pre-made and the TR kept trying to win 1 vs 1 and i teased him- trying to bring him back down to earth(when fighting a GWF that knows how to remotely play its class is doom for TR)- and his team mates were trying to belittle me for acting like it was such a feat that a GWF beat a TR….

    i just felt like i had to reply to:
    Great Sword fighter

    I’m going to be real, Run circles around him and mongoloid damage. you should NEVER have an issue with them.

  3. Braylion of server Dragon says:

    Hello im new to the game ive played many mmos
    EQ eq2 wow ultima ddo lotro u name it and i do pve and ive always tryed to pvp im not worlds best but always ears are open for advice ive read this guide and i plan to use and see so far on stats my str is17 dex 21 cha 17 ive been focusing on power and armour pen and some on crit i also cant make up mind on what path to go but on pvp ive been 50/50 win lose so far on my style i use path of the blades and deft strike and lashing blade i use bloodbath and courage breaker i flip the 2 pending the situation i also use duelest flurry and cloud of steel i use steel when they run away or i cant get in close i use path of blades with duelest flurry and ill hit courage breaker with them so far combo workin desent for a lvl 41 i noticed bloodbath isnt as affective as it was on lower lvls so i may take it out and replace is why im here so i can tweak

  4. Frailty says:

    Actually came across this while trying to find a site that had a comprehensive list of content. Not exactly what I was looking for but at least it was good for laughs. Rogues are indeed the most OP class in PvP AND PvM. In PvP, with the right setup, a rogue can 1-hit kill anything. There is no skill in using a rogue. You simple wait for an opening and activate 4 skills and anything is done. In PvM, rogues are even more OP because of their extremely high damage output. Couple that with life steal and a logical approach to powers/feats and you’ll destroy anything. How do I know? Because I play a rogue, of course. Great farming characters because they’re so OP. Not a matter of skill, really- it’s a matter of getting rich quick.

    Also, if you want a make a character, noobs, don’t follow online builds. Cookie cutters are great starters but online builds that are “OP” ALWAYS get fucked with. Play the character. Use the skills, Find out what works for you and stick with it. Leave trash like this behind.

  5. LieorDie says:

    hey what personal shall i use lvl 10,20,30?

  6. Fr3qu3ncy says:

    Hey man, I totally agree with this guide, until the SE nerf. It’s not that SE can’t still kill people, but occasionally I find myself still wanting against a GF, or even GWF now that they got their huge buff. I used this build throughout leveling, and even into the 60’s for a while. I’ve since adopted to the changes and am now running a more subtle, stealthy approach. I read that you had stopped playing. It’s a shame…I’d like to try to give you a run for your money :P. If you do pick it back up, the only thing I’m going to say… Scoundrel, shadow strike, impact shot, lashing/bait ‘n switch/impossible to catch (take your pick to your playstyle). I use bait. I think it might re-pique your interest.

    Nothing better than going 29/0 and having the entire other team accuse me of hacking because they see the score count and list that I died when they kill my dummy, and I wreck 3 people on their team, without EVER leaving stealth. it’s fun. Gotta have the gear for it though.

  7. Staty says:

    I would like to ask you which state of things in the priority? Thank you

  8. Seamus McIroncock says:

    Oh yea…you’re spot on about thase GODAM CWs! fml…

  9. Seamus McIroncock says:

    Thanks for the tips amigo. I’m trying out your build and throwing in the jump really does make all the difference. I’m a bambi fuckin PVPer and this was really helpful. Gracias

  10. Rog says:

    Sick Guide bro

  11. Sc00p says:

    You sir are probably the most amazing pvper I’ve ever seen, I’m shit to be honest. I’m going to try using this guide, thanks for the guide!

  12. Seek-destroy says:

    lol dex charisma ? , nice guide bro ! :p

  13. P4iZ says:

    Hey Great guide, and info helped me out with some things i was wondering about, but you suggest a Dex / Str. build but what i found out so far with my secound build up is:

    The Dex + Str. build is good if you’re doing alot out of stealth, that’s what i had my first rogue doing because stealth came up slowly or it felt that way, after that i did Dex + Charisma ( yeah it sounds stupid, but it really ain’t ) because it gives you more damage as long as you have Combat Advantage, which you do if you flank, is more than one on a person, the person is dazed, and if you’re in stealth. and it gives you better deflection + in pve you’re companion gets bonus stat’s.

    but yeah Strength gives you damage bonus, DoT damage resistance, and stamina regeneration.

    But from my experience my Dex / Charisma based rogue woops more butt hurt out than my Dex / Str based rogue did, and i still tend to live as long if not longer in this setup and it feels like all my stealth and Daily powers get up alot faster.

    But it might only fit my play style, but so far i’m really happy with Charisma.


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