DUST 514 Scrambler Pistol Build Guide

DUST 514 Scrambler Pistol Build Guide by Another Heavy SOB

I had an alt (Tanking Time) building passive SP to spec into tanks, when I heard about the respec I figured forget the tank I’ll just try out some weapons I haven’t yet really given a chance. Scrambler Pistol came to mind.

This fit can be reached at around 2-2.3 mill SP, depending how far you take your core skills. I’ll list what I have at 2.5 and my suggested fittings.

Weaponry V
Circuitry V
Scrambler pistol operation V
Combat engineering IV
Shield boost systems IV
Shield Control III
Field mechanic’s III
Shield enhancements III
Dropsuit command III
Caldari assault Dropsuit II
Sidearm sharpshooter II (needs to be higher)
Armor repair systems I
Scrambler pistol proficiency I

Currently my favorite fitting is:

High slot: 2x Enhanced shield extender

Low slot: 1 Enhanced shield regulator, 1x Basic armor repair

Light weapon: Carthum assault Scrambler pistol

Sidearm: Carthum assault Scrambler pistol (occasionally substituted for ADV breach variant)

Grenade: Militia Locus

Equipment: none

I’ve run this fit With varying levels of the Scrambler all night and find it best played with a style similar to the sneaky sneaky and patience of a shotgun scout with the aggressive frontline attacks of an AR assault. Considering the relatively short efficiency range of even the Carthum assault at 19m you will want to engage your foes in close quarters. While it’s maximum efficiency range is only 19m it’s effective range is 75m, Although I don’t recommend even wasting a bullet on anyone outside of 45-50m. Between 35-45m headshots are an absolute must, but if you can do it two to the dome will drop most suits. In case you don’t know Scrambler pistol’s have 450% efficiency to headshots on shields, 300% to the head on armor, so you should always aim for the head. Even if you only connect with body shot’s it still rips through shields. I’ve won many 1v1 engagements against AR user’s just outside of 20-25m without headshots. Point being: don’t be afraid of AR’s, considering all bullets hit a Carthum assault Scrambler can out DPS ANY AR against shields WITHOUT headshots.

If you skill all the way to operation V you’ll have 11 rounds per clip, keep this in mind. It means you only have 22 bullet’s at your disposal ready to fire, capable of significant damage individually but be precise in how you use them. Pray and spray will not work. Smooth and precise hip fire is necessary to be successful with this fit, I recommend practicing with a shotgun on this fit if your having trouble with the timing and precision necessary. Essentially if you can do well with a shotgun you should be able to slip right in to this fit.

The reason to try this fit besides being pure fun is that it’s and extremely rewarding playstyle, the risk of thrusting yourself into a gunfight with two pistol’s and the reward of one hit kills to the face of proto scouts and ADV assaults, 2 shots for fat boys.

If you enjoy intense CQC give this fit a try.

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