DUST 514 New Player’s Advice

DUST 514 New Player’s Advice by Travi Zyg

Hey guys, i wanted to speak on the subject of learning the ropes and keeping new guys interested and willing to push forward in an ongoing struggle to catch up with the general population curve. I’ve seen and heard of so many people picking this up and quitting days later. Some from just a dislike for the style/gameplay but mostly from people getting torn up by seasoned vets and players that have much more time invested resulting in significantly better fits.

It is a very big a scary looking interface at a glance and its very easy to get lost from the beginnings but ill try to explain here some tips for the new guys to hopefully keep them willing to move forward and play and have an overall fun experience like i have.

For me, I spent a lot of time tinkering with the different weapons/suits in the game to find something that i felt absolutely comfortable with…in my opinion, finding something that maybe doesn’t get you AS many kills as another weapon, but you feel much more comfortable with off the get go is usually a good sign that this is something that will fit your playstyle for DUST 514 and give you a better experience in the long run. I ended up with AR and I generally do not prefer this with FPS, I’m usually a very fragile small arms kinda guy, so what im trying to say is that just because you have a specific weapon type or playstyle in one FPS , Dust tends to feel a bit different with those weapons than the conventional fps.

Once youve found your comfort zone in terms of suit and weapon, focus on your CORE skills first. Its easy to slip into wanting to get the best gun right off the bat or the best suit right off the bat or skill into dropsuits off the bat. Especially if your not familiar with the skill system. Your core skills will benefit you ALWAYS in the long run, these passive skills will become the backbone for any future fits your going to want to run in. These VERY IMPORTANT SKILLS consist of and are not limited to-

Combat Engineering– skill this to boost up your suits/vehicles total PG output
Circuitry-skill this to boost up your suit/vehicle CPU output
(doing so will allow for much more flexibility on your fittings)

Shield Enhancements,Shield Boost Systems,Shield Control
(these will all benefit your total shield, shield module availability and the like)

Field Mechanics
(helping you along with those times when your shield goes down, giving you access to higher armor and better mods)

(opens you up to the world of damage modifiers and also boosts up your base damage and allows for use of better weapons)

(gives you a better base range for the specific sharpshooter skill you got into)

Remember, all of these skills listed will give a permanent passive bonus so no matter what suit or weapon your running , they will always be there to give you a bit of an edge.

In conclusion
This game is, in fact, P2W and by that i mean “PLAY TO WIN”. the way i look at it, this game isn’t holding your hand, and it never will. You have to be in a mindset to want to succeed and learn in New Eden, you need to PLAY TO WIN. The more you play and practice, the better you will become. You will lose and die often, especially as people are really into ADV and PROTO suits now. But know that during these rough times your KDR might not be phenomenal but you ARE receiving ISK and SP no matter how you do. (ISK may be tough but just keep an eye on how your doing and build fits that accommodate to whatever your bank account is). You may start off way behind but you can and will catch up if your willing to invest some time and learning .

My two cents on getting started here in New Eden, hopefully this might help at least a couple people here and feel free to add some “getting started tips” her

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