DUST 514 Dropsuit Comparison Guide

DUST 514 Dropsuit Comparison Guide by Maken Tosch

Every now and then, whenever we see a post from someone saying that scouts are better or that assaults are better or that maybe the logistics are better, there appears to be confusion among the crowd. Those on one side of the argument points to CPU/PG availability, others point to slot layout, while the rest point to overall intended design or some other extra reason behind their claims. But how often have we seen those claim substantiated? Not very often unfortunately. Maybe a few times, but apparently all of that seems to have been forgotten in an endless sea of unrelated threads even with the search function.

Thanks to Synner Zerg from Pink Fluffy Bounty Hunters, we now have a fully functional Dust Fitting Tool (DFT) that comes in the form of a spreadsheet seen below. I recommend that you tag the link below into your favorites for future reference.


The purpose of this post is to see which dropsuit is the best in four categories: Sprint Speed, Profile Dampening, and Scan Radius, and Scan Precision. For the sake of maintaining fairness and keeping this thread as unbiased as possible, I am only going to be showing Prototype level dropsuits (both vk.0 and vk.1 variants) fitted only with the complex level modules related to the four tests. Equipment slots, light/sidearm/heavy, grenade, and overall intended design are ignored for all classes since everyone has a unique taste towards how they want to fit their suits.

However the CPU/PG and available number of low slots are taken into account. Also, I’m applying the following skills at level 5 each:

  • Mobility L5
  • Circuitry L5
  • Combat Engineering L5
  • Dropsuit Command L5
  • Profile Dampening L5
  • Sensor Upgrades L5
  • Profile Analysis L5
  • Long Range Scanning L5
  • Endurance L5
  • Vigor L5

Remember, the point of these tests is to see which suit is the best the three respective categories. How big or small the margins are has no relevance because no matter how big or small the advantage may be, an advantage is still an advantage.

Starting from largest frame to the smallest frame:

Sprint Speed in meters per second using Complex Kinetic Catalyzers

Heavy vk.0 = 6.32m/s
Heavy vk.1 = 6.77m/s
Assault vk.0 = 9.56m/s
Assault vk.1 = 9.44m/s
Logistics vk.0 = 8.99m/s
Logistics vk.1 = 10.07m/s
Scout vk.0 = 10.36m/s
Scout vk.1 = 10.15m/s

Verdict: In terms of frame size, the scout wins at 10.36m/s followed by the Logistcs at 10.07m/s, Assault at 9.56m/s and finally the Heavy at 6.77m/s. No surprise here.

Scan Profile in dB using Complex Profile Dampeners

Heavy vk.0 = 20.57dB
Heavy vk.1 = 20.57db
Assault vk.0 = 8.9dB
Assault vk.1 = 11.87dB
Logistics vk.0 = 8.9dB
Logistics vk.1 = 8.9dB
Scout vk.0 = 10.68dB
Scout vk.1 = 10.68dB

Verdict: Surprisingly, the Logistics and Assault suits are at a statistical tie at 8.9dB with Scout at 10.68dB and the Heavy trailing at 20.57dB. If you account for variants, the Logistics comes out on top. Looks like the Scout is not the stealthiest in the game after all. Of all things, it’s the LogiBros that stand to benefit from this.

Scan Precision using Complex Precision Enhancers (high-slot modules only)
As requested by the readers of this thread.

Heavy vk.0 = 23.04dB
Heavy vk.1 = 23.04dB
Assault vk.0 = 21.12dB
Assault vk.1 = 16.9dB
Logistics vk.0 = 15.36dB
Logistics vk.1 = 15.36dB
Scout vk.0 = 17.28dB
Scout vk.1 = 17.28dB

UPDATED Verdict: Once again, the Logistics wins first place in the test with the assault following behind in a close second. Sadly the Heavy is still the blindest of them all. However, this still doesn’t account for the active scanners we will get. And since the DFT doesn’t have that module yet and CCP has yet to give it back to us, I can’t account for it.

Scan Radius in meters using Complex Range Amplifiers

Heavy vk.0 = 39.42m
Heavy vk.1 = 39.42m
Assault vk.0 = 82.88m
Assault vk.1 = 57.16m
Logistics vk.0 = 82.88m
Logistics vk.1 = 82.88m
Scout vk.0 = 95.27m
Scout vk.1 = 95.27m

Verdict: The Scout wins for having the longest range. The Logistics and Assault are once again at a statistical tie. But if accounting for variant suits, the LogiBros once again stand to benefit more than the assaults.

Endurance in Stamina Amount/Recovery Rate respectively using Complex Cardiac Regulators
As requested by the readers of this thread

Heavy vk.0 = 525.71/56.07
Heavy vk.1 = 735.98/56.07
Assault vk.0 = 1765.47/141.23
Assault vk.1 = 1376.1/126.58
Logistics vk.0 = 1412.35/112.99
Logistics vk.1 = 2330.41/225.98
Scout vk.0 = 1788.9/132.1
Scout vk.1 = 1699.42/132.1

Verdict: LogiBros once again rejoice when they reign supreme with most amount of endurance in terms of stamina and recovery. Heavy’s, you guys need to lose some weight.

This test is also proof that the heavy should never venture out on its own on the battlefield. They are the slowest, loudest, and most blind dropsuits on the field. They must always have company. This is why a LogiBro and a Heavy are a perfect couple.

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