Dragon’s Prophet Runewake Dragon Guide

Dragon’s Prophet Runewake Dragon Guide by Devoire

I wanted to share some info on the Runewake Dragon from the TW Beta. As it currently stands this dragon will only be available to those of you who purchased the “Dragon Lord Pack”; it is not available in game, and is not supposed to be available on the RMT Shop. Once we reach Open Beta every character you make will start with this dragon in their dragon shack.

Before reading any further please keep in mind this information is based on beta gameplay and is subject to change.

Runewake will have no dragon abilities, this means no Soul Skills, Elite Skills, or Basic Skills. This may seem like a major disadvantage, but it is offset by two important features.

1. The Runewake will have the stats of a level +40 dragon.
2. When utilizing “Field Training” this dragon is able to learn -any- basic ability (read no soul or elite skills).


It seems that this dragon will be a great “combat dragon” for leveling. Once you give it a few skills, it should be able to carry you to the level 50 bracket. The TW forums currently have many disappointed players who are asking for the dragon to be revamped as they do not want it to be a Vanity item at end game. While I see why they are disappointed I am not sure what could be changed that will not completely unbalance this.

Hopefully this has been informative, and I look forward to reading your insights.

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